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  1. Agreed. Valverde + Grealish whorths more than Aouar. Oyarzabal may goes to a great club and both are still too young, also he is very good ingame.
  2. Any new database players whorts?
  3. No, you have good CM and honestly, at Lazio he already reach his peak, differently of AWB
  4. Guys, the better way to beat a defensive minded team is using normal or offensive?
  5. Is there any group? I have requested for PSV
  6. I think that Manolas can drop because of Napoli's momentum. Carlos should rise, also there're some mkt rumours involving him. Acerbi should rise before so if he rises at the next review will be just +1 or nothing again. Dendoncker, D. Carlos, Llorente, Djene, Doherty and G Paulista. In that order. They need to decrease at the next review. I'll try this 541 in some friendlies, thanks! Also what's this 'V' after wingers? That means direct I guess? To beat 4231B you may use 4231B (normal/offensive) or 433B (offensive + flanks). Is very tough to beat a good 433A, I belive you should use a 433A (offensive/direct/mixed) also or 4321A (offensive). This was also a answer to Ben*
  7. I complete agree. Just adding that I havent seen mkt rumours for Unai. Meanwhile Nubel (not now) and Hend are going to play for giant clubs.
  8. I wouldnt do that trade for Chris. Not today. And you shouldnt sell Lafont, he's a great keeper in game, give him a try.
  9. Ikone Guess everyone will get a +1
  10. Orsolini cause he's very good in the game, especially if you put him on the pitch in a offensive tactic.
  11. If I remember well, Sab has been a 'RECENT' great season. He may rise at the end of the season.
  12. I can be wrong but I dont think that Pep do has so much confidence on him, not now. He didn't play against Liv and Utd, for example. But there's a hype on him, so... That's hard to discuss, I bet 88 at the end of next season.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/gossip Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has suggested the club have only recalled English centre-back Nat Phillips, 22, from his loan at German side Stuttgart on a temporary basis.
  14. I've saw someone using this formation in the second half and losing. Others teams are better than yours? If yes, use 433B, Agressive, defensive, mixed, on flanks, fast, all pitch, mark counter attack, PM and reference. Dont forget to use arrows down in CBs, in CDM and in a CM.
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