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  1. Fabinho, Saul, Bernardo Silva Who should I sell Thanks!
  2. Any good 90 rated CB that will get to 91 next review?
  3. Chiwell is chilling with a +1 now 👍
  4. Keep Ben Chiwell till tomorrow cause Liecester's review isn't done yet. (Only 3 players have been done). Joe Gomez might get +1 keep him till Tuesday to find out.
  5. It's annoying. And Yes I only have DDG in one of my teams and I can get Alisson by of the end season, but that drop was not right at all 94 is ideal. But Lingard stays at 90 (God! 😡)
  6. SM is a joke. Lingard dropped -1 (Someone thathas been out of form for God knows how long) Lingard was supposed to drop by 2 or even 3. (SM is crazzyyy)
  7. I have D.Alaba and Robertson But want to Sell Alaba and get Lucas Henandez. Good idea?
  8. 10 PL teams to go. It is going to be fun! 😜😜😜
  9. Fabinho, T. Alcantara, Verratti, Kante. Who should go?
  10. Saying he is so much better than Vidic is actually very funny. VVD is a very good defender (no doubt), but he doesn't have any competition in the PL (that's a fact) because during the days of Vidic there were serious competitions in the PL with Ferdinand, John Terry (labeled the best PL defender). So saying VVD is so much better is actually an shallow way of thinking cause he has no competition. He is fortunate to play when there isn't any competition. If he played during Vidic's, Ferdinand, JT, Puyol and Co he won't be rated.
  11. Yes, he deserves a rise at the end of the season. (When he lifts the PL) if not it is still early. 95 is actually fine for now. I have him in 85% of my teams, but 96 now? Nah.
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