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  1. Pls who should i go for ?¿ Inaki Williams Adrien Silva Kramaric Lozano Luis Alberto G.Martins Sabitzer
  2. On SM Neymar is more effective now BUT Mbappe will be in the future. So that is your personal decision are you looking say 2to3 seasons or more or now? Werner isn't progressing much so for my mind not in a non competitive GW and yes otherwise @Soccahappy YEAH I AM GOING TO STAY THERE FOR A LONG TIME. IN MY 3RD SEASON ALREADY.
  3. Neymar FOR Mbappe (Swap deal) Good deal? Is Timo Wener worth buying?
  4. Van Dijk or Umtiti Who should leave? Can't keep both cus of concern issue's. Thanks.
  5. Zielinski Lingard Wijnaldum Milinkovic Savic Brozovic Who is getting +1 by next review? I need an Attacking Midfielder Who is worth buying?
  6. Is Jordan Henderson worth buying? Any chance of a +1 for him?
  7. 😂😂😂 U gat it Here it comes 😂🤣 @Middle_Finger thank you👍
  8. Van Dijk - 27yrs Koulibaly - 27yrs Umtiti - 25yrs Skriniar - 24yrs One of them is to be sold out. Who should leave?
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