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  1. Martial, 91 is guaranteed... Have you considered changing his position?
  2. Lewandowski is definitely getting that 97. If United win the FA Cup and Europa then 93 is possible.
  3. If you keeping trying, they will keep rejecting. Add 500k or a Million to it then it will go through. I have been in such situation before. 😊
  4. After the Brazilian review pls what league is next?
  5. Please rate these CB Lenglet, De Ligt, Skrinair, Manolas, Larporte, Giminez. THANKS ☺️
  6. Please once the Argentine review is done what league is next?
  7. Will Sancho and Havertz get +1 each in this ongoing review?
  8. I have Van Dijk, Macquinos, Skriniar and Lenglet. Swap lenglet for Partey?
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