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  1. Long story short, I left a club I was manager of, leaving them with a balance of over 350M. A few days later I decided to rejoin them, but now they only have 17.1M. No players were sold or bought in the short time I was gone, so there is no reason for so much money to have vanished. Twice I have reported it as a bug to SM, and on both occasions I was told it wasn't a bug, with no other explanation, and the tickets closed. Any advice?
  2. I tried to report match-fixing in a league that I own, but the automated system wouldn't let me, because it decided that the two player ratings I chose weren't low enough, even though they were the lowest in the team The thing is, there is clear evidence overall that there was cheating involved here, but the system wouldn't let me report it, and when I looked into sending a bug report it said reports about cheating would be immediately closed I also suspect but can't prove they may be the same person. So should I report them as the same person and also mention the cheating, or is there an al
  3. DaPoolRulz


    Re: Cheating It's really sad that you have to cheat to win when there's nobody to cheat against
  4. Re: Match Reports Missing? Okay, I didn't know this was happening I'm sure I'll get used to it as it's not as bad as changes I've seen on other sites, but I don't understand why they couldn't have left the link to Match Report it beside it also, for those that wanted it
  5. Are Match Reports links missing for anyone else? The link for Score Centre is still there but Match Reports is gone completely
  6. Re: Tonights fixtures not yet been played? I understand that. Really, I do. I'm just saying a bit more communication would have been nice
  7. Re: Tonights fixtures not yet been played? A bit more openness would be nice, but at least you got things up and running again and took the time to reply. And I won the match that mattered and won Division 3, so can't complain
  8. Re: Tonights fixtures not yet been played? Great timing. Last day of my custom season, with the final games to decide which one of myself and my friend will win Division 3, and which will have to play the Play-Off. And this happens. Fantastic
  9. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Final Spain 2-0 Italy (ESB) (FGS - Fabregas)
  10. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Semi Finals Portugal 1-2 Spain (ESB) Germany 2-0 Italy (FGS - Gomez)
  11. Re: Euro 2012 Predict - Discussion Thread Thank you Spain. Correct score with the ESB on top. I needed that
  12. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Quarter Finals Czech Republic 1-2 Portugal (FGS - Ronaldo) Germany 4-0 Greece Spain 2-0 France (ESB) England 1-1 Italy
  13. It's not really a 'new' league since it's in its 22nd season, but it was locked for a long time and I only bought it to reopen it last week. Myself and a few friends played in it a few years ago, and when I got re-addicted to SM a few weeks ago I decided to reopen it. It's a European Championship with lots of clubs available. The list of clubs are as follows, italic teams are those with managers, all others are available: Arsenal Atlético Madrid B. Munich Barcelona Bremen Chelsea FC Porto Fenerbahçe SK Fiorentina Internazionale Juventus Liverpool Lyon Manchester City
  14. Re: Buying A Pre-Owned Custom Game World Anyone?
  15. Hey there, never bought a game world before so just making sure I understand how it works I want to buy a pre-owned custom game world. IIRC you had to be a Gold Member to do this before: is this still the case or can anyone buy one? Thanks
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