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  1. Its official now and I almost cannot believe it😂. I wouldn't be surprised if Perez pulls his magical wallet out and does something extraordinary in the upcoming days. Carvajal is good but Hakimi was one for the future, one of the best signings for Inter in the recent times tbh
  2. This will probably sound crazy but Griezmann should drop. He's been struggling so much at Barca lately nearly 10 games without even a goal, now, he's not a bad player but let's not forget he has a 95 on SM. We'll see where Barcelona finishes and whether he will have any impact at all but its not looking good for Antoine IMO
  3. Apparently Juventus have agreed £72m fee with Barca to sign Arthur. Interesting🤔
  4. IMO Lautaro Martinez deserves a +1 in the next review. The guy is just too good.
  5. Literally cant wait for the new SM update. Man it's so funny I had 21 shots in total, 13 of them were on target, my opponent had 4 shots and he won the game 2-1😂
  6. Yeah probably a good deal for me, especially on the long term but really considering it since Saul is my key player and my playmaker and I already have a deadly finisher in the form of Lukaku and Martial for example. Tough decision to be honest😅
  7. Lautaro Martinez + Barella + 12m or Saul Niguez?
  8. Can only get one of them. Which is the better option? Mason Mount or Chukwueze?
  9. Interesting. Im currently using Rodri and Arthur as CDMs but Im lacking a decent CB. I have the chance to buy De Jong for like 32m only and I dont wanna miss this opportunity. He barely played as a CB for Barca though, thats why Im worried if SM will remove his CB position.
  10. De Jong works as a Center-back? In SM? Does he perform well?
  11. Is there a chance Chilwell gets a rise to 91 this summer?
  12. Left Winger with a chance to rise in the next review? Need to get rid of Lemar as soon as possible.
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