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  1. Re: Hulk and Di Maria! I don't get the chance to see any Portuguese football apart from when either Sporting, Benfica or Porto are playing in European competition so my opinion doesn't hold much weight. However my opinion is that Hulk may not have gained his 90 rating due to his goal return this season falling way below that of his strike partner Falcao who just gained his 90 rating. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Hulk's goal record is something like 5 in all competitions compared to Falcao who has 13 in all competitions. If you look at it like that and remember that both Hulk and Falcao did rise by one, then Hulks rating starts to look a little fairer.
  2. Re: The Edinburgh Derby It'll be 2-1 for the JT's. Our left flank will be key. If Wallace and Driver have a good game then we will win.
  3. Re: What's your best hangover cure? Yeah, us Edinburgh folk are sick. Another favourite beveridge of mine is chippy sauce. Not a very good hangover cure mind.
  4. Re: Best hangover cure?
  5. Re: What's your best hangover cure? 3 Weetabix in a bowl, but instead of having it with milk, substitute the milk for Irn Bru. I won't lie, it tastes BAD, but it works for me.
  6. Re: David Haye VS Valuev Haye will win, and rather easily in my opinion. Valuev is nowhere near quick enough with his feet or his hands to land on Haye. Haye's also carried his genuine KO power up to the heavyweight division with him. Put that together with the sheer speed advantage that Haye will hold over Valuev then me thinks Valuev will get hit an awful lot and will probably end up a bloody loser, probably by mid-late round TKO.
  7. Re: Which Rocky is the Best? "You see, he's not a machine, he's a man". "No pain". "No pain". First class.
  8. Re: Which Rocky is the Best? Rocky 4 no question. The bit where he cuts Drago to show everybody that he wasn't invincible is one of the best moments in any film ever.
  9. Re: Igor Denisov You must ask yourself a couple of questions first: 1) Do you have plenty of CM's in your squad and if not do you have an adequate replacement lined up who is available? 2) How useful is cash in your setup? (What I mean by this is if you sell a player for X million can you easily get a replacement for that player who is as good if not better) If the answer to these questions is no, no and not very then you should look at getting a part exchange as part of the deal, ie, 6m and player X for Denisov. In closing, Denisov is a good player who is a safe 90 and may have a small chance of a 91 rating. If you can't put that 12m towards getting a better player in place of Denisov then my opinion would be don't sell him. Hope this helps my friend.
  10. Re: Gonzalo Castro I believe Casto has 5 full caps for Germany to his name. I'm sure his debut for the senior German national team was back in early 07 in a friendly against Denmark. I believe a drop from 91 to 90 was actually quite harsh by SM. It'll not be long before Castro properly dislodges Friedrich (who's really a CB in my opinion) as Germany's first choice RB.
  11. Re: Scottish Keepers? Gordon vs McGregor? Gordon is miles ahead of McGregor. Yes Gordon's been injured but I've heard that the real reason that Gordon lost his place to Fulop was because he's one appearance short of reaching the limit of appearances before Sunderland have to pay Hearts the rest of the transfer fee for him. I think Sunderland have paid 7m so far so that makes another 2m that they would have to pay Hearts. I tend to believe this theory as Fulop isn't as good a keeper as Gordon.
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