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  1. Re: Hulk and Di Maria!

    I don't get the chance to see any Portuguese football apart from when either Sporting, Benfica or Porto are playing in European competition so my opinion doesn't hold much weight. However my opinion is that Hulk may not have gained his 90 rating due to his goal return this season falling way below that of his strike partner Falcao who just gained his 90 rating. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Hulk's goal record is something like 5 in all competitions compared to Falcao who has 13 in all competitions. If you look at it like that and remember that both Hulk and Falcao did rise by one, then Hulks rating starts to look a little fairer.

  2. Re: What's your best hangover cure?

    Only an Edinbra' man could come up with that remedy :D. At least we Glesga Keelies remain loyal to the demon drink....by having a wee hair of the dog (dug) :P first thing the morning after.;)

    Yeah, us Edinburgh folk are sick. Another favourite beveridge of mine is chippy sauce. Not a very good hangover cure mind.:P

  3. Re: Best hangover cure?

    Pizza before' date=' during, and after drinks always works well for me. :)

    Still hungover the next day? Large stuffed crust cheese feast from Pizza Hut. Plus lots of water.

    That Iron Bru idea is just... wrong.[/quote']

    I stand by my remedy.:D

  4. Re: David Haye VS Valuev

    Haye will win, and rather easily in my opinion. Valuev is nowhere near quick enough with his feet or his hands to land on Haye. Haye's also carried his genuine KO power up to the heavyweight division with him. Put that together with the sheer speed advantage that Haye will hold over Valuev then me thinks Valuev will get hit an awful lot and will probably end up a bloody loser, probably by mid-late round TKO.

  5. Re: Diego Milito - rating?

    Inter may be fashionable' date=' but Milito will have to replicate his Genoa form, then he'll have a chance of getting up to 94. Also, Forlan, Kanoute and Mutu ahve proved themselves over continuous seasons, Milito could well be a one season wonder, although it's unlikely given the quality of Inter's service and his early season form. Two goals today against Cagliari. I doubt he'll rise though.[/quote']

    Milito can in no way be classed as a one season wonder. He's scored goals wherever he's played. I think his club goal scoring resume for his five years playing in Europe reads something like 112 goals in 202 club apperances. That for me is prolific over the space of five seasons and leads me to believe that he's certainly worthy of a 94 rating if strikers like Kanoute, Forlan and Mutu have that same rating. I know which one out of the four that I would have in my team.:)

  6. Re: Igor Denisov

    You must ask yourself a couple of questions first:

    1) Do you have plenty of CM's in your squad and if not do you have an adequate replacement lined up who is available?

    2) How useful is cash in your setup? (What I mean by this is if you sell a player for X million can you easily get a replacement for that player who is as good if not better)

    If the answer to these questions is no, no and not very then you should look at getting a part exchange as part of the deal, ie, 6m and player X for Denisov. In closing, Denisov is a good player who is a safe 90 and may have a small chance of a 91 rating. If you can't put that 12m towards getting a better player in place of Denisov then my opinion would be don't sell him. Hope this helps my friend.:)

  7. Re: Gonzalo Castro

    91 too high for him while he doesn't have any cap with senior Germany team.

    I believe Casto has 5 full caps for Germany to his name. I'm sure his debut for the senior German national team was back in early 07 in a friendly against Denmark. I believe a drop from 91 to 90 was actually quite harsh by SM. It'll not be long before Castro properly dislodges Friedrich (who's really a CB in my opinion) as Germany's first choice RB.

  8. Re: Scottish Keepers? Gordon vs McGregor?

    Gordon is miles ahead of McGregor. Yes Gordon's been injured but I've heard that the real reason that Gordon lost his place to Fulop was because he's one appearance short of reaching the limit of appearances before Sunderland have to pay Hearts the rest of the transfer fee for him. I think Sunderland have paid 7m so far so that makes another 2m that they would have to pay Hearts. I tend to believe this theory as Fulop isn't as good a keeper as Gordon.

  9. Re: Branimir Kostadinov

    Kostadinov has been signed by Chernomorets (Bourgas)' date=' according to NovSport.Com

    He came on trials in the last weekend of the Bulgarian "A" group season and took part in Chernomorets' "B" side game against Vihren - which was won by The Sharks by 6:0, Branimir getting twice on the scoresheet.

    With a transfer like that, the Bourgas-based team is definitely going places...[/quote']

    If this is true then as a Hearts fan I can't understand why we would let him go. Although we finished 3rd in the league this season it was our defence that got us there. We've been crying out for a 20 goal a season man ever since John Robertson hung up his boots and this kid could've been that 20 goal a season man. t 19 he was ready to put into the first team this coming season. Very disappointed. :(

  10. Re: El Hamdaoui or Hulk?

    Thanks Gozgoz

    But with he winning the golden shoe last season' date=' will he still get a small rise of +1 based on his performance last season?

    The next Dutch rating change should be before the new season starts. So whether or not he will score as much as he used to will not be considered IMO.[/quote']

    Hulk will probably rise next time also and he has much more potential to rise further than El Hamdaoui.

  11. Re: El Hamdaoui or Hulk?

    I'll sell El Hamdoui. With Louis Van Gaal and probably Moussa Dembele leave AZ next season' date='i doubt El Hamdoui will score goal as much as last season. To be honest, Van Gaal is coach who can motivate players and he success to make Hamdoui show his finishing skill. Dembele is creator for AZ attack and if he leave, it'll decrease AZ Strength[/quote']

    I agree with Gozgoz here. Dembele is AZ's best player and although he was injured for a good part of last season when someone as good as him leaves your team to move onto bigger and better things it can really disrupt the team chemistry. Add that to the fact that their manager is leaving as well then I doubt you'll get as much from the players that are left at AZ for next season as you did this season. Also Hulk in my view is a better player, playing regularly and scoring regularly for a better team. So I'd keep Hulk.

  12. Re: Potential 90+ player for the future

    Isn't Dembele a playmaker type of player' date=' playing in the hole behind a striker? Did Van Nistelrooy play in that position?:eek: I always thought he was just a poacher type striker[/quote']

    No he was likening Dembele to Van Nistelrooy in terms potential and probable footballing talent. He wasn't saying that Dembele had the same playing style/position as Van Nistelrooy.

  13. Re: Help with tactics please

    Hello guys. I manage Galatasaray in a world championship game world' date=' currently in Division 3 just above the relegation zone. My first 11 has an average rating of about 90, so my squad is quite decent, nothing spectacular but I have some good players. I am unbeaten in 6 games, which sounds great but the thing is i have drawn 6 out of my last 8 games!

    I currently use an attacking 4132 formation, attacking mentality for home games and normal for away, hard tackling all the time, passing style short - but direct against superior teams, fast tempo and attack through the middle.

    Here is my squad and I would appreciate any help:

    Name Position Age Rating

    DE SANCTIS, Morgan Gk 32 89 -

    USAK, Orkan GGk 28 84

    BALTA, Halkan LB/CB 26 89

    YAMAN, Volkan LB/LM 26 87

    SARIOGLU, Sabri RB/RM 24 88

    UCAR, Ugur RB/CB 22 87

    LUISAO, Ânderson CB 28 90

    LEGROTTAGLIE, Nicola CB 32 90

    GUNGOR, Emre CB/RB 24 86

    DATOLO, Jesús LM/AM 25 88

    GALLETTI, Luciano RM/AM 29 91

    (Ln)BENAYOUN, Yossi RM/AM 29 89

    TOPAL, Mehmet DM/CB 23 88

    OZBEK, Baris DM/RM 22 88

    SIMPLICIO, Fábio CM/AM 29 90

    AKMAN, Ayhan CM/DM 32 88

    CAHILL, Tim AM/CM 29 91

    (Ln) AFELLAY, Ibrahim AM/Wing 23 90

    OLIC, Ivica Fwd/Wing 29 91

    (TrL) ELMAS, Ferdi Fwd 24 80

    BAROS, Milan CF 27 89

    KARAN, Ümit CF 32 88

    NONDA, Shabani CF 32 88

    Thanks in advance :)[/quote']

    Your midfield certainly looks like the strongest part of your squad so you should probably try and play some formations that allow you to use 5 of your midfielders to try and get a stranglehold on the possession. Maybe try a 4-2-3-1, with attacking tactics when playing at home and a straight 4-5-1, with defensive tactics when playing away from home.

    AT HOME:

    GK- De Sanctis

    RB- Sabri

    CB- Luisao

    CB- Legrottaglie

    LB- Balta

    DM/CM- Simplicio

    DM/CM- Ozbek

    R/Wing- Galletti

    L/Wing- Afellay

    AM- Cahill

    Fwd/CF- Olic

    Formation: 4-2-3-1

    Mentality: Attacking

    Passing: Short

    Attacking:Through middle

    Pressing: All over

    Tempo: Fast

    Use: Counter attack, tight marking, play maker and target man. (play maker = Cahill) (target man = Olic)


    GK: De Sanctis

    RB: Sabri

    CB: Luisao

    CB: Legrottaglie

    LB: Balta

    RM: Benayoun

    CM: Galletti

    CM: Simplicio

    LM: Afellay

    AM: Cahill

    Fwd/CF: Olic

    Formation: 4-5-1

    Mentality: Defensive

    Passing: Short

    Attacking: Through middle

    Pressing: Own half

    Tempo: Slow

    Use: Men behind ball, play maker, target man. (Play maker = Cahill) (Target man = Olic)

  14. Re: What left back should I buy

    Schafer looks very solid and looks like he could rise so if you were to go and get him then I would get him tied up on a 5 year contract A.S.A.P. to avoid paying out high wages.:)

    p.s. Dzenko was a really good buy by the way. That one should really pay off for you. And again, get him tied up on a 5 year deal if you can while he's on relatively low wages.

  15. Re: which Midfielder?

    Although they're lower rated, I would go with one of the 89 rated midfielders. D'Agostino was unlucky not to get his +1 up to a 90 rating in the last Italian changes. The only reason for that was Udinese's poor form. D'Agostino is also being linked with a move to Juventus which makes his potential for a rating increase much better. Biglia is one of the best players playing in Belgium at the moment and he's being linked with a few clubs also, some of which are premiership clubs. Biglia is a very talented player and 89 is not the limit for him. Defour, like Biglia, is one of the best players playing in Belgium at the moment and again, 89 will not be his limit. Defour and D'Agostino look a bit more attack minded midfielders than Biglia but all three should avoid any positional changes in the near future.

  16. Re: What left back should I buy

    Marcel Schafer. He's 88 rated, 24 years old and he plays for Wolfsburg. He's also started to appear in the German squad. I think he has about 2 or 3 caps so far. So put that along with the fact that Wolfsburg just won the Bundesliga last month then I think a rise to an 89 is immanent for Schafer. Infact a rise to a 90 may not even be out of the question.

  17. Re: Real Madrid-will it work?

    There's a lot of truth in what you've said. You can't just simply put the best 11 players on a pitch together and expect them to gel and play together because:

    1) As you've said' date=' you get a clash of ego's and players getting greedy with the ball wanting to be the star in a team full of stars.

    2) Barcelona already have some of the players that would walk into a "world" 11 anyway and they would never sell to Real Madrid. At least I don't think they would.:D

    All I have to say is....Luis Figo. Barca have sold to madrid before, figo was arguably the best player in the world at the point, therefore no reason why they wont sell up again.

    That's why I put the wide grin at the back of "At least I don't think they would". That was me basically saying that it would be unlikely but for Barca to sell to Real, but you can't totally rule it out at the same time as you pointed out with Figo.

  18. Re: Ouwo Moussa Maazou

    Until I saw him play I would have thought the same. From looking at a photo/short clip of him and his fantastic scoring record that's the impression you may get' date=' but he actually has much more to his game that that. When he first join CSKA he did play CF (due to the injury of Vagner Love), but now Vagner has returned from injury he is playing on the right wing (ahead of the fully fit Miloš Krasic). He may not seem the type of play who would succeed in that position (I must admit, I thought he'd fail there), but too my surprise he has done very well. He's got pace, strength, is a nightmare for defenders, and of course still uses his ability to score goals. He does still lack some of the technical ability a natural winger, such as Krasic may have, but he sure makes up for that in pace and power.

    In the next rating changes a rating increase to 86 is likely and a positional change to F/W (or possibly even W/F).[/quote']

    Thanks for the reply Ben. I know you're really clued up on your Russian football. I hadn't realised that he'd displaced Krasic out on the right flank for CSKA. That's some feat. Do you think CSKA will keep him out there or will they eventually move him back to his natural position? I can't see Vagner Love being at CSKA past this current season. Could they possibly be lining Maazou up as a successor to Vagner Love?

  19. Re: Real Madrid-will it work?

    What do we think? Will buying all these players get them where they need to be?

    Imo' date=' it wont. Madrid are trying to come up, and over the standard of Barcelona, which quite simply I dont think they can do. Barcelona are so good because

    a) We have Guardiola's discipline, in comparism to Riijkard its amazing, we're pressing on the ball all the time, Guardiola is so able to cope with pressure, unlike Riijkard proved to be

    B) Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Puyol, Valdes, even Pique, played in the youth system, this system, between those players, has essentially been built up over the last 10 years, chemistry, they know each others movement, ability, passing like the back of their hands

    You cant buy chemistry. You put Kaka, Ronaldo, Ribery, Villa in your team, on paper its a brilliant squad, but theres no way they will just "have" the ability we have in moving the ball around the pitch, their all fantastic players and will of course dramatically improve their squad, but I dont see them winning La Liga, or the Champions League this season

    Imo they also have the wrong manager. I'm not doubting Pellegrini's ability, he's done such a good job at Villarreal, San Lorenzo, etc, but its a completely different matter managing what is a proposed dressing room of "the best players in the world". Villarreal's dressing room is one of the most humble in La Liga, they havent got special special players, none of them are egotistical, Pellegrini was listened to and had no trouble. You put Pellegrini in the environment where these players, like Ronaldo, wont listen to him properly, their ego's are too big to play together, and to work with someone like him. If Madrid build this "supposed" squad then for me the only manager that could do the job would be Mourinho, not Ferguson, with the deepest respect for Ferguson, he's like putty in Ronaldo's hands tbh, Ferguson panders after him, and Pellegrini cannot afford to that.

    The Galactico's era failed last time, because Perez was a terrible chairman, and now he's trying to recreate it. He hasnt learned, surely this proves it? He's just trying to do what he failed at last time, and although I hate Madrid so I would enjoy it, its going to hurt the club, I think big time. Wrong manager, wrong president, wrong idea of buying players. Players like Higuain, who is fantastic, are going to be squashed by the likes of Ronaldo in their first team places, Real Madrid cant seem to get the idea of simply building on your squad, rather than completely replacing it.[/quote']

    There's a lot of truth in what you've said. You can't just simply put the best 11 players on a pitch together and expect them to gel and play together because:

    1) As you've said, you get a clash of ego's and players getting greedy with the ball wanting to be the star in a team full of stars.

    2) Barcelona already have some of the players that would walk into a "world" 11 anyway and they would never sell to Real Madrid. At least I don't think they would.:D

    The thing is though, I don't think Real will sign Ronaldo. They may sign Ribery and Kaka but I don't think either player has a massive ego. They both seem to be true professionals. And that's what Real need, true professionals. That's what Pellegrini built his Villarreal team out of. Players like Marcos Senna, Joan Capdevila and Robert Pires to name but a few. He also had an eye for a talented youngster like Mati Fernandez and Guiseppe Rossi. See I don't believe that Real will go as mad with signings as is being made out. They're really only needing a couple of solid centre backs and maybe a big player or two such as Kaka and Ribery. It's not as if they don't have talented players at the club already. I don't think Pellegrini is as soft as you've made out either. He will be able to control his players. He's done an excellent job at Villarreal and now it's his turn to make the step up and show how good a manager he really is.

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