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  1. Re: Dilemma

    It's a hard one but it should definitely be between Lavezzi and Suarez. Llorente has two things against him which may stop him from rising past 90:

    1) He's Basque, playing for a Basque team in Bilbao who are quite good at managing to hang onto their best players. If this happens then Llorente won't be playing much european football.

    2) The competition that Llorente faces to try and force his way into the national team is fierce. He's never going to displace Villa or Torres for a long time and Negredo, who's the same age as Llorente, in my book is a better CF with more potential and more goals.

    In short I would pick between Lavezzi or Suarez. You can't go wrong really with either of them.

  2. I don't know a lot about this guy and I was wondering if anybody has seen him play a bit. I've just done my scouting solely on statistics and video clips and from those I've seen that he's a tall, powerful and quick center forward who looks like he knows where the goal is. Does this sum him up? Is there potential? Is he lacking in technical ability? Any opinions would be welcome.

  3. Re: Need Help

    Negredo, and do it quickly my friend. He's rated 90 just now and there has been some noise that Liverpool are interested in him to partner Torres upfront. Even if that doesn't happen, one thing is for sure, he won't be at Almeria for the start of the new season. The guy is hot property.

  4. Re: Favorite British Crime Film?

    Totally agree mate.

    Not seen the firm yet.

    Everytime i look to buy it though all i can find is the Tom Cruise film? You know where I can get it?

    Nick love (Director of Football Factory' date=' The Buisness, Outlaws...) is doing a remake of The firm this year. :)[/font']

    I really hope he doesn't butcher it.:) The best place to get the Firm would be on the net. Amazon are doing the special edition, brand new for £10.18. The film only lasts for about an 1hr but it beats all the newer hooligan films hands down in my book.

  5. Re: Favorite British Crime Film?

    Another classic old one is Scum' date=' dont know if any of you have seen it.

    Ray Winstone.

    Watch it if you haven't. :)[/font']

    Agreed. Scum is a classic. The pool ball in the sock alone makes it worth watching. ID is the one I voted for out of the list though. Along with The Firm, starring Gary Oldman, I believe it portrays the most accurate picture of British football hooliganism in the 1980's. Shane Meadow's low budget film, "Dead man's shoes", is also worth a watch.

  6. Re: Dream Team

    Quite attack minded, but here goes.

    GK: Casillas

    RB: Maicon

    CB: Vidic

    CB: Terry

    LB: Lahm

    CM/DM: Essien

    R/Wing: Maxi Rodriguez

    L/Wing: Ronaldo

    RAM: Messi

    LAM: Iniesta

    CF: Villa







  7. I'm not sure if there's been a thread on this before as I'm not too great at working the search tool. So if there has been a thread on this before, I do apologize.:) What I want to know is as the title suggests, what would be your all time best 11 and 5 subs. I'll start the ball rolling by giving you mine:

    GK: Lev Yashin

    RB: Carlos Alberto

    CB: Franco Baresi

    CB: Franz Beckenbauer

    LB: Paolo Maldini

    DM: Lothar Mattias

    RM: Roberto Donadoni

    RAM: Diego Maradona

    LAM: Pele

    LM: Gheorghe Hagi

    CF: Marco Van Basten


    Dino Zoff

    Andreas Brehme

    Luis Enrique

    Michel Platini

    Gerd Muller

  8. Re: Playing with 4-4-2 diamond

    In my experience this formation only works when you're playing against a flat 4-4-2. I've taken two heavy defeats playing with this formation and although the match statistics on each occasion lead me to believe that I was slightly unlucky to take those two defeats I will now only play the 4-4-2 diamond as a last resort due to injuries or suspensions. This doesn't mean that you can't be successful using this formation, I've just had a bit of a bad time with it that's all. I'm having a bit of success using the 4-2-3-1 formation with an attacking mentality and quick tempo. It seems to be working for me against a good number of other formations/tactics and whether I play home or away.

  9. Re: SCHWEINSTEIGER for 49 mil?

    I have been offered 49 million for SCHWEINSTEIGER. He is currently my starting RM and playing great football for my Munich squad. Does this deal sound like I should take it? Thank you.

    Not so quick. You need to ask yourself a couple of questions first:

    1) What value does cash have in your gameworld? Are players constantly being bought and sold for ridiculous sums way in excess of the chairman's value? If so then you may struggle to find a replacement with that money.

    2) Who is your backup right sided midfield player and is he good enough to fill Schweinsteiger's shoes? If no, then is there a replacement that you could DEFINAETLY sign?

    You mentioned that Schweinsteiger is performing very well for you so you definately weren't looking to sell. I would only sell if you believe that you could sign someone higher rated than Schweinsteiger with that 49m.

  10. Re: Will Ronaldo go because of the CL final? Say your decison on this Thread

    It'll get to the stage where Ronaldo will have to make a decision otherwise the decision may get made for him. I'm sure Sir Alex is getting fed up with the "Will I go, or won't I", and the Man Utd fans certainly are. It could end up that Man Utd finally accept an offer from Real which will no doubt be a ridiculous offer and basically tell Ronaldo, "Pack your bags".

  11. Re: Britain's Got Talent Final!

    Am I the only one who wanted Susan to win?

    Easily would have won except all these bogus headlines about her...

    I think Diversity needed the win more than Susan as I'm sure Simon Cowell has already signed her to a record deal. Maybe the public realised this and voted accordingly. I wouldn't have voted for Susan Boyle either. Undeniably she has an amazing voice, my question would be, "What's wrong with X-Factor". That for me is the TV show where signing talent belongs. Britains got talent should be for all other acts.

  12. Re: Britain's Got Talent Final!

    I guess I'm the only one who felt that Flawless were the better dance crew out of the two. For me Diversity were all about Choregraphy and less about dancing. That for me was the only place that Flawless fell short of Diversity in, everything else, Flawless were better.

  13. Re: Guiseppe Rossi Or Lisandro

    Keep Rossi. They are both excellent forwards and as you know Rossi is 1 rating below Lisandro at 91, however if Rossi keeps up his current form he will keep rising for some time. If Lisandro stays at Porto then 92 will be his maximum. Rossi plays in a better league and arguably has a better chance of succeeding internationally due to the competition Lisandro has with Argentina, Tevez, Aguero, Higuian and Lavezzi etc. What you also have to remember is that Rossi is four years younger than Lisandro as well. Your call but if it were me I would keep Rossi out of the two.

  14. Re: Would Barcelona be able to cope in the Premiership-my rant

    Barcelona would be REAL contenders in the EPL for sure. Attacking wise Barcelona would put 4,5 or even 6 past some of the lower/mid table EPL teams quite regularly. They would destroy some of the teams with their attacking prowess to the point where it'd be quite embarrassing at times. On a serious note their would be some things that Barca would have to adapt to:

    1) There would be an extra few games to play in a season but it's not as if Barca have frail players who wouldn't cope. It would just take a couple of games to get used to the higher tempo and rougher nature of the British game and then they'd take the league by storm (Serious title contenders).

    2) They'd need a taller CB than Puyol to play beside Pique no question. Barca would have to deal with a different type of attack on a consistant basis in England. In Spain Puyol is perfect for snuffing out the threaded passes and the CM who decides to have a dribble towards Barca's goal (Attacks with the ball on the deck). However in England they'll have to deal with much more attacks in the air, crosses and long diagonal balls into their box. Puyol, standing at 5'10" may just fail the odd time in this area against a taller CF. This is my opinion anyway.

  15. Re: Does Xavi deserve his 97?

    I to don't think there should be an argument about this either. Gerrard and Xavi would be the perfect centre midfield pair if they played together wouldn't they? This shows that they are different. Gerrard would make the surging runs, get the shots on goal leading to goals and close down opponents quickly, basically using his energy. On the other hand you would have Xavi sitting behind Gerrard controlling the tempo of the game with his awesome passing and unrivaled first touch and control. In short, both players are well worthy of their 97 ratings.

  16. Re: This is not fair...

    The main difference between Lampard and Gerrard is that Gerrard is a proper box to box midfield player. Pretty much Lampard's whole game is arriving late in the box to get on the end of a rebound or arriving at the edge of the box in space to get a clean shot off. Don't get me wrong, this side of Lampard's game is very profitable to Chelsea but Lampard doesn't contribute nearly as much overall to Chelsea as Gerrard does to Liverpool. Lampard really looks like a forward who's been converted into a midfielder due to a lack of pace. His main focus has always been goalscoring and because of this I think that his 95 rating is fair.

  17. Re: Alberto Gilardino

    Have to agree with Man Utd here. Gilardino was stinking the place out the whole time he was at Milan. Granted he's been exceptional this season for Fiorientina but we're talking about an increase for a player who is already highly rated at 92. It takes a bit more than one good season to wash away the bad taste from his stint at Milan. Gilardino has to continue this seasons brilliant form into next season. If he does this then come the next Italian changes he will get his +1 up to 93.

  18. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Imagine it wasn't 3-0 to Man Utd at the time of Fletcher's tackle. Say it was 0-0 and Fabregas was through on goal and Fletcher made the same tackle, nicking the ball slightly and then flattening Fabregas stopping the shot and probable goal. Would it have been deemed as harsh to give a penalty in those circumstances? Probably not. I think a lot of the shock that's come with the decision is down to the fact that Man Utd were cruising at the time. The red card was uncalled for though. The penalty is punishment enough.

  19. Re: If Drogba Leaves - Who Should Chelsea Replace Him With?

    how can you say that ibra is not a physical forward' date=' do you ever watch italian football?

    an your opinion can only back up the fact you dont

    i understand all the arguments that he is over rated but he is sill a brillinat player with amazing potential and far better then Amauri, Benzema or Pogrebnyak[/quote']

    Ibrahimovic may be technically more gifted and prettier to watch with the ball at his feet than the three players that I mentioned but would he be more affective than those three in the EPL, I highly doubt it, and the transfer fee that Chelsea would have to shell out for Ibra wouldn't be worth it for what they're getting. Ibra is also terrible in the air which is something Drogba's replacement shouldn't be. I've seen enough of Ibra to know that he's not that physical and certainly not EPL physical and I don't think the pace of the English game would suit Ibra either.

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