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  1. Re: If Drogba Leaves - Who Should Chelsea Replace Him With?

    There are a few possible replacements for Drogba. Ignoring the obvious suggestions of Eto and Ibrahimovic, two players that I don't think are that similar to Drogba, there are players like Amauri, Benzema and Pogrebnyak who may be a good replacement for Drogba. Those three are physical forwards where as Eto is more about pace and Ibrahimovic is more a nonchalant link forward who chips in with the odd spectacular goal (I'm not the biggest fan of Ibrahimovic by the way). Either Milito or Gilardino would also be a shrewd signing and would probably guarantee twenty goals a season but the three I mentioned earlier are the best match to Drogba where as the rest I mentioned are more similar to Anelka with the exception of Ibrahimovic obviously who's different to everybody.

  2. Re: Iniesta or Diego ?

    Very hard to gauge. Iniesta appears to edge it slightly and I wouldn't argue with anybody who feels this way. However lets not forget that Iniesta plays for a team that must be an absolute joy to play for at times with world class players all around him, a luxury that Diego doesn't have. Wait until Diego moves to a bigger club and then he may prove to be just as good as Iniesta. Both remarkable players though.

  3. Re: Mcgregor and fergison at it again.

    McGregor is no loss at all. He's undoubtedly an inferior goalkeeper to Craig Gordon and not any better than David Marshall and was only considered for the Scotland No 1 due to Gordon being out of favour at Sunderland at the moment. Ferguson on the other hand, when fit is a decent centre mid but why he was ever made Scotland captain is beyond me. He's never seemed fully committed to me when playing for Scotland. In short, Ferguson is 31 years old now so we should already be looking for a replacement for him and there is ample cover in the goalkeeping department following McGregor's exit.

  4. Re: German Changes

    Very disappointed with some of these German changes indeed.:mad: I understand with Pander dropping, although he's a higher calibre of player than an 88 rating he hasn't played/started enough this season so I can't grumble too much about that one. However, what on earth were Bordon and Castro dropped for? I can't work those two changes out. Nobody could've seen those coming. A complete joke!

  5. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday

    Agreed 100%. Kahn's had the money flashed infront of him for fighting a few dummies and it's only now that he's come unstuck and lost a fight in an embarrasing fashion that he realises how hard a proffession he's in. I'm not a fan of boxer's who have done well in the Olympics being given the big build up as they start their proffessional careers. Amateur and proffessional boxing are two completely different sports in my book. It's just greedy promoters trying to make a quick buck.

  6. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday

    I can't believe that they've matched Kahn against Barerra unless Kahn's management believe Barerra to be "shot" or are they going for broke because there's a World Title at stake? Barerra, for my money, should destroy Kahn. Kahn is a very talented, offensive boxer but not a very good defensive one. Add that to the fact that Kahn has no chin and no toughness then it leads me to think that Barerra will have an easy nights work infront of him.

  7. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    if that's the case' date=' you have a lot of hating to do.....seriously[/quote']

    It's a case of upbringing Liucci. I know it sounds cliche but I was brought up in a rough area of Edinburgh. I remember when I was 4 years old, a 10 year old boy came up to me and punched me square on the nose because I was sitting on "his" swing. Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with this topic and the answer is, I had to "man up" at a very early age in order to get by and survive in my surroundings. Because of this I can't stand it when I see an adult man act in the way that Ronaldo does. When a player dives and cheats I don't agree with it, but I realise that they're just doing it to gain an advantage in order to help their team. When a player acts like a crybaby with no tact or respect for his fellow professionals, well, it just flat out disgusts me.

  8. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    I want an answer

    when was the last time ronaldo dived to win a penalty or a freekick that resulted in a goal?

    i ve watched all united's league games this year' date=' the guy s used as a punchbag everygame, and constantly at the recieving end of stupid dangerous tackles, yet he is apparently responsible for everythig bad about the game

    give some facts boys! all this "ronaldo is a disgrace, he s serial diver, he s mud", WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME HE DIVED FOR A PENALTY???

    f*cking convince me[/quote']

    Have I struck a chord? You demand an answer with a ! and I'm supposed to give one? Does a dive have to be in the box to be classed cheating? Isn't trying to con the referee into sending an opponent off classed as cheating? Did I not just say in my last post that it wasn't the diving and cheating that makes me hate Ronaldo but more of his wimpy and crybaby nature.

  9. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    i talked about this many times before. i have had to keep repeating myself' date=' there are many cheats in the serie A and la liga who are just as bad as ronaldo.

    and the diving is blown way out of proportions. can someone tell me when was the last time ronaldo won a penalty by diving? someone enlighten me PLEASE. people only take notice of diving when ronaldo does it.

    while all this time steven gerrard lifts the european cup after the most high-profiled dive in recent years. the media in england have done well to play this down, but in england, people think steven gerrard is the biggest diver around, after his altercations with milan in 2005 and inter last year with materazzi.


    And as you've had explained to you before, Gerrard doesn't do it about 4 times every game and he also doesn't do it when he's bagged a couple of goals and his side are up 3-0 and cruising, but Ronaldo does. Gerrard doesn't whinge and cry worse than a woman on her bad week either. I don't like other players because they dive and cheat. You want some names, how about Pirlo, Inzaghi and Deco. I've never liked any of them. The difference is I don't hate these players, and the reason for this is, they only dive/cheat. They don't have the attitude of a spoilt girl who's been told that she's not getting a pony for her 16th birthday on top of that.

  10. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    The attacks on ronaldo from english fans are perfectly justifiable. afterall' date=' this guy screwed up the hopes of an entire nation in an event that comes once every 4 years.

    but for people of other nationality to attack ronaldo, like bulkivic, a scotsman living in the states, i really cant figure it out. the only thing i can put it down to is jealousy. pure bitter jealousy. the venom of it, and considering most of the attacks on ronaldo were personal.......

    jesus, get a grip of your life, instead of complaining about other people's lives, try to improve your own.

    does ronaldo care if lfc and newcastle united fans are calling him a "shirtlifter" a "bender" a "*****" etc? no. he makes 100 grand a week, why should he care because people like bulkivit are singleminded morons?? :rolleyes:

    (poetry in motion, ah.....)[/quote']

    I'm sure there are a few people that hate Ronaldo for those reasons you've stated but the vast majority will hate him because for everything good he does on a football pitch he imediately ruins it by dragging the profession through the mud with his shocking attitude and cheating. When I go to watch my team on a Saturday or Sunday I like to drop into the pub across the road from Tynecastle. A small amount of the locals in that pub aren't football fans but fans of rugby. Believe me, they use players like Ronaldo as cannon fodder as to reasons not to watch football. They call him all the names under the sun and you can see it in their eyes that they're not saying these things because they're jealous of the "man", they're just genuinely angry and disgusted that someone like Ronaldo earns 100k a week where as a real man like Jason White (Scottish rugby international) won't even earn a 50th of that. I can't even defend Ronaldo and that is why I hate him. As a man I can't stand to see another man behave the way he does on a football pitch and no doubt off of it as well. It's players like him who cheapen the reputation of the game I love.

  11. Re: Keeper help please!

    Depends on how much you want to spend on a GK. Van Der Sar should go on for another season or two yet. However you you want a younger keeper who is highly rated then maybe somone like Adler or Mandanda. Valdes isn't too bad, he shouldn't drop anyway. As for Robben and Navas, my guess is they will both increase in rating by 1.

  12. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    i think people are giving too much credit to ronaldo here

    "you are rubbish"' date=' that 's "catty", but......

    "you are ugly"?? that 's ""

    clearly taylor was merely admitting his dissapointment at ronaldo not being a sexier man. we should let him off the hook for that. dont upset a *** man. :D[/quote']

    Actually I don't think what Taylor said was , it was rather clever actually. He probally pushed a button when he said that to Ronaldo. I mean, Ronaldo clearly thinks that he's God's gift and for somebody to call him ugly, well that probably cut him up a bit. My guess is that after their altercation in the tunnel Ronaldo stayed true to form and had a good cry in the changing room. :D

  13. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    Fire and ice. We're never going to agree. I know that you can't possibly hold Taylor's slight offence in the same regard as Zidane's on Matterazzi but I also know that you'll never admit that as you feel that'll weaken your stance in some way. No problem. I don't have a massive desire to make you agree with me, I just merely want to post my opinions on the subject. I'll openly admit that I wouldn't of taken what Taylor did lying down but it would've been in the heat of the moment and I'd probably have got myself sent off, because I wouldn't miss. I certainly wouldn't have waited and said something catty and to Taylor like Ronaldo did. I mean what age is Ronaldo?

  14. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    taylor didnt miss :D ' date=' that's the point.

    just to double check, did zidane miss materazzi? or was it just a graze ?:rolleyes:[/quote']

    How can you possibly compare those two? Zidane's was an assault pure and simple. Had he done that out on the street on a Friday night he would've been spending the weekend in the cells with a court appearance early on the Monday. If you call Taylor's a punch then god helpyou if you ever find yourself in a boxing ring. Taylor basically ended up bring his forearm down onto Ronaldo's shoulder. That was the only contact there was, fact. Hardly an assault is it.

  15. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!!

    I'm sorry to stray slightly off topic but Ronaldo wasn't punched in the back of the neck/head at all and nobody can say that there was intent from Taylor to punch him in the neck/head either because if the intent was there then Taylor would've connected. I mean how can you miss when the other guy doesn't even know that the punch is coming? No, Taylor threw the "punch" or cuff as I would like to call it, to deliberately miss Ronaldo over his left shoulder. Why, only Taylor knows but a booking for me was about right. As for answering the question, hetrosexually speaking, neither player is a looker however Taylor at least looks and acts like a man and not a petulant little girl.

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