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  1. Re: Alvaro Negredo and Markel Susaeta Man that was quick Thanks for your opinion mate.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering what you guys think of these two players? I have them both in one of my game worlds but I've not seen nearly as much Spanish football this season as I did last. Both of their stats this season look healthy especially Negredo who has 15 goals in 23 starts this season so do you think there's a chance that they may get rating increases? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. Re: Which CM will hit 90? Kuzmanovic is the sure bet on those mentioned to hit 90. Another one to have a look at if he's available is Felipe Melo of Fiorentina. He's another 89 who should hit 90 in the next Italian changes.
  4. Re: ronaldo targeting unfair-get off his back If you live by the sword then you die by the sword. The treatment that Ronaldo recieves is all his own doing. He's brought it on himself no question. Ronaldo is a wonderful player, top 3 in the world no doubt but he is also a CHEAT! I'm a great believer of karma and that you get what you give and that's exactly what Ronaldo got against Spurs. Yes Ronaldo was wrongfully booked in that instance but just think of all the times he's conned the referee into booking or sending off an opposing player or into awarding a free kick or penalty for Man Utd wh
  5. Re: Who Gunna Win Champo League???????? Liverpool for me. The obvious two choices are Barca and Man Utd because of the way they've both been dominating domestically but as we've seen in the past that doesn't automatically equate to European success. Barca I believe are in for a shock though. Their main form of defence is attack which somewhat flatters their defence making them look better at times than they actually are. That's what we're starting to see in Barca's case as the domestic season gets to the crucial time. They are starting to leak goals which isn't a good sign if they want to win
  6. Re: New player news is now available... I've not been too bad with injuries with my teams but I've had A LOT of suspensions. I've had a man sent off after 3 minutes in 3 different matches in one game world and the season is only 10 games old so far. I do play hard tackling but I still find this quite excessive.
  7. Re: help on money!!!?? It depends on your players and their ratings at the time you purchase them. Example: A player who is rated 90 or above will have a minimum wage of 42000-44000 per turn, and that's a minimum. Any player rated at 89 or below will command a maximum wage of around 22000 per turn. So in short it depends on the calibre of player you have at your club. The better the player, the higher the wage. A good tip is to buy players before they rise in rating and get them tied up on a 5 year contract. Example: Buy an 88/89 rated player who will rise to a 90+ in the near future. His wag
  8. Re: Belgian ratings Very good post mate. Not everyone can see footage of Belgian football and this could prove to be very valuable to them, especially if they're looking to pick up a bargain from a team other than Anderlecht, Standard Leige or Club Brugge. Never saw any mention of Defour and Mbokani of Standad Liege though. Do think they could rise? Also very suprised to hear about Biglia. Everytime I've seen him play before he just oozed class and was a real standout for Anderlecht. What's happened? Is he unsettled? Does he want a move to a bigger club?
  9. Re: Robben Better Than Messi - Chief Boluda Messi is the second coming of Maradona. Robben doesn't come close.
  10. Re: quick question Remember, the formation has to fit your player's positions. As David said don't play defensive when you're at home, especially when your teams average is higher than your opponents. I've been caught out before when I've tried to be cute and win 1-0 when at home playing defensive tactics. It might work for some people but it never has for me. If he plays 5 at the back then you defenately want to be playing at least 2 strikers. If you have good defenders you can play a 3-5-2 which should enable you to win the midfield battle with 5 to 3 in that area in your favour. If you hav
  11. Hey guys. I currently have Garcia playing at RM for my Hamburger SV side although he's listed as a wing/fwd. I could potentially swap him for Pereira who is listed as a RM/RB. My questions are firstly would a RM/RB play better at RM than a wing/fwd, Secondly, is there a chance that Pereira's position may change to a RB/RM, and thirdly, would this be a good deal? They are both equal in value and both are rated 89. Pereira is one year younger at 24 but he plays in a weaker league than Garcia although Benfica (Pereira's club) are top of the Premeira Liga where as Betis (Garcia's club) are deep in
  12. Re: Advice Please Are both players in your starting 11? Do you have replacements? Godin is a better CB than Wheater and he should rise to a 91 the next time the Spanish ratings are reviewed and he will rise beyond that in the future. It'd be a shame to lose Sanchez though as he really is an excellent prospect. Could you possibly swap Wheater and somebody else from your squad for Godin or Wheater and cash for Godin?
  13. Re: Favourite Goal Van Basten's Goal in the 1988 European Championship final. What a volley from an impossible angle.
  14. Re: Question for the English The amount of foreigners in the EPL won't ever really affect the English game for the worse, if anything it makes it better because it's quality foreign players that end up in the EPL. It shows the young English players the levels that they have to get to in order to suceed. The sheer volume of football clubs that there are in England means that the vast majority of good English youngsters coming through will get their chance at one of those clubs to display their talents. This means that England should always have a strong national team because football's the num
  15. Re: 3 quick questions on HEITINGA, John Gonzalo Rodriguez is a must buy if he's availbable. He should certainly rise above his 90 rating next time the spanish ratings come around. Probably to a 91 but he should go even higher in the future. He's been held back thus far due to two lengthly cruciate ligament injuries, one in 2006 and another in early summer 2007 (probably due to returning to football too early after the first one). If it hadn't been for these injuries then I'm sure he'd be sitting at about a 92 or 93 right now because he's a very tidy defender indeed. You should be able to pick
  16. Re: Steven Gerrard - Positional Change? I suppose so. We all know what Gerrard really felt about playing on the right hand side of midfield when he was utilised there last season. He certainly prefers it in the centre.
  17. Re: Steven Gerrard - Positional Change? That position exists already. Jason Culina at PSV is currently listed as a Mid. There aren't to many others and certainly none that are highly rated but Gerrard would be a good candidate for the first highly rated Mid because he can pretty much play anywhere in the midfield to a very high standard.
  18. Re: Coda or Mensah? I'd go for Andrea Coda. He's younger, playing in a stronger league and holding down a regular place with Udinese in his favoured position. As you've stated, Mensah is being played at RB for Lyon at the moment which is kind of a square peg in a round hole. For me, you can't go far wrong with an Italian defender and Coda, along with likes of Santacore is one of the more promising young defenders in Seria A.
  19. Re: would u trade your rooney for maicon+quaresma+6mill?? I wouldn't do it. If I were you I would ignore that deal and try and get a 90/91 RB that has a good chance of rising. Maybe someone like Rafinha or Gonzalo Castro. The only thing about that deal that's slightly appealing is the fact that you'd be getting Maicon but all you will be doing is switching the area you're weak in. Your RB becomes strong where as your attack becomes weaker. Don't play Ronaldo as a striker as he will not perform well, certainly nowhere near the level that Rooney would.
  20. Re: anderson&nani-from phenomenon to flop I'm not really a fan of these two. Nani is nowhere near direct enough. Too much flash and not enough substance and Anderson doesn't provide enough of a goal threat to ever be a truly world class midfielder.
  21. Re: Worst Signing? Aleksandr Kerzhakov. I signed him for about 10.5m from an unmanaged Marseille for my Hamburg side and I lost the rag and binned him after about 8 games. He never scored a goal, he was getting poor averages and according to the match reports he was missing about 2 open goals a game. He's still rotting in my reserves at the minute. I was going to get rid of him as soon as his transfer ban was up but I noticed that he played all the time for Dynamo Moscow this season so he may eventually regain his 90 rating, you never know. But seriously though he has been absolutely awful fo
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