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  1. Re: Rafinha + Zapata

    Rafinha in my opinion will rise considerably above his 90 rating. It might not happen next rating change but it will sooner or later. He's a regular with Schalke with a few other European clubs are sniffing about him. Plus he's usually called up for the Brazil squads for all their fixtures to boot. As for Zapata, he's a really good CB but unfortunately he's not played a games this season as he has a serious injury. No idea when he's due back either, however this doesn't mean he stops being a very good CB, just means he may drop to about an 88, but, when he's fit again he will rise again to a 90 and probably beyond. Hope this helped.:)

  2. As the title suggests I'm wondering whether a 4-5-1 formation would fair well against a flat 4-4-2. Here's the story. A friend of mine at work has a team in the same WC and the same division as mine. He's Rangers and I'm Hamburg and I would really like to beat him so I could have the bragging rights at work.:D I'm the home team in this upcoming fixture and his starting 11 has an average rating of 89 with no real flaws in any position where as my team's average is 90. His usual tactics for both home and away fixtures are as follows,

    Formation: 4-4-2 Flat

    Tackling style: Normal

    Mentality: Attacking

    Passing style: Mixed

    Attacking style: Mixed

    Tempo: Fast

    Pressing: Own half

    Counter attack: Yes

    Men behind ball: No

    Tight Marking: Yes

    Play offside: Yes

    Use Play maker: No

    Use Target man: No

    The tactics I was thinking of using to counter his are as follows,

    Formation: 4-5-1 standard

    Tackling style: Hard

    Mentality: Defensive

    Passing style: Short

    Attacking style: Through middle

    Tempo: Slow

    Pressing: Own half

    Counter attack: No

    Men behind ball: Yes

    Tight marking: No

    Play offside: No

    Use Play maker: Yes

    Use target man: Yes

    My usual tactics for home fixtures are an attacking, flat 4-4-2 with a fast tempo but I have the players to comfortably switch to a 4-5-1 with Pogrebnyak I feel the ideal CF to play upfront by himself. With the 4-5-1 tactic I would be hoping to boss the midfield, whilst playing with a defensive mentality and a slow tempo might allow my team to keep possesion of the ball and use the ball more wisely. So what do you guys think? Does the 4-5-1 tactic that I mentioned above have a good chance of working? Thank you in advance for any replies.:)

  3. Re: Premier League World's Best, La Liga Down to Fourth

    I certainly don't agree with La Liga being below Argentina's Primera division. I agree that La Liga should be below the Premiership this year as the Champions league was undeniabley dominated by Premiership teams last season. I would however still have: 1) Premiership

    2) La Liga

    3) Seria A

    4) Bundesliga

    5) The rest

    The problem that La Liga and Seria A have compared to the Premiership is that apart from a few sides in both leagues, Real, Barca, Milan, Inter and Juve, they can't compete moneywise with the Premiership. Premiership teams get FAR more revenue other than that through the turnstiles with the main one being TV money. The money that Premiership teams get anually from TV dwarfs that of any other countries leagues.

  4. Re: 50 % Transfer Tax in First 10 Turns Pro-rated

    I think this sounds like a very promising idea. There are too many championships out there, especially in all your division 4's where teams are unmanaged and never likely to be managed basically because they're down to an 18 man squad and they have been pillaged of all their best players. This idea won't stop it all together but it will certainly make the problem a lot better indeed. Good work.:)

  5. Re: Top 3 hard as nails footballers!

    Yeah Souness for me was the hardest of the lot. I just couldn't imagine someone like Chopper Harris trying to snap Souness because as well as being hard/tough, Souness was the most accurate bad tackler that I've ever seen. I'm sure he aimed to the exact inch on his opponents limbs.

  6. Hi guys, looking for some advice again.:) I currently have Vukojevic at my Hamburger SV side but I have the oppurtunity to make a straight swap for Melo. Both are 89 rated and both are 25 years of age. Both are regular starters for their clubs but where as Vukojevic is a full international for Croatia Melo has yet to be capped by Brazil. My question is would the swap deal be worth it both in the short and long term? Which of these two players do you feel has the best chance of getting a higher rating? Thanks in advance for any replies.

  7. Re: Patrice Evra and Ashley Cole

    I'm not a fan of Ashley Cole. He's not world class in my book, certainly not in the class of an Evra or a Lahm. I would also have Capdevila in my team before I would have Ashley Cole. A fair rating for Evra would be 94. A fair rating for Ashley Cole in my opinion would be a 91, maybe a 92.

  8. Re: DEF's

    The Greek international Vassilis Torosidis is the best all round defender I could find. He's rated at 89 and is one of the best prospects in Greece at the minute so he should rise in time. However you'd probably end up paying the best part of 12m for him so he's not cheap.

  9. Re: What is wrong with Chelsea?

    The problem with Chelsea is when playing at home it seems. They're taking too many draws when playing at home against teams they should be beating comfortably. I feel the problem lies with the way in which Scolari likes to counter the opposition. Scolari likes a team to come at his so his team can counter attack them to death. Now there's a few problems with that. In the premiership teams know the pecking order. Teams like a Fulham or a West Ham aren't going to come to Stamford Bridge and have a go at Chelsea. They're going to for much of the game sit with 11 players behind the ball, defend for their lives and hope to take one of the very few chances that they end up getting. This takes Scolari out of his comfort zone I feel and I don't think he has quite worked out how to overcome this yet. Also, somebody mentioned a lack of balance with Chelsea's team and they are absolutely correct. There are square pegs in round holes in that team. Neither Joe Cole or Deco are quick enough in my opinion to pley down the flank, they both know this so they start to come inside which ends up making Chelsea very narrow and at times easy to defend against.

  10. Re: 90 rated CB to rise

    I'll suggest Joris Mathijsen because you mentioned that you didn't have a lot of money to spend. He's rated at 90 and 28 years of age. He's also a regular for Hamburg and Holland and he's a solid as ever so he should, touch wood, rise up to a 91. Infact many people expected him to rise last time so a rise should definately be on the cards this time. He'd probably cost around the 8m mark.

  11. Re: Pardon my ignorance.

    Thank you for the warm welcome guys.:) To answer your question Ahmed I quit Karate when I was a brown belt with no tabs at the age of 14 then I picked it up again at the age of 20 and started at the begining again. I'm at 1st dan black belt now but I've not got the time at the moment to put in the effort to move any higher, work commitments and what have you. Also Nice to see a Glaswegian support the JT's for a change. Too often it's people from Edinburgh supporting one of the old firm.:mad: Well done David, very brave indeed.:)

  12. I've been playing SM for about 2 months now and I'm not doing too badly. I'm still learning but I'm not doing too badly. I've been on this forum for nearly a month now but this is me first introducing myself. I do apoligise and hope that people don't think I was being rude as it never occured to me that it was the done thing to introduce yourself until I saw some other newcomers do it just recently. In all the other forums that I've been part of in the past the members just got to know you through your posts and if you could take a ribbing and keep coming back then they accepted you. However, I'm waffling.:)

    My name is Grant, I'm 25 years old and if you haven't guessed with a username like "Jamboman", I'm a big Jambo (Hearts FC). I'm also crazy enough to own a season ticket for them. My hobbies are obviously going to watch the Jambo's but I also enjoy watching real football from time to time :D the likes of which teams such as Man Utd, Arsenal, Barca and Inter etc provide. Other hobbies include Karate and drinking, but never at the same time because they don't mix. I've tried doing some moves whilst intoxicated but all I achieved was to give my mates a good laugh. Anyway, I've introduced myself now and I hope to both participate and start some good football chat.

  13. Re: What Strikers should I buy to score me goals?

    Carvalha Amauri. He's currently rated at 92 but he's on fire this season with about 11 goals in 17 league appearances which for seria A that is a very, very good return. Also there is some noise of a Brazil vs Italy tug-of-war for his services in international football. My guess is that he'll rise to a 93 for sure with a 94 not necessarily out of the equation and at 28 years of age he's not too old either. He may cost anywhere between 12-15m though but he should be worth it.

  14. Re: Need an RB or Def.

    CFR mentioned the name Sapanaru and that's the one I would go with too. The players that Bob mentioned were also good but Lell and Johnson may be out of your price range at the minute as I get the feeling that you may want be wanting to sign about 3 players or so with that 20m that you have to spend? Am I right? Sapanaru is getting plenty of game time at Porto and he's started to appear in the Romanian national team also so there is a chance that his 87 rating could rise next time but if not it certainly will rise in the near future if keeps up his current progress. Sapanaru may very well still be at Rapid Bucharest in your setup making him easy to sign and you should be able to pick him up for around the 6m mark which will leave you a fair bit to spend on other players:) .

  15. Re: Ezequiel Garay

    Yeah I've currently got Skrtel but was considering swapping him for Garay but only because with Skrtel having been injured whilst Liverpool have been top of the league I don't believe Skrtel will increase in the near future. The reason I think this is because I personally don't believe Liverpool will end up winning the Premiership. If Liverpool don't end up winning the Premiership and Skrtel has missed the best part of 3 months of football then will he really deserve an increase, not really. The best I could hope for is that he keeps his 91. So the question I have to ask myself then is who is the better long term prospect and it looks like it may be Garay. Thanks for your help guys.

  16. What do you guys think of him? I know he's a good defender but does he have the potential to be a great defender? I've got a Liverpool side in one of the GC's and I'm quite tempted to make a swap deal for deal for Garay involving Skrtel and 3m. Does this sound like a good deal? I've only watched Garay play a handfull of times but he's always seemed a very accomplished CB everytime I've seen him. Thanks in advance for any replies.

  17. Re: replacement for carlos salcido

    I would definately try and do a straight swap for Javier Gonzalo Rodriguez. He's roughly the same price as Salcido, four years younger, rated 90 and has a good chance of rising to a 91, and touch wood, if he doesn't get another injury then he should rise above 91 thereafter.

  18. Re: Quick Help Needed! Thanks

    I agree with Darshan. Stick with one of the Russians and you'll not go wrong. All three have been regulars with their clubs with CSKA finishing 2nd and Dynamo finishing 3rd. All three are full internationals so their 90 rating look pretty safe for a while yet.

  19. Re: desperate defending help !!

    LB: Joan Capdevila, 92, 30 years old (Anywhere between 8-10m)

    LB/RB: Jorge Fucile, 90, 24 years old (Anywhere between 12-14m)

    RB: Marcio Rafinha, 90, 23 years old (Anywhere between 13-15m)

    RB: Gonzalo Castro, 91, 21 years old (Roughly about 20m)

    CB: Ezequiel Garay, 91, 22 years old (Roughly about 20m)

    CB: Diego Godin, 90, 22 years old (roughly about 15m)

    CB: Javier Gonzalo Rodriguez, 90, 24 years old (Anywhere between 12-14m)

    Also: The cheaper option if you want to keep Zapata because although he's injured, he's still a very good CB that will rise again when he's fit.

    CB: Joris Mathijsen, 90, 28 years old (Anywhere between 7-9m)

    Hope this helps.:)

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