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  1. Re: AQUILANI, Alberto

    Do you have a replacement in place or lined up? If not I wouldn't sell. Aquilani has become a key player for Roma and he's now broken into the national team as well so he, in my opinion will eventually rise above a 91 rating and could possibly go as high as a 94 in the future. He really is a good player.

  2. Re: Ariel Mati Fernandez

    Thanks guys. He must rise sometime in the future even if it means he has to go to another club or out on loan to get more football than he's getting at the minute because a talent like his can't remain on a subs bench indefinately.

  3. Re: Ariel Mati Fernandez

    Yeah I've been amazed at how well Pires has played since going to Villareal. I really thought that he was done when he left Arsenal. How wrong was I.:) He was obviously just going a bit stale at Arsenal and the change of club seemed to do him the world of good. As for Fernandez though it looks like I'll have to be patient with this one. He's too good a player to sell on but his rating perhaps won't increase until he gets a few more starts, oh well. Thanks for your reply.

  4. I was just wondering what some of your thoughts were on this guy. I spent the best part of 12m on him for my Hamburger SV side and was just wondering whether you guys think he can rise from an 89 rating. I know he's not exactly been a regular for Villareal this season but everytime I've seen him play I've always felt that there's something a bit special about him and it's obvious that Villareal think the same as his buyout clause is I believe somewhere in the region of 50 million euros. Thank you in advance for any replies.

  5. Re: Bacary Sagna & Gael Clichy

    Maicon is a beast. Money no object, he would be my pick at RB no question. He both attacks and defends exceptionally and has genuine pace to boot. If you ask me Alves is really a RM more than a RB but Barcelona are the perfect team to allow him to use his attacking abilty as much as he wants without much fear of being exposed defensively because 9 times out of 10 the opposistion are too busy worrying about what Barca will do to their defence before they can concentrate on hurting Barca's. Sanga is another quality RB but perhaps falls a bit short of Maicon as an attacking threat. Now, Clichy I'm a bit undecided about. At the moment he's not as good as Evra or Lahm, of that I'm certain. However once he matures a bit, the silly, almost kamakaze mistakes that he makes from time to time at the moment, may stop. If he can't cut them out though then he will have a problem because he can have an excellent game for 85 minutes but then give away a rash penalty or play an opposing attacker onside and cost Arsenal points. The problem is that as a defender it's the costly mistakes that will grab the headlines.

  6. Re: Need good and cheap CB

    Joris Mathijsen. You should be able to pick him up for around 8.5m - 9m. He's still only 28 years old, he's a regular for both Holland and Hamburg and he's having another good season. He should rise from a 90 to 91 in the next rating changes. Hope this helped.

  7. Re: who is the most underrated or unpraised star in football

    None other than West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green. David James was replaced by Paul Robinson for England a few years back then when Robinson had made one too many mistakes and was being replaced they decide to go back to an ageing David James. Even names like Joe Hart, Ben Foster and injury prone Chris Kirkland were getting mentioned ahead of a solid performer like Green which when you think about it is ridiculous because all three of those names whether it be because of injuries (Kirkland), not being first choice at their club (Foster) or just through being very young, hadn't had very much football/premiership experience at that point.

  8. Re: Kuzmanovic - Denisov - Hernanes.

    Kuzmanovic but Denisov is a good second choice. Kuzmanovic, I'm pretty sure will rise to a 90 in the next rating changes maybe even 91, where as Denisov has just had his 89 rating upped to a 90 a couple of weeks ago. But my advice is if Kuzmanovic is avaible then snap him up now because it won't be long before he's one of the most sought after midfielders in Europe and subsequently out of most people's price range.

  9. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimović

    I'm split on this one. Ibrahimovic has all the talent in the world but he is such a lazy player. So lazy infact that if I were his manager I would fine him:D . It's almost disguting how little help he gives his team when the opposition has the ball. It would be even more noticable if he played in a faster paced league than Seria A. Don't think he'll change now though.

  10. Re: Carles PUYOL

    I might get pelters for this, but I've always believed that Puyol is a far better right back than he is a centre back. As someone mentioned earlier, Puyol's positional sense isn't the best and a lot of that is masked by how good Barca are going forward which limits how much the opposition can think about attacking themselves. Puyol has all the perfect attributes for a full back. He's powerful (low centre of gravity), he's fast, energetic and a very good tackler. He, for me, however lacks two of the most important qualities that a modern day centre back should have which are good positional sense and one that nobody can argue with, height. Just think for a minute how Puyol would fair in the English Premiership for example at centre back. Think of all the crosses into their box that centre backs like Vidic, Ferdinand, Terry and Carvalho have to deal with an awful lot more in a game than the likes of Puyol and Marquez etc. Would Puyol deal with those crosses as well the defenders mentioned above. Standing at 5'9" I personally don't think he would. In short, I think Puyol plays at centre back for Barca because it suits their style of play but do I think that Puyol would play at centre back at a club like Man Utd at the expense of a Ferdinand or a Vidic then the answer is no I do not.

  11. Re: Pobrneyak or Vagner Love

    Pogrebnyak mate. If you can view footage of the Man Utd vs Zenit Super Cup game it'll all become clear. Pogre is a beast. He'll give defenders nightmares wherever he goes and he can also play as a lone frontman. A very good centre forward indeed.

  12. Re: Football Debate #2 ------> Pavel Pogrebnyak Or Roman Pavlyuchenko

    Pogrebnyak everytime. He's two years younger and the more complete centre forward out of the two. Pavelychenko sticks the ball in the net but not much else. As King Kolo said earlier, you can stick Pogrebnyak up front by himself and he'll take to it like a duck to water. He holds the ball up brilliantly and brings all the nippy midfielders around him into play. He's also very good in the air, an excellent finisher with a very good goal to game ratio to boot. There, I've said my piece.:)

  13. Re: Segio Ramos or Phillipe Lahm

    Don't mean to make this any harder for you but the name Gonzalo Castro springs to my mind. I know he's a bit lower in rating being a 91 but he has a good chance of getting a 92 in the next changes as both he and Leverkusen are playing well and he's a full international now for Germany to boot. You could probably swap Ramos for him plus get a fair amount of cash back in the deal as well. It's a gamble, but I just don't rate Ramos as highly as others do.

  14. Re: Diego Capel or Jesus Navas?

    Hi mate, both are very good players but it depends on what your squad needs. Do you require a left sided player in Capel or a right sided player in Navas? If you're just buying one of them as a luxury player to add to your squad meaning you're buying that player simply based on who's better than the other then I would side with Capel. Not much in it but Capel's about 2 years younger and establishing himself as a full international now. Also if a big club like a Man Utd, Liverpooletc comes in for either of them then Capel is the one that is more likely to make the move than Navas as Navas has already turned a transfer to Chelsea down due to homesickness. So Navas may be at Seville for a good while longer where as Capel could move to an even bigger club. As you can see Navas hasn't had a rating increase since last year where as Capel has had one quite recently so Capel is probably the one on the up.

  15. Re: Best CB in the world

    Best in the world at the minute in my opinion is Vidic. I also like Mertesacker. He doesn't get the credit he deserves and takes some unfair criticism at times thanks to playing alongside a ropey defensive partner, not naming any names but, Christophe Metzelder. Also what do you guys think of the pairing of Rodriguez and Godin? They're a pairing that I think are doing quite well at the moment.

  16. Re: Help Please

    I'm lost then mate. I usually find you get pockets of good and bad luck from time to time which can't be explained. I mean one of my teams, Hamburger SV play in division 4. I have an average rating of 89 in my first team with an average rating of 88 in my squad. I was at home, with my strongest team out and everyone of my players around about 100% fitness. I was playing AZ Alkmaar who had lost there last five, had an average rating of 83 and had, get this, players who were 7% and 10% fit on the pitch. They were weak down the flanks, a position where my team was quite strong so I played an attacking mentality with my attacks going down both flanks and I used a targetman in Roy Makaay. Guess what, I lost 1-0. I couldn't believe it. What had I done wrong. I looked on this forum at the tactical advice and found out that hadn't down anything out of the ordinary with my tactics. So in conclusion I think you may be right when you say it's a glitch. A temporary period of bad luck that you have go through.

  17. Hi guys. I bought Biglia from Inter Milan for my Hamburger SV team for 12m earlier on this month. He's 22 years old with an 89 rating and the Argentina national team have taken notice of him this year. I know 12m is a slight bit more than he's worth at the moment but I'm hoping it proves to be a sound investment in the near future. I've seen him play a number of times and he always impresses me. Very comfortable on the ball with good technique. Always looking about to see his options before he recieves the ball and he's a very good passer of the ball to boot. I think he's Anderlechts best player however I'm interested to know what othher people think of him. Any replies/feedback is most welcome and appreciated.

  18. Re: Help Please

    Hi mate, I'll try and help you out. Are you playing aggressive tackling? Are you playing a fast tempo with pressing all over in every match? Are you playing players below 80% match fitness? Are you playing the same players in more than two matches a week? For example maybe a Monday cup game, a Wednesday league game and then a Saturday league game. These are all things that can rapidly drain your player's fitness which can lead to injuries.

  19. Re: Richard Dunne, Joris Mathijsen and Vincent Kompany

    Thanks guys. Dunne was just a thought because of the cheap wages. I mean money no object I would pick Mathijsen over Dunne any day of the week. I've seen quite a few ropey defensive displays not just from Man City but from Dunne individually. The one that springs to mind was actually when Ireland were thrashed by Cyprus. Dunne was truely shocking in that game. I've never seen a performance like that from Mathijsen. However I'm not in charge of the rating changes and Dunne is playing in the premiership which may be a factor. I think though I'll take your advice guys and go for Mathijsen. Cheers for the feedback.

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