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  1. Hi guys, looking for some guidance again. I took on a PSV team who were bottom of the 4 division without a win in the 9 games that had been played. I started on Saturday with my first game about an hour later before I could sign any players. I managed to squeak a 0-0 draw with Feyenoord and in my second game last night I won 7-1 away to LA Galaxy. The team was a complete teardown and I've managed to sign players like Niklas Bendtner, Jimmy Briand, Dario Cvitanich, Luis Fernandinho, Orlando Engelaar, Igor Denisov, Pereira Ilsinho and Brad Friedel. I've also managed to sign a couple of defenders but what I'm really needing is a couple of solid centre backs. I'm looking to perhaps sign 2 out of the 3 mentioned in the title of this post. They're all rated 90 with differing values. Kompany is by far the most expensive but will also I imagine have the greatest potential for rating increase. Dunne has recently had a rating decrease. I can't see him going lower than 90 for a good while and he seems to have cheaper wages than the other two which is good thing when you're trying to watch your budget. Mathijsen a mainstay in the Dutch and Hamburger SV teams may increase to 91 but I doubt he will go any further than that. Dunne and Mathijsen would cost roughly the same with Kompany considerably more expensive. Who do you think I should go for? As always I would be very grateful for any feedback you may have guys.

  2. Re: ZRedstalls Belgian Risers

    What about lucas Biglia at Anderlecht? He's a very good young midfielder that will surely move onto bigger and better things very shortly and he doesn't appear to have ever had a rating increase before. Without doubt, Anderlecht's best player, by a country mile.

  3. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak or Chaves Fred?

    Good suggestion. I was starting to think he was going a bit stale at Milan. He looked lazy and uninterested. It certainly looks like the move to Florence has done him the world of good and he is starting to look like one of the better strikers in Europe again. However in this particular game world Gilardino is a Liverpool and it looks like he a first choice pick in that team.

  4. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak or Chaves Fred?

    You're right. This is what makes it hard, trying to see what might happen for each player in the future without the aid of a crystal ball, lol. It was just a rumour, nothing concrete, but I'm sure it was around about October time where I read about Bayern being interested in Pogrebnyak. I'm sure they would only take him though if either Toni or Klose were on the move because the three of them are very similar players. All big, physical goal poachers and Bayern would probably have to cough up some serous dough for Pogre if they were to go for him. I can't see them doing that if they only saw him as being cover for both Toni and Klose.

  5. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak or Chaves Fred?

    Thank you for your opinions guys. Your advice has allowed me to have a rethink and a deeper look into it. You're right when you say that Pogrebnyak is the man at Zenit, well, upfront anyway. When he's fit, he plays. And true Fred has a bit competition at Lyon with the likes of Benzema and Baros etc. However Fred was making a lot of noise at the begining of this year about leaving Lyon if he didn't get more first team oppurtunities. So I wouldn't rule out a move in the near future if he doesn't start to get more football and if that happens he may indeed get himself back up to a 92 rating at another club. However I've heard rumours that Pogrebnyak is impressing people at Bayern Munich and if he were to move there then surely a slight rating increase might follow. It's a hard one for me still but I'm very grateful for all your opinions and advice. Thank you very much gents.

  6. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak or Chaves Fred?

    Thanks for the info. Fred is the one I was thinking of siding with. They both know where the net is but I think Fred has a bit more gyle than Pogrebnyak, you know, that little bit extra as well as goals. Was just looking to see what other people thought. Your reply was really appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Hi guys. I'm new to this forum and already I'm looking for some advice. I'm. looking for a new centre forward for one of my teams and I have the possibility of signing one of the above two. They're both 91 rated, both are 25 and they would both cost me about the same amount of money. I have an idea of which one of the two may be the better buy but I would be very grateful for some feedback guys:)

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