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  1. Any young players upto 82 ratings.anyone recommend any1? what league are next up for review?
  2. Can anyone help me. im in a league with other ratings upto 82 none top leagues allowed to buy from anyone know what leagues will be getting reviews or any players I’m small club so looking for players 80-82 who will improve
  3. Is there going be any predictions for player ratings any time soon on hunt for players upto 82 who will improve can anyone help
  4. Any leagues due for updates.i need players upto 82 who don’t play in English French German Italy Spain leagues. Any one help?
  5. Looking for players who will improve looking for players upto 82 who don’t play in 5 top leagues?
  6. What league are next for update looking for players rated 82 who will improve not in top 5 leagues
  7. Does anyone know what leagues are next for update in ratings? I’m in a league where you can only buy players upto 82 ratings and you can’t sign from top 5 leagues in Europe any players too look out for in other leagues?
  8. What leagues are next for update. I need players at 82 who will improve but not from top leagues??? Any help
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