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  1. Count on me. Im interested so hope to be on your list for a team.
  2. Up ! Sander Berge ...keep for this season or sell?
  3. Sander berge will receive any raise next period or i should sell ?
  4. Which championships are left to be updated? From what countries?
  5. I was thinking sell Alena and buy marco benassi but i might keep him for a while.
  6. i have doubts aboutmaxi wober, cesar montes,edson alvarez,uduokhay,fosu-mensah, alena and justin kluivert.Any advice?
  7. I will try my chance.....just applied.
  8. Teams are almoust equals.I play at home but i cant change tactic radically now. I have 2 options: 1. I play like him 433b but if he play normal,normal,mixed,down both flanks ,normal,own half i should play the same or change something? 2. I can try use 4231b to counter that 433b ....but will be very hard to counter. I beated him with 433b and now he use this and are unbeated last games. The game is tonight....so im still waiting an concrete advice.
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