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  1. Can Dean Henderson be a class gk ? Worth to buy for the future.....can be at least 92 in the future?
  2. Can u rate please trincao,diatta, p. goncalves, hudson-odoi?
  3. Fati,halland, Mbappe and...dont forget about Coman.....or i should change Coman ? Thyanks for advice mate.
  4. Thanks Kieran...as u see i already have Halland so the question was if i should buy mbappe or other 2 names from that list...
  5. Great, but what would you do,Sir with 80 m in this situation ?
  6. Hy mates. If you would have 80m to invest in a future young team, you would buy Mbappe or others 2 from this list ? I have olmo,koman,halland,valverde ,kulusevski and other great talents like kean,cunha,fati,diatta,belligham,ihattaren,verschaaren........jadon sancho is unavailable. Any advice ? K.MBAPPÉ 22 95 76.0M Paris Saint-Germain - AM,F(RLC) S.GNABRY 25 93 36.0M Bayern - D(R),DM,M(RC)
  7. Thanks, not a bad advise but i was thinking at Coman,mbappe and Halland as my future atack.
  8. Thanks,and sir Rahul too. Was hoping to receive a few more names to sell as i would really like to get around 60m to buy Mbappe .If i sell ramsdale,araujo,barrow...i wont obtain enough money. But if almoust all are doing well....now im confused...of what to do
  9. Hy mates. Got to sell some to can buy Mbappe and...maybe other for my future yougsters dreamteam. So i have already some great names ... Please tell me from this list who can be 92 for the future and i have to keep for sure ? I know about Halland, coman,olmo,valverde.... Name Age Rat Condition Morale Value TB GK - A.TRUBIN 19 82 100% 90%
  10. Gabriel Sara....have an 85 potencial ? It worth buy for long term?
  11. Can u rate Naci unuvar,moses neyman,liam morrison, teixeira marcao, rolando mandragora ? Not sure about their potencial - should keep or sell?
  12. Khedira i should sell ? As i see have no games and probably wilkl drop..
  13. What do you think mates ..... Bakayoko (or Tousart) and Ricardo Rodriguez for Ndidi ? It worth ?
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