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  1. Aubameyang just got back-to-back hatricks in the Europa and Bundesliga. Including the cup and for Gabon, he has 21 goals this season and is the highest goalscorer in Europe, more than Lewandowski, who everyone is creaming themselves about and got an instant rise after the record-breaking 5 goals. Aub has to get 93. What do people think Timo Baumgartl will rise to when he eventually gets an increase, 86?
  2. Great news, finally! Better late than never. Looks like my Bournemouth can keep Neymar and Messi after all
  3. Aubamayang got more than twice the amount of goals than Reus last season with 16, and is on 10 already this season. Rise to 92 or 93?
  4. I've searched and found no topic on him, only a few little mentions in threads. This guy scored 17 goals in Ligue 1, and 5 goals in Europa last season. This year he already has 3 league goals and 4 goals in the French cup. He's still only rated 87, the same as players like Adrian Rabiot and Steed Malbronque, who are limited to the odd substitute appearance. Surely he deserves a rise to at least 88, possibly 89? What does everyone think? Please discuss.
  5. Re: Riferimento: Re: Stadium Building Any news on how the stadium building is getting on in single player mode?
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... It's decent, 94 average with Busquets, Hummels, yaya Toure, Wilshere, Hamsik, Pedro, Lewandowski, Van Persie etc. I don't really need him but it's tempting, although Ozil and Neymar are two I really want to keep.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have the chance to sign Messi for my Carlisle, but they want Ozil and Neymar plus 30mil, any thoughts?
  8. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thanks for the replies much appreciated. I'm putting Schmelzer in swap offers to try and get Alba and or Alaba, I'd assumed he won't go any higher than 90 because he's been rated that for a good 18 months now. Is he as good as his opposite Pisczeck?
  9. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Hi guys wondering if you could help with a few players I'm thinking of selling. I have a very good team (joint best in the setup) and keep finishing 3rd, 4th and last season 6th. I can't help thinking it's because of the player concerns as I have a big squad. Keep or sell? Schmelzer sven Bender Wijnaldum Altidore danny Alves Arbeloa Podolski Tevez Robben Vidic Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome, thanks.
  10. Re: Raul Albiol In which case, worth me selling?
  11. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM I can see both full-backs for Arsenal dropping. Clichy and Sagna have had very below-par performances for us time and time again this season. Been to a few games this season and have seen them being skinned by some averages players on quite a few occasions, and clichy seems to have lost some of his pace. Vermaelen was the premierships highest goalscoring defender this season, and won player of the month a few times for us. 92 this time round IMO.
  12. Re: Fabio CANNAVARO GET RID OF HIM ASAP Thank you very much for that! My sqaud is so big that i hadn't noticed. I'm offering him plus 25mil cash for all other CB's on the game, and hope that someone doesn't notice and accept
  13. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 What about Benidikt Howedes? He is rated 88, and has played more games this season than Westermann, rated 91. Rise to 90???
  14. Re: luca toni? rating? I'm also curious about his rating change. Im debating selling him as he is getting on a bit now and hasn't played for the 1st team this season. He is playing in the Bayern Munich reserves recovering from an ankle injury. Does anyone else rekon he will go down to 93?
  15. I made a counter-offer for Toni for a straight swap deal with Adebayor and he has accepted. I wouldn't normally post on this, but for once im not sure. I know Adebayor is younger, but he has had a really poor season and could get 92. I do rate Toni high still, but he hasn't been brilliant either. Adebayors' ban has just finished, as i sold him about 2 months ago for 80mil straight cash. Im able to get him back for Toni. Do i do it?
  16. Re: LUCAS, 10k BARGAIN!!! (Must Comment!) In that case insider, your english is bloody good! Yes, the must comment bit i didn't mention on, there's no need for it. The post itself is what counts; but people will as well as myself more recently refuse to open threads just based on the pure fact of it trying to get a reputation through ostentatious means. Just ammend the title in the future Goz
  17. Re: LUCAS, 10k BARGAIN!!! (Must Comment!) Helping him improve would be positive criticism, so far it's been rather negative. This one hasn't been rude no, but a lot of people have pointed it out in this and other threads, where you have made less helpful in comments (hence why your not given a "break") becasue Goz hasn't been given a break. Im sure he will start getting the help he needs and improve. But to be honest; they are good enough for me, the informations there and the stats. But maybe one day he shall be up to the standards of the long standing illustrious SM forum scouts! * Note - oversensationnalism, is two seperate words, over-sensationalism
  18. Re: LUCAS, 10k BARGAIN!!! (Must Comment!) Christ leave the poor guy alone! Ok, the threads arn't great but well done to you for trying, im sure they will improve. Theres no need to be so critical on every thread he tries to make. Im sure a bit of positive criticism would be more helpful than anything. End of the day, it's helping other people on here and giving them a heads up on new players who will rise, irrelevant of who posts what first, although it can be frustrating scouting for someone for ages then someone else posting first. That is annoying yes. I don't understand the obbsseive compulsion of this need of perfectionism. As long as you are putting it in your own words, and the stats are accurate then thankyou very much for the find. Just ignore the negative criticism youv'e had recently Gozgoz, it's exactly why i couldn't be asked anymore with doing it. I posted a few to help people, but it's just all about competition now. Good luck to you and fair play if you continue with it. All the best now
  19. Re: Grafite and Dzeko only 89 rating !!!!! Yes, definatly. If they are anywhere near as consitant next season, they should be getting 91 then too. He's at a unmanaged club in my setup and their squad size is below 21. Annoyed!
  20. Re: Site Maintenance Thankyou for clearing that up. Becasue i didn't just state that we have obviously seen it whilst attempting to sign in, and it clearly states the word "maintenance" on the page. Thankyou for reiterating everyone else and ignoring what i had just posted.
  21. Re: Site Maintenance Yes, of course everyone has seen that message, We are wondering as to why it is down two or three times in the last few days, for improvements etc. Its not very enlightening or elaborate
  22. Re: Fixed Term Loans [With Transfer Deals] Im not sure i totally understand what your getting at jamster, but if its what i understand so far then yes i think it is a good addition. I have made deals with mates before, with smaller and weaker squads than mine. If i bought a player off him, i would give cash and possibly another player in exchange. But some talents like Nani for instance, i didnt want to get rid of, so i loaned him for the season. Im not sure where the getting star players for free bit was about, but if your making a deal with someone, its a good little addition and a trustworthy way of loaning a player for the season to help out the absence of the player that they have just sold. Of course this raises problems. For instance club A who have sold a player to club B, club B give them a player on loan to cover the absence on a fixed loan, so they can't cheat an cancel straight away. but club B who have loaned a player on a fixed loan and can't recall, could have a player retire or sold someone, their sqaud size would drop below 21. Then the player would need to be recalled from club A, which is therefore unfair. I think its a good idea that i have wanted to be introduced but it has holes. Can anyone else think of ways around the problem?
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