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  1. Should I offer Paul Pogba + Gabriel Jesus for Lionel Messi?
  2. Pogba. He has turned his game around since Mourinho left and I don' t think he is too far of 94 if he manages to keep his form up. Oxlade for me hasn't shown much in his career. He was showing some promise before he get injured under Klopp but there's no telling how he will perform after his ACL injury. There are younger and more promising players out there. Ndombele is promising but again there are lots of promising players out there in his age bracket and if I had the chance I would sign Pogba and look in to alternative options.
  3. I am 35 goals off the best team in the league 😂 and I want to challenge for the league. I don't know if its just me but that team having Messi and Ronaldo just overpowers them to the league. Defensively I am solid. I have recently played that team away from home and only lost 1-0 in a tight game. What formation do you play if I may ask?
  4. Does anyone else have a problem scoring goals? Last season my Aston Villa team scored 87 goals and the championship winning team scored 122 goals ( That team has Messi and Ronaldo). The next placed team the runner up scored 101 goals and has the likes of Neymar Suarez This is my team and these are the players I have. I am currently playing 4-3-3B (the one with the sitting midfielder) and as of last season my forwards have been getting poor numbers. Strongest starting 11 average is 94 and the usual is 93. Sergio Aguero Starts 22 + (5) Sub Appearances 10Goals 9Assists 5 MOM 7.81 Rating Kylian Mbappe Starts 18 + (14) Sub Appearances 12Goals 9 Assists 4MOM 7.72 Rating Harry Kane Starts 22 + (1) Sub Appearances 10Goals 7Assists 6MOM 8.13 Rating Mohammed Salah Starts 21+ (6)Sub Appearances 5Goals 7Assists 2MOM 7.15 Rating Gabriel Jesus Starts 15 +(17) Sub Appearances 7Goals 7Assists 2MOM 7.38 Rating Leroy Sane Starts 11+ (9) Sub Appearances 8Goals 3Assists 0MOM 7.20 Rating
  5. Does anyone think the following players will get further rises at the end of this season? John Stones, Van Dijk, De Ligt, Marquinhos , Robertson, Frenkie De jong, Pogba, Bernardo Silva, Kai Havertz, Mbappe, Leroy Sane, Gabriel Jesus? Cheers everyone!
  6. Does Mbappe need a UCL win to get +1 to 94 this season? Also does anyone think Mbappe has a rating ceiling at PSG? Has anyone ever got a 95+ at PSG? IF I recall Neymar and Ibrahimovic had their high ratings before they moved to PSG and they managed to keep hold of those high pre established high ratings. I know 99 is rare (Talking Messi Cristiano Ronaldo level) but can anyone see Mbappe get 97 at PSG? Suarez was able to get it but he was at Barca as was Eto who was also a 97 ( I think). I think Gerrard was a 97 at LFC in 2008/2009 but this of course was a long time ago.
  7. What rating is Mbappe capable of getting by the end of this season? Been offered a swap for Messi but this is Mbappe we are talking about.
  8. I know this might be a bit off topic, but this is the thread for discussion! Has anyone seen a good counter formation and tactic against 4-3-3 A (the 4-3-3 formation without the holding midfielder)? I am playing away from home against a team that is likely rated 94 on match day and that team has the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. My strongest average starting team rating is 93. Thanks everyone!
  9. Is a squad size of 23 players too big to rotate without concerns? My current squad size is 22 and I am contemplating bringing in either Marcus Rashford or Kai Havertz (back from loan) I play 4-3-3 Current midfielders Busquets, Coutinho, Pogba, Bernardo Silva, Dele Ali, Frenkie De Jong Wide Forwards Salah Mbappe Leroy Sane Gabriel Jesus Centre Forwards Sergio Aguero Harry Kane. Cheers everyone
  10. Is it the best time now to sell Dybala now at 93? Has he peaked in SM terms? Never got to 94 and looks a bit part player with Ronaldo at Juventus. I already have Aguero Kane and Gabriel Jesus as strikers. I also have Leroy Sane, Salah and Mbappe for the wide forward positions.
  11. I currently have Jordi Alba and Benjamin Mendy as my LB options. The following players are available Lucas Hernandez (Atletico) and Andy Robertson (Liverpool). Should I bring in both Hernandez and Robertson and get rid of Alba and Mendy? Or should I just sign one to replace Mendy? If so who is better to get 92 out of Hernandez or Robertson? Cheers everyone! Amar
  12. What has the World Cup got to do with it? VVD didn't play and Sterling for example didn't do anything of note in the World Cup either. Sterling for example has scored JUST 2 more goals than Leroy Sane in the league as their assists remain virtually the same in the league. If you look at Sane for example in comparison to Mane in the league. 17/18 Leroy Sane 32 games 10 goals and 15 assists in the league Sadio Mane 29 games 10 goals and 7 assists in the league. 18/19 Leroy Sane 19 games 7 goals and 7 assists Sadio Mane 19 games 8 goals and 1 assist
  13. How has Leroy Sane not got a 93? He has out performed Sadio Mane for example both last season and this season so far. He also won the league as well. Is anyone else surprised by this?
  14. Is it worth selling my Marco Asensio to purchase Bernardo Silva? What is Bernardo's potential at City? Will he just be a bit part sub player at Manchester City? I have the following options at CM and I am thinking about bolstering my CM ranks for further depth so I can play 4-3-3 more regulary. Current CM Busquets Pogba Coutinho Dele Ali Current playable wide options Salah Leroy Sane Coutinho Dybala Mbappe Gabriel Jesus Cheers Amar
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