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  1. Anyone think Alphonso Davies will get to 90? Also does anyone see any end of season rises for: Alaba, Havertz, Frenkie De Jong, Hakimi, De Ligt, Odeegaard, Tammy Abraham? Is De Ligt in particular starting games now and performing well now? He could possibly go on to win two trophies at the end of season, so I imagine a +1 is not unlikely if he ends the season strongly?
  2. Just checked that Trent Alexandre Arnold is still 92. So it looks like Sancho will only get a +1 to 92 aha!
  3. Guys, shouldn't Sancho get a +2 to 93? In 27 games in the Bundesliga he's got 17 goals and 16 assists. Those stats are incredible. And he did put in some good performance against the likes of Inter and Barcelona in the UCL.
  4. What does everyone make of Achraf Hakimi? Does anyone see him being a potential 92 right back? Hes had a strong start to the season this season at BVB and hes put in some impressive performances in the UCL. Anyone see him getting a +2 to 90 this review? I have him, but would probably have to discard Rodri (Man City) and move Kimmich in to DM and use TAA as a starter at RB. I think highly rated fullbacks are probably more rarer on SM, so I would be probably keen on keeping Hakimi than Rodri.
  5. I do well in cup competitions (most of the time) but the league is the really issue here. I normally square off against the super teams and pull of an upset if I get to a final. I do usually try that in regards to Mbappe and Kane being the 9. My strongest front 3 is Mbappe (10) Kane (9) (Salah) but neither Mbappe or Salah get any meaningful amount of goals. Which again, is frustrating because the likes of Griezmann Neymar Ronaldo Messi score and assist aplenty from the wide positions! Do you know how to counter a 4-3-3 (the one with no sitting midfielder)? I usually put a close game
  6. I had to overpay on quite a few of them, as I was bidding against more smaller teams back then in 2017. But in hind sight, I can't really complain too much, as I picked up good value for money if I look at two years later. I like the excitement of building a young team over time. My team is very healthy financially. I have a balance of £280m, and I usually bring in more money from sales than what I spend on transfer fees. I also have the third highest wage bill in the league, spending a nearly million less per week on wages than the two other stronger teams. So I'm probably on target in t
  7. Where have I said that I have done something special? I have simply said that I have managed this team since 2017 and I signed a lot of these players when they were lowly rated, and overtime, that strategy is beginning to pay off. And no. Scouting and buying promising talents is not the only way to be successful in this game. In terms of in game success, in terms of trophies won, you stand a much better chance if you sign the likes of Lionel Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar at their current ratings than to sign a Mbappe who may or may not reach that rating overtime. Those three players
  8. I have been managing my team since 2017 and I signed a lot of these players when they were very young and lowly rated. And my scouting is beginning to pay off! Sancho 5m, De Jong 4m, Joao Felix 1.8m, Mbappe £8.5m, Trent Alexandre Arnold £5m, Jesus 15m, Sane £18m De Ligt 12m etc I am still yet to win the league though! There are two other stronger teams!
  9. Does anyone see any immediate risers for the winter and summer review in my team? I know Busquets is 31 now, and I am looking to phase him eventually out for Rodri of Man City. What does everyone make of Rodri? Thanks, Amar
  10. Does Mbappe need to win the UCL to get a 95 this season or can he get a 95 without the UCL? I personally think Neymar staying at PSG makes a 95 rating for Mbappe more likely because SM could easily just stick Mbappe at 94 being their jointly highest rated player. With Neymar being a 96 one would think SM would have to raise Mbappe close to 96 given Mbappe's starring influence at PSG. Also I have the following forward options for 3 forward positions. Kane Aguero Salah Mbappe Sancho Leroy Sane Gabriel Jesus. I have just started a new season and I am selling Aguero. Does
  11. Does anyone else have Mbappe having a poor goalscoring record on the multiplayer? From the 5 seasons I have managed him only twice has he got more than 10 goals. The highest being 12 goals. One manager did propose a direct swap with Messi, but Messi is already 32.
  12. If Leroy Sane can get his move to Bayern Munich does anyone think he can get to 94 by the end of this upcoming season? Assuming German league gets reviewed twice a season?
  13. My intial with him moving to Atletico is that they typically play very defensive football under Simeone, which makes it difficult for attacking players. Jao Felix was great at pinging the ball around especially his through balls. I think if he can strike up a partnership with Diego Costa Atletico can probably have a very good season.
  14. What sort of ceiling/potential does Jao Felix have Atletico? Granted it was a friendly but he looked good against Madrid yesterday.
  15. If Neymar leaves PSG does that hurt Mbappe's chances of breaking the 95 barrier? I would think Mbappe would have a better chance of going past 95 if Neymar stays. Especially if Mbappe proves himself to be the player on the team. What does everyone else think?
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