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  1. Guys Serge Gnabry or Leroy Sane? I have Leroy Sane and I was considering swapping him for Gnabry. Who has the higher ceiling? I ideally want a winger who can also play as a forward. So I can play Gnabry upfront partnered with Kane, Halaand and Mbappe. For the wings I already have Salah, Bernardo Silva, Sancho and Foden. Many Thanks, Amar
  2. I think it matters because winning the league +reaching the UCL final is measured in the same way the same way as finishing top four. Manchester United didn't have a comparable season to Manchester City in the slightest. If Shaw was to have risen by +1 then Dias and Foden should have gotten a +2 respectively. Even more interesting is that Zinchenko also got a +1 and he also shares the same rating as Foden. Would you say of Foden is comparable in regards to a +1 rating increase of Zinchenko? I think Dias in particular not getting a +2 is very harsh. Especially after Llorente got his 92 just a few days ago.
  3. Think the Man City review was rather underwhelming to be honest. Luke Shaw got the same rating rise of +1 as Ruben Dias and Phil Foden with no distinction in increase between them. Ederson also missed out on 94 again despite winning 4 out of the last 5 league titles with Manchester City. Winning the last two golden gloves.
  4. What does Jack Grealish's rating potential look like at say Manchester City if he does in fact make the move to Manchester City? He is a 91 now but a lot of players despite good performances at Man City have never really exceeded 92. Leroy Sane, Mahrez, Laporte (when he won the title in 18/19), Walker for example. Zinchenko for instance isn't even a 90.
  5. So guys I have just completed a season in soccer manager worlds and this is my team's individual performances. I have never won the league but won every other competition with this team and I rotate well with no player concerns or fitness issues. Only scored 82 goals in the league in 38 league games conceding 32 with a final points tally of 84. Finishing 3rd by the eventual winners who have 102 points. Anyone else think this game world is just bugged and I will never win the league? 🤪
  6. Guys Paul Pogba. Has he now peaked rating wise at Manchester United? Even if he wins a Euro it would be difficult for him to get a 94 right? He starred in the 2018 World Cup win also. I don't think hes risen at all since he joined Manchester United in 2016.
  7. If Mbappe has 2018 World Cup like showing at the Euros can we expect him to get a +1 to 96 before the next time French league is reviewed? Do World Cups and European Champions result in a one off rating rise anymore or are they just simply 'taken in to account' when the next rating schedule arises? Also is Messi is going to drop again like Cristiano Ronaldo? Or is he safe at 98?
  8. Dybala was so poor this season that he got just 4 goals and 3 assists in 20 league games this season. He was completely out performed by a declining Ronaldo who just dropped -1. Sancho got 16 goals and 20 assists plus played a starring role in the Cup Final. Yet can't break the 92 barrier. No rise for last 12 months. Underwhelming reviews all around.
  9. So Dybala after 3 years of sub par performances has some how managed to retain his 93 whilst Sancho can't get to the same rating. Can't see the justification for that in all honesty.
  10. I still can't believe Jadon Sancho didn't get a 93. Is Sancho not better than the likes of Luis Alberto and Memphis Depay? Sancho has had 3 20 assist seasons at BVB in a row. Halaand has 1.5 seasons at BVB and he still can't get a 93. Unbelievable.
  11. Looks like Sancho missed out on 93 again guys. 3 seasons of 20 assists in a row and he can't get to 93 lmao
  12. Guys I have a bit of a dilemma. I have Trent Hakimi and Reece James. Ideally I can only keep two. So Trent is a must have and that only leaves one space. Who should I keep out of Hakimi and James and why? I am leaning towards Hakimi. Even though hes more of a wing back he gets better numbers in terms of G+A and I imagine that gives him a higher ceiling rating wise? I liked Reece for CB position but that got removed.
  13. I wouldn't entertain a straight swap because not many LBs reach 93. It is a very high rating for a LB. Theo can probably reach a 92 at Milan if they win something, which is not impossible, but difficult and would probably need a move elsewhere. I would probably take Theo for Robertson if it included another promising young player. Is there any other players promising players the other team may have?
  14. Thank you very much for your kind words! I have built this Aston Villa team in 2017 from the ground up signing the likes of Sancho for £5m Trent 5m Frenkie De Jong 4m De Ligt 12m Mbappe £8.5m Hakimi £7.5m Davies £5m Foden £4m Leroy Sane £15m etc. Its super exciting seeing this time rise up against the more established teams. Its just thats its super frustrating that aside from Harry Kane and Mbappe (sometimes) I can't really have get anyone else to score goals. Salah can't score much either. I even try 4-3-3 and I can't get enough goals. Mbappe scored 4 league goals in 19 games last season!
  15. Guys anyone ever feel like a certain gameworld you play in is bugged or something? I have managed my Aston Villa team since 2017 and I just can't seem to get this team to perform and win the league no matter what formation I play. I have a huge problem scoring goals. Have only scored 60 goals in 27 games. The team which is leading has 77 goals in comparison. I even lost a semi final 4-1 at home yesterday playing a 4-2-3-1 against a 4-3-3 weaker matched team. I always play my players match fit and rotate frequently. Thanks guys, Amar
  16. Guys can Ederson get +2 to 95 if he wins the golden gloves and wins the UCL?
  17. Not sure why he hasn't received a 93 yet especially if Halaand gets a 93 rating within half the time. Sancho has had 3 back to back seasons of 30 G+A contributions but Halaand has only been at BVB for a season and a half really. I am not sure if he will get a rise this time around because he's missed 10 games. But I imagine if he helps BVB secure a top four finish and a delivers a strong performance in the cup final v Leipzig he may put himself back in the spotlight for a raise.
  18. Guys given that the BVB have just the reached the DFB Pokal Cup Final can a top four finish and cup win get Sancho and Halaand a +1? Also should Bernardo Silva rise to 94? He's been ever present for Manchester City this season? Thanks, Amar
  19. Can Joao Felix rise to 92 at the end of the season or not? I have Leroy Sane and I was tempted maybe to sell Leroy for Joao Felix as a wide forward. Thanks guys.
  20. What sort of rise can we expect for Jude Bellingham at the end of the season? Can we also expect him to become a 90 rated player after next season? Also given Frenkie's form of late including his 2 assist and 1 goal contribution in the Copa del Rey Final can he become a 93 rated player at the end of this season? Barcelona are also in the running for the league title too.
  21. Can Bernardo Silva, Alphonso Davies, Hakimi, Sancho, Halaand rise at the end of the season? Also If you have to pick 2 CB players from the following who would you pick? David Alaba Marquinhos Ruben Dias Thanks guys, Amar
  22. What is Foden's and Ruben Dias maximum rating potential at Man City? Anyone also think Ederson can rise to 94 in the upcoming rating rises? Thanks, Amar
  23. Can Bruno Fernandes reach a rating at 95 at United or is he capped at 94 unless United win something? He has got 16 goals and 11 assists in 30 matches. Which is certainly remarkable. Also what sort of peak rating can Mbappe, Haaland and Dean Henderson reach? Thanks guys, Amar
  24. Guys I have the following CB options VVD Marquinhos David Alaba De Ligt I am a little bit worried that both VVD and David Alaba are reaching 30 and 29 respectively however. Do you think its worth signing Ruben Dias and getting of David Alaba? Ruben Dias is 24. Many thanks, Amar
  25. Hey guys, Hakimi or Reece James? Does anyone think Hakimi can rise to 92 this summer? Also does anyone think Jack Grealish can rise to 92 this summer? What about Phil Foden. Can he rise to 91 this summer? Thanks everyone.
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