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  1. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Jon Cotterill and Pitacodogringo’s Brazilian football site, have a habit of picking the best of upcoming Brazilian league players. Here they discuss the talents of 2013 http://pitacodogringo.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/brazil-the-talent-factory-2013-featuring-alex-telles-mayke-rodrigo-caio-biro-biro-rafael-ratao/
  2. Re: support tickets Reported a bug 22nd May 2013 I try and transfer list a player (TB expired) and it keeps coming up "invalid" Anyone any idea how long it takes SM to investigate bugs as its taking ages? It still shows up as an open bug.
  3. Re: Squad Sizes Its a fact of life that those that spend more time on this game, whether a student, part time worker, retiree or someone unemployed is going to be able to do more research. I can spend 4 hours a day researching, I am always going to have an edge when it comes to scouting young players, over someone spending 5 minutes. I have to live with the new rules begrudgingly whereby the Chairman makes all the financial decisions for the club. You can see from these threads where some managers. having just signed a player on a 5 year contract, despite being on a transfer ban, could get a rating increase 24 hours later, then get a new contract and wage rise 24 hours later. A bit of a farce. You start going down the route whereby you restrict free movement of players by introducing squad caps, its becomes even more removed from the real world. Just like goalkeepers never get injured & have amazing powers of recovery when it comes to fitness levels. Rich clubs can continue to hoard young players, the little clubs struggle, so lets not make it any harder for the Nuneaton Towns & Braintrees of this world than it already is.
  4. Re: Squad Sizes Squad caps are not necessary, as true to football in real life, there are no squad limits. Take Arsenal FC http://www.arsenal.com/academy/players Not all players that play for Arsenal have squad or shirt numbers, yet clearly we have a couple of players with squad numbers/shirt numbers 67 & 68 I doubt very much if Arsenal have only 68 players on their books, reserves, under 21's, the list seems endless. I would not be surprised to learn if they had a total of well in excess of 100 players on their books. There are 1000's of youngsters coming through the game every year, to argue someone has all the best youth players sounds like sour grapes. There are so many nearly empty gameworlds, you can alway migrate to another in search of your favourite youth players. Its bad enough that SM has introduced Chairman making decisions on wages and the 50/50 loan split, when the simple solution would have been to increase wage costs through all the player ratings and allow goalkeepers to get injured. For example, if I am paying £10,000 in wages for a 77 rated player I am not going to farm quite so many as opposed to the 7K I pay now. Its a shame as players contracts at the start of a season used to be part of the FUN!
  5. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Some managers have 1 team, some have 4 teams, some have 10 teams. I would imagine those with Messi, Bale etc could quite easily spend an awful lot of time rejecting bids forever unless you set to "unavailable" For those of us with a life, appreciate that option, not that I have either player in any of my teams. If I had to keep rejecting bids for players I want to keep, I would seriously consider quitting (again). Once I have a settled long term team, I am pretty sure, the "unavailable" option will be used. Everyone plays this game differently.
  6. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) @ Dannyb01y I would hope one day my attendances would increase based on success, hence my feeling that all these changes are skewed even more in favour of the bigger clubs, anyway I digress, my last home attendances were :- Listburn Distillery 1,313 Lewes 562 Nuneaton Town 3,153 Braintree Town 1,625 That will teach me for picking some of the smaller teams, its just the thought of little Lisburn Distillery winning something one day that keeps me going!
  7. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) @JMH Take Alfreton Town, 22 players max ratings between 65 and 70, most of them rated 67, without falling into the Youth Trap as you call it, and with pennies in the bank, how would you play it? If I break even financially every week, how do I build a team capable of winning a league title one day? If I purchased 1 good player at a time as you suggest and that 1 good player gets injured for a long time, I might be 65 years old and very grey by the time I have a squad of 30 players rated 79-85?
  8. Re: Sm the wages of players on loan from shared between the two clubs
  9. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Once my transfer bans are up I will be quitting the game and the 2 game worlds I created. Lack of prior consultation has peeved me when a far simpler solution was to leave things as they are, increase the normal basic wage if you like, say a 77 rated player increase his weekly wage to 10K instead of 7K etc and everyone elses pro-rata. Limit loaning out players if you like, again perhaps you can only ever loan out the same number of players that are in you main team, that way if you loan out 70 players, you have to have a 70 player main squad as well, the wage budget would have soon have prevented that. You have negated player wage concerns and renewing contracts as this is done automatically, scouting is no longer necessary. The fun has gone, my last post on this subject, I will quit once my TB's are all up, I will reduce all my teams to 21 players then quit.
  10. Re: Chairman has negotiated a new contract with (7!) players I used to enjoy the fervor of scouting young players from the under 17/18/19/20 level etc, searching espn soccernet for the latest result and match reports, reading these forums and hoping to spot a future star of this wonderful game. Also, since when has allowing the chairman of a club dictate pay rises behind the managers back just because he has had one good season or force a club to pay 50% of the wages on every loan deal REALISTIC? My plan was to build a small team up from nothing to something better than average. Have a team of 30 players rated 78-85 after say 5 months, with a further 70 loaned out rated 73-77. Through natural progression, my plan was stick with 100 players and sell some of the older players on when the younger players came good. I would then hope to have some players on 5 year contracts and some of them could get a +5 rating if I am lucky, I was then prepared to allow some concerns grow to say level 3, before offering a new contract. If as i now understand it, I might as well go out and just buy any player, not bother reading up on young players and certainly not bother with new contracts. I will go from logging in say for hour a day to less than ten minutes a day if that. I have lost passion to play this game as building a team from scratch and buying say Shawn Parker before my fellow managers scouted him was part and parcel of the game. The constant tinkering with the game, eg introducing friendlies at the start and end of the season, that serve no purpose whatsoever, and introducing these draconian measures without consultation or advance warning seems bizarre in the extreme. I will spend less time on this game as part of the fun has now gone. If you continue to tinker and ruin this game I used to love I will just quit all my clubs and walk away from 2 game worlds I created. Your click through advertising revenue will suffer and I cannot possibly consider gold membership with the game in its new format. Sorry.
  11. Re: Chairman has negotiated a new contract with (7!) players 4 players with no concerns have just had their contracts renewed by the Chairman. I was planning to wait for levels 1 through 3 to develop before offering a new contract. This, together with the 50/50 wages split on loaned players is a bit too much of a sudden change, perhaps a knee jerk reaction to squad size moaners, who knows? Is there any point in renewing anyone's contract at the season end if the Chairman is going to do it anyway? I think this is too much dumbing down for those managers that moan they haven't got the time to research players and in the long run will reduce those playing this game. I was going to consider gold membership, I certainly wont bother now!
  12. Re: Sm the wages of players on loan from shared between the two clubs Before everyone rejoices about this, you might just see a few game worlds empty so be careful what you wish for Player concerns were meant to be the way to keep squad sizes down, it just seems unfair by penalizing those managers with more time and resources on their hands? It will be interesting to see managers feedback?
  13. Re: Squad Caps Looks like the powers that be have brought in a way of cutting squad sizes via the back door. I noticed that loan players now have 50% of their wages paid by the parent club. It will be interesting to see whether this has the reverse effect of putting people off playing? What do others think?
  14. Re: Ben Davies What a bargain price, can still be picked up as a free agent in many games worlds and looking like another cap for Wales against Poland, playing now.
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