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  1. Nice @TMCosta!! Some good youngsters getting lots of playing time in lower leagues in England atm 🙂
  2. He's such a good choice to rise without a doubt in my eyes. Followed him since start of season now
  3. What about the lower english leagues? 🙂 Lots of youngsters getting minutes in Championship/ League 1.
  4. Do you mean league special requests?:P
  5. I'm not certain league position will play a massive part being honest, think about some of the teams who are bottom of tables or fighting relegation.. they have strong rated players yet the youngsters with lower ratings are in the starting XI ahead of them, their ratings will rise either way in my opinion! What do you think?
  6. I think your new formula is a great idea for sure with the percentages!
  7. Great work @TMCosta You put a lot of time and effort into these!!
  8. Sell Anguissa, I can't see Fulham doing well this season Not sure on Bamba
  9. Duo Tolisso How many of each to sell? If keeping one of each I'd recommend Romagnoli and Rodri Not aware of him Rodriguez, Aurier has a big task overthrowing Trippier Godin, Hummels, Pique, Boateng, Bonucci, Chiellini Thanks for your advice Thanks Thanks for advice Thanks Thauvin Hmmmm thats tough!!! Probably Verrati, I'd want some cash if i was to take the duo
  10. Andy Robertson or Mendy? I have Robertson but Mendy is free in an external club. I know it seems a no brainer but I really rate Robertson and see him getting a +2 Your thoughts are appreciated
  11. He's already 86 rated Kev! Last upgrade was 2015 on him.
  12. I mean like a rating prediction, I'm confident of a 87 on a next update, what do you think?
  13. Tough one.. I say Saul, Dele, Silva, Tolisso, Rabiot Nice Do you need him? If it's a game world with little money, do you have other areas of the team that you could do with upgrading? Ben Yedder Tah Agueroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Flash back to the title winning goal vs QPR) 100% if he starts No chance Trade, Pretty much max rated being in the Scottish league in my eyes
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