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  1. With all respect to this wonderful game but your admin is brain dead!!!!! My second deal where a player is put on transfer for 13 million and I get a higher offer and SMFA block the deal. is wrong with your admin or game settings. My squad is full and I loose buying another player due to this idiotic block. Also there is nowhere to contact admin directly. I'm a freakin 600 day Gold Member and spend money on the game and have to sit with this BS. Seriously when I put a shyte player up for transfer at 500k and an external club offers 300k you let the transfer go through so is the problem with admin. And you can faarking ban me cause I'm getting fed up with these inconsistencies on all 38 my Game Worlds. The deal involving Grimsby Town and VfL Wolfsburg regarding Manu TRIGUEROS has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal. You say we must be polite and respectful on the forums but get your faarking ducks in a row. Reinstate the faarking deal you idiots!!!! Maybe I must also ceate multi accounts as you can't even control that in the game as on one world I have a Multi owning 7 clubs and he can get away with it. Seriously!!!! Heinz Kruger
  2. Seriously, we spend mega money on the game buying slots and creating custom worlds managing 33 GW's and admin cannot answer one mail? Why did you sign up for admin then??? Answer my freaking mails please and also sort out the SMFA Blocking legit deals...I put Onana up for sale for 20 million with his value at 12.8 million and get an offer for 21 million and you cannot give me a reason for blocking the deal? Seriously I need the cash to buy a better player. Also work on the rule settings for custom worlds as I started a under 21 GW with empty squads and as an owner lost 10 managers because one twit started bidding before the set time and I HAVE NO CONTROL ON MY OWN WORLD I PAID FOR? Answer my mails and sort your set up out. Cheers
  3. Hi, I created custom world ID:406286. Only buying 21 and younger players challenge. 4 Divisions with 8 teams for faster seasons. 32 managers that can apply +45 SM Rating managers. Currently 25 so we need 7 more. Also need some experienced managers to help me develop game world to be better as we go along. Feel free to apply:") Cheers Heinz
  4. And how on earth did the guy resign from the club and it shows Frank Babel....seen 17 days ago is suddenly the manager... is going on in this game.....SMFA making money from the public and putting friends in mysteriously?????????
  5. And those that want to reply negative nonsense on this just shut up because then you just as guilty cause I been watching you regulars do the same the past 4 months and get away with it....
  6. And I will send this topic all over the internet to shame this game if you don't root out this nonsense, yeez I spend money on this and want to enjoy my game but multiple accounts can do what they want, long time members can sell to friends as long as the sales are more than the market value and decline higher bids but I cannot...how do you work that out and make me a scapegoat...I WANT MY LEGALLY BOUGHT PLAYERS BACK!!!!!!
  7. Who is the idiot or idiots that run this game????? WHO IS THE SMFA????? Why is there no person that be contacted to tell you to stop spending my money on your social life that I spend on this game??? In world ID 25408 i BOUGHT 3 PLAYERS FROM A FRIEND THAT WAS QUITTING for a million higher than market value then you idiots reversed the sales... FOR?????? On other worlds I put in the same complaint when I bid double the amounts and players were sold above market value to other players competing against me and you IDIOTS DID NOT REVERSE THOSE SALES....Are the SMFA players on this world and bend rules like they want or covering for friends????? Why are my complaints ignored but you reverse other complaints.... am I spending money for if I legally bought these players above market value within the rules of the rules of the game but you can't root out multiple accounts.... I want my players back or a refund on all the money I spent on this idiotic game you call rules and I spent money setting up a custom world...And don't tell me to speak civilized on the Forum if you scam and bend rules like crooks....What's the difference??????
  8. - How does a 88 rated team lose 1-3 to a unman- aged 79 rated team and I pay to play this rubbish!!!! Seriously!!!!! How does this idiotic server calculate this nonsense and comment afterwards I lost cause my 88 - 89 rated forwards did not take their chances against a 83 rated useless Wolf goalkeeper - 23 shots on target and 1 goal and my keeper Muslera rated 90 - opposition 4 shots on target and 3 goals. . . Has your engine blown a piston in it's calculations?????? In a similar rating game yesterday I won 4-0 so how can an engine make 2 different calculations with similar rating differences????? I read your piece on how engine works but this is absolutely extreme miscalculated! And when I play 2D matches the game just plays up to a point then the game clock keeps running but no play and must check the match report. Also how many times can the the engine use this term in a game "ball hit the post"....seriously 10 - 15 times per match in 2D the ball hits the post, think of something else or upgrade your engine.... You are seriously breaking my spirits in a game [13 clubs] I enjoy with it's strategy I enjoy just for an engine to bugger it up.... PS: Also change your rules on managers, these managers just resigning from teams as soon as big club opens or goes inactive up does not make it fair to other managers who stay put and work their way up.
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