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  1. Guys, both Gabriel Jesus and Bernardo Silva became available in my GW. I could use a bit of both in my not so young team, which one should I go for?
  2. Been offered two trades, what do you guys think: Sancho for Saul (Mine) OR Casemiro for Koke (mine)
  3. Thanks, Sir. I agree with your assessment.
  4. Guys would you take Aouar or Ndombele if you had to pick 1?
  5. Guys, thoughts on this deal: Dalot + Wan-Bissaka for Richarlison. I would be getting Richarlison, he would be my substitute forward. Dalot and Wan Bissaka are currently out on loan.
  6. Thoughts on Nicolò Barella and his ultimate potential? Do you guys think he can be a 94+ player in the future?
  7. Who would you guys say has the higher potential ability long term? I can only keep 1 Romagnoli or L. Hernandez
  8. Who would you guys say has higher long term potential if I could only keep one? Romagnoli or L. Hernandez
  9. I know @Sir Rahul agrees but for the rest: Jorginho + 1 to 92? Saul + 1 to 93? Which one should I keep - got too many concerns. Grazie.
  10. Would you guys take 16M+Skriniar for Casemiro? Casemiro is a starter in my team, Skriniar would go on the bench.
  11. I would think yes for the first two and Auba, not for De Gea.
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