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  1. I'm guessing Asensio is likely to stay at his current rating for the time being?
  2. With Aubameyang being top scorer in the BPL do we not think he may have a stay of execution on his -1? What chance Torreira getting a +1? I don't thinks its likely but I wouldn't mind a gamble on it.
  3. In fairness they rate Brazil so irregularly that he's been due "small" rises for a few months. Had he been in a league that's rated more regularly he would have made 88 already so I can see it's fair This re Paqueta jump to 88...
  4. Van Dijk, Robertson, Pavard, Kante, Ndombele and Mbappe almost certainly will Niguez and Meunier probably will Laxalt should... but might not.
  5. Been injured a lot, he should make the starting 11 for Benfica ahead of Almeida when fit but it's hard to say. Benfica not a great place to be at at the moment, in fact that's true for all the Portuguese big 3... Can't see him rising anytime soon, in fact couldn't rule out a drop.
  6. Absolutely, may have to wait a good while for Rashford to get there though
  7. Ah cheers, I thought there might have been a set formula, so an 88 rated 23 year old would always have a certain value and an 88 rated 31 year old another...
  8. Thanks for all the feedback re Van Dijk or Andre Silva + Zinchenko+Maddison - just proves what a difficult choice it actually is! I think I'm leaning towards the trio, although I may go for Angelino rather than Zinchenko at this point. Its a relatively new GW with little cash so at this point its about amassing as much money as possible to make a serious title challenge in 6 months or so... I have a question though, Silva is currently 22 years old and costs 14m, his birthday is on the 6 november, when he turns 23 will his cost lower? If so I'll wait a week before I pick him up
  9. Yes I think I'll go with the trio, especially with Silva as a free agent I should be able to turn that 18 million into 25 or more after the next review... Although vigil will probably be worth around the same if he gets his 92 (which he should really...)
  10. I've sold Romagnoli to afford Van Dijk. But I could get Andre Silva, Zinchenko and Maddison for more or less the same price (Silva is free agent). Kind of undecided, think they will all rise...
  11. Tough one, I'd go for Laporte as City are more likely to win something than Inter. Two excellent players though
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