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  1. 3 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

    Thoughts on Corchia?

    Been injured a lot, he should make the starting 11 for Benfica ahead of Almeida when fit but it's hard to say. Benfica not a great place to be at at the moment, in fact that's true for all the Portuguese big 3... Can't see him rising anytime soon, in fact couldn't rule out a drop.

  2. 2 minutes ago, nofoff said:

    In my experience there is usually a big drop when a player turns 23 so it might be worth waiting just a little bit. There is also another smaller drop when they turn 28 or 29 (can't remember which) so it is worth keeping an eye out for both

    In general you can can make a good bit of money if you use the price drops to your advantage (I made close to £10m selling and then re-buying Christensen for example)

    interesting, thanks

  3. Just now, Middle_Finger said:

    Depend what form he is in before his bday. I will give you an example - 

    Ceballos and Renato Sanches both have bdays in August but Sanches' value decreased to 10m while Ceballos stayed. I think it got lot to do with the kind of publicity one gets.


    Ah cheers, I thought there might have been a set formula, so an 88 rated 23 year old would always have a certain value and an 88 rated 31 year old another...

  4. Thanks for all the feedback re Van Dijk or Andre Silva + Zinchenko+Maddison - just proves what a difficult choice it actually is!


    I think I'm leaning towards the trio, although I may go for Angelino rather than Zinchenko at this point. Its a relatively new GW with little cash so at this point its about amassing as much money as possible to make a serious title challenge in 6 months or so...

    I have a question though, Silva is currently 22 years old and costs 14m, his birthday is on the 6 november, when he turns 23 will his cost lower? If so I'll wait a week before I pick him up...





  5. 39 minutes ago, nofoff said:

    Zinchenko MAY rise but the others definitely will. Maddison had been one of the stars of the PL season so far and Andre Silva is banging in the goals (for Sevilla at least :P @TMCosta)

    As highly as I rate Van Dijk I would still choose the trio myself.

    If you're a CB short then obviously choose VVD but if not then I'd advise choosing the trio :)

    Yes I think I'll go with the trio, especially with Silva as a free agent I should be able to turn that 18 million into 25 or more after the next review... Although vigil will probably be worth around the same if he gets his 92 (which he should really...) 

  6. On 9/24/2018 at 12:39 PM, Sir Louis Cower said:

    I'd keep Romagnoli. Starter and captain for Milan, and he's also playing a lot for our NT (Italy ofc). 

    I'd love to, but I don't have the money otherwise for Van Dijk. I think Van Dijk will make 92 in the next review and he's good for a few years yet, Romagnoli will take a while to get there and Milan are so inconsistent.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Abdul Rahman Khalifeh said:

    Van Dijk is a good shout. Highly doubt Cech gets a rise, SM not very lenient with vets, especially over 35.

    Cheers. Won't risk it then, I have Olsen who I assume will rise, possibly even to 89, so I'll hang on until then.

    Will also sell Romagnoli to bring in Van Dijk I think

  8. On 9/20/2018 at 5:24 PM, hesselink said:

    Any player 91+ who 100% gets +1 in the next review?

    Virgil Van Dijk?

    Any chance that Cech may rise back to 90? Had a good start to the season, he's cheapish and available in a GW where I have very little cash...


    Edit - sorry, since realised you meant players already rated 92 and over, though you meant players rated 91 who might rise. Mbappe most likely surely.

  9. 3 minutes ago, vitor_mfc said:

    10 goals before December won't do the trick either, if he and tottenham do very well this season, he might get it in May.

    I don't know, there were occasions last year where SM gave some generous rises for players who had hit good form just in time for the ratings. They seem a bit more random and spontaneous than they have in previous years.

    It's SM, who knows what the criteria is 😕

  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I would have replied earlier but it seems I'm limited to one post every 24 hours!

    I tried a bug ticket but it was ignored and closed 😞

    Its weird as in the GW it lists me as the manager of Dortmund (the new club I applied to manage) but still doesn't appear in the browser or the app under "my clubs"

    The message that appears when I try to re-apply for my old club is


    " The SMFA have stopped you joining this Game World as they believe you either have an account in it already or are linked to another account. Unfortunately they will not reverse their decision and unban you from the Game World. Please attempt to join another Game World"


    Well according to them I am manager of Dortmund even if I can't access it, so I do wonder if it is in fact a bug rather than because someone erroneously reported me... And as I can't access the club I can't even resign to retake the reigns of my old club. Its a real shame as its a local group with a good community and some of us meet up every now and then...

    The real irony of all this is I will probably end up creating a separate account just to manage the club in question, it will be a bit of a hassle especially in the app having to log into different accounts but I can't see another way round it .

    Thanks for the advice anyway, enjoy the game.


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