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  1. I read there used to be a prize money calculator prior to the 2015 update is there a newer version around or anyone who has worked out what the prize monies are for league positions etc???
  2. Hey man seen your post on best tactics for soccer manager and your unbeaten run for 2017 are you still using those tactics? And if so what player instructions are you using ie offside trap Etc? (3-1-3-3)

    1. 1000dB


      Tactics remain unchanged. To avoid wasting time I don't bother with them and always use:


    2. Rjwynne10


      Which of the mid do you use as your play maker ? And is it the best of the front 3 the target man?


      do you use any arrows for players 


      ps you are a legend lol 

    3. 1000dB


      No.10 = playmaker

      No.9 = targetman

      Those two are also the highest rated players in my XI.

      Not a single arrow given.

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