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  1. Kieran did point out about the ip address bit so had a right to be suspicious, if the numbers identical you're using same device, if its got the first few parts the same it's same household As for Vinny he's made 1 comment directed at you ever. The bit you quoted looks like a joke to me
  2. You did come across as having an attitude when you first joined but since then you've improved alot
  3. Rank De Ligt, De Jong, Upamecano. I have a shortage of centre backs in my club but have a stacked mid 20s midfield. I tried swapping De Jong for Dias but sm blocked the deal, maybe for whatever reason they feel its too 1 sided?
  4. Asking about Messi v Ronaldo encourages toxic arguments especially when there's biased involved (e.g fairly sure you support United). Ronaldo has played at Real Madrid and Juventus who had strong teams, Barca are a mess in comparison so I don't understand how you have put Ronaldo are 97/98 and Messi 96/97 when the difference in stats which you are basing this off is so small As for lewandowski I agree on 98
  5. Btw when I posted this I meant its unlikely he goes to United since he supports 2 of Uniteds rivals not that its likely he will go to City. I think Haaland will sign a new contract at Dortmund then leave next year to 1 of Real Madrid, City and Chelsea. I've picked those 3 because if he does sign a new contract removing the release clause not many teams will be able to afford him
  6. I still haven't slept 😂 Hope Salah makes a full recovery btw, he was shot yesterday
  7. His dad played for both City and Leeds who Haaland supports so it's not looking good
  8. Hakan, Bennacer and Kessie have been brilliant this season as well as what others have said. Sometimes it takes youngsters a while to settle in
  9. Don't think it's ever been done that's why I said end of next season. My prediction is +2 next review then +1 by summer 2022
  10. James Justin will probably get another upgrade in summer, he's already 87. My prediction for him is 90 by end of next season
  11. Thanks, I really like Bennacer which is what confused me about the deal, I agree with you on Jesus
  12. Maddison and Ferran Torres or Jesus and Bennacer?
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