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  1. Brandt or Pellegrini? Also is Locatelli a good investment for the future? I don't watch many games in Italy so have no idea on Pellegrini and Locatelli but have seen plenty of Brandt to know he's 1 or 2 years away from being insane
  2. Currently have Alcacer, Suso, F.Anderson but was thinking of picking up Maxi Gomez. I can only afford 3 so could someone list them in order of who's best investment.
  3. Ellis Simms is a striker for Evertons under 18s. Born on January 5th, 2001 the 18 year old has scored 23 times, assisted once in 1,396 minutes of football (18 games).
  4. When signing high rated players what does sm use to calculate the rating you can and can't sign? E.g if I have a squad average rating of 78 with a 91 rated player what would be the highest rating I could sign next? I've already searched the forum, posting it here since I need a reply before my transfers get processed in 2 or so hours
  5. Anyone able to suggest keepers likely to rise other than burki? Almost all 89s are available in my league
  6. Need some help, anyone able to tell me goalkeepers likely to rise. As an Everton fan I thought I'd mention a few players due upgrades: Pickford to 90 Keane to 89 Richarlison to 88 Gomes +2, forgot his rating but he's playing like he did before joining barca Lookman to 86, good long term investment as people looking purely at goals and assists will overlook him. Onyekuru +2 Gueye +1 Gylfi +1 Downgrades: Schneiderlin -2 Davies -1 Long term best investments are richarlison, lookman & Onyekuru
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