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  1. No problem mate, forgot to mention that Lozano is struggling in Italy as well. Really risky to hold onto him
  2. Yes, bergwjin is 2 years younger and in a better team
  3. Thanks mate, call me out for being bias yet again when yet again I'm not bias or being wrong... It's almost as if I said Soyuncu was the long game option seeing as he's been the better cb by a mile. Thanks for reading 1 line of my comment though
  4. Soyuncu, both are brilliant cbs but Soyuncu has been the second best cb in the league behind vvd. Obviously at Liverpool Gomez will have a bigger rating cap but Soyuncu could easily move in summer. Either way you're getting a top talent, just depends if you want to play the long game with Soyuncu or not
  5. Bayern have a stacked midfield with Kimmich now playing there so I'd swap for Pogba. Thiago is still an amazing player but will be 29 in a few weeks. If Bayern sign Coutinho permanently I think him, Kimmich and Goretska will form Bayerns midfield trio for the future. Pogba is a risk but at juventus was easily one of the best midfielders in the world. you'd be picking a good time to buy him, the transfer ban would expire just before summer letting you keep or sell depending on what happens to him and United. If Ole is still somehow managing United next season and pogba stays sell otherwis
  6. @IslelovesoccerI don't get how it's amusing I rate Richarlison over Felix? Richarlison is 3 goal contributions off matching his total for last season and we're only halfway. Everton have been awful majority of the season so to be that consistent is crazy especially in a team that's lacked creativity since matchday 1. Felix in comparison is struggling in a tougher league in only his second season playing senior football, partly down to Atletico and partly down to himself. Am I being dumb or is holding onto Felix a huge risk...?
  7. No, throughout SMs history it's been harder to find high rated fullbacks than any other position. Fabinho when fit is one of the best defensive mids in the league, Trent is the best right back in the world now since Kimmich is a midfielder. The trade seems really one sided to the city owner so I'd pass
  8. Keep Mane, Firmino. Try selling Salah for B.Silva + Laporte (will likely need to offer them cash or another player as well) or Varane + Rodrygo
  9. If you're the person with Fernandes no, Henderson has had 1 good season in years and he's 29. Fabinho is Liverpools best midfielder who plays same role as Henderson. Fernandes in comparison only has pogba for competition and Ole stupidly doesn't use him as a 10 so Fernandes is a guaranteed starter.
  10. Hey Kev can you deal with @ombarcagunners, can't multi quote on my phone but the messages where he's attacking Kobe Bryant have been appearing since a few hours after he passed away
  11. I have a few friends from Leicester who go to every home game so get my information from them. Leicester are at a point now where they have money, don't need to sell and don't have many positions to strengthen. It's likely they'll buy at least 2 of a right winger, leftback and goalkeeper in summer so holding onto a declining goalkeeper is a risk.he could play for another season or get benched.
  12. Yeah I'd go for Meret out of that list
  13. Depends on if anyone else is available in the league, ideally you wouldn't have either since Schmeichel is another player who's got a boost yet hasn't deserved it. He should've got the 91 rated back when Leicester won the league then got a downgrade in this review. Kepa will be 89 rated within a season
  14. I don't agree with everyone who's saying De Geas drop was harsh, is it really a surprise SM don't keep him 95 rated in a team that's probably now got a rating cap after looking less and less like a top 6 side each year? He was always going to get a - 1 minimum, Henderson looking more and more like he will bench him next season has probably made SM even more critical.
  15. Oh, I'd cancel the Hakimi deal and go in for Haaland then. Hakimi would be competing with F.Mendy, Marcelo and Carvajal to play. Mendy and Carvajal aren't easy to bench. While he could develop really well since he's only 21 the same can be said of Sane, I think in a few seasons he will be Citys best forward When the Rice transfer ban expires ask in here who to go for
  16. Don't go for Umtiti or Rice Sane for Hakimi is a risk, I'd personally rather keep Sane. Hakimi is only on loan at Dortmund so will be competing with Carvajal while Sane when fit starts for City Go for Haland Also, this is the perfect thread to ask these questions
  17. If gylfi doesn't get a - 2 this review.... 🀒He's been by far our worst player, worse than Delph and schneiderlin who both got downgrades
  18. I've always liked him, Ramos would rather be sent off than concede a goal. He terrifies attackers. There was times when he'd get wound up and get sent off but majority of his fouls were intentional. Different cbs have different playstyles
  19. I'm not judging players based on what they won...? In comparison it seems like the only thing you judge a defender on is red cards. Ramos has scored more goals than vvd, might as well write vvds career off now based on your logic
  20. Sorry, I mentioned earlier when I was talking about Matip I meant this season, should've said that in the comment you replied to. Last season vvd was easily the best cb in the league, this season hes not been as good but people aren't focused on that since Liverpool are unbeaten. Matip only played 7 league games before injury but he was easily Liverpools best cb in all of those games
  21. The whole point of the rating system and this thread is to compare current players with the best of the best since SM was created so we can predict rating changes. If you don't like that maybe don't talk on a thread based around predictions....? Should ratings be given out more generously because the quality in a certain position has dropped so there's a bigger gap between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc or should it be done like every other position? Next you'll be saying Salah deserves 98 Also, did I say matip carried vvd? I said he was Liverpools best defender till he got injured, stop being
  22. Jeez when did you start watching football, last year? He's good but you're comparing him to players who were at the level vvd is currently at for hundreds and hundreds of games. Ramos for example has been one of the best cbs in the world since 2009 or 2010, van djiks been at that level for 18 months ffs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  23. You mean the Chilwell who's been by far Leicesters worst player this season....? The one who registered something like 20 misplaced passes in a recent game when almost all of them were simple back passes? He's a completely different player to the one we all saw last season, genuinely wouldn't be surprised if someone like Chelsea buy him for stupid money only for him to be benched after a few weeks
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