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  1. Sterling / Mane / Robertson / Ederson due a rise surely?
  2. Any potential risers that are not on the list from people who watch their respective leagues?
  3. So Mourinhos gone, Pogba 93>95 now 😂😋😂
  4. Modric to 96? Surely after threat he's had it's got to be possible?
  5. I have a topic if discussion for the GK position, Alisson or Ederson? I think Ederson might be the long term option playing for City but with Brazil having two amazing goalkeepers it's quite a tricky one to predict who'll be higher.
  6. Anyone who has watched these players live can tell us anything about them: Maxi Gomez for Celta - Has scored 7 goals in the league, any rise? stay? Fabian Ruiz from Napoli? Chiesa Barkley, potential rise?
  7. Are you asking if Harry Kane or Salah + Suarez? If those are the options surely its a no brainer on the latter.....
  8. Another one to keep your eye on: Jean-Clair Todibo, plays for Toulouse (who sit 3rd) and he has started 3 of their 4 games, he isn't on the DB yet and at 18 years old is another one to look out for! P.S he did get sent off in their last game however
  9. What are people opinions with Dybala not playing at the moment, might be worth swapping him for another player?
  10. Hey guys so I have been looking through the top teams just to stay on top of the stats and so far here are a few players that have some minutes so far for the "big" teams in Europe (keep in mind most of these are not new players, I am just re-posting my findings when researching on my own for all you lazy buggers out there ;): Format TEAM - Name - Rating - Minutes - Comments NAPOLI - Sebastiano Luperto - 83 - 17mins - Might be a good idea to keep an eye for more game time ROMA - J. Kluivert - 85 - 64 mins - is getting game time, known to everyone but is playing nevertheles
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