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  1. Good evening everyone, the Devs especially. I am writing as a concerned Game World owner that has been part of a long-standing Gameworld since 2013, being its owner since 2016 or so. The community within this Game World has been active, communicative and genuinely concerned as well with activity going on within the Gameworld, with new players that enter the database constantly being scouted and competed over regularly. My list of suggestions are aimed at improving the quality of a Gameworld through 2 specific means - control by the Gameworld owner, as well as control through the Game World's rules. Such rules are currently "agreed upon" by most of the managers in the Gameworld, but they are broken from time to time and affected managers constantly speak out against these violations which Gameworld owners can do nothing about. Having said this, here are my list of suggestions: 1. Allow for a Gameworld to introduce a squad cap. Gameworlds currently allow a team to own 255 players. Please allow Gameworld settings to change this squad cap to 50 (or players under/over a certain rating) in order to help monitor situations, instead of relying on gentlemen's agreements. Perhaps add a penalty for teams that automatically have over "x" players within their Full Squad to be barred from making transfers and player exchanges until they sell their players to be under the Squad cap. 2. Allow for a Gameworld owner to ban managers from making transfers with certain managers. Gameworlds occasionally are breached where players with multiple accounts are in the Gameworld. If Gameworld owners are able to prevent transfers between these two clubs (or better yet, implement a transfer embargo) things may be ironed out more efficiently rather than relying on the SMFA, which is vague and usually inconclusive. These are the two suggestions I have so far; hopefullly I can get a discussion going as a concerned owner because I have no means of enforcement to kick, ban or exert any authority as a Gameworld owner and their protests may lead to drastic measures that will make the Gameworld collapse into chaos. Thank you & Sincerely, Lucien
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