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  1. Re: Bradford City - English Championship 5807 Bradford City v Shrewsbury Town Bradford City played host to Shrewsbury Town in English Championship 5807 @ 8pm tonight. The Game started slowly with neither team really taking the game to the other. Bradford then broke the dead lock just after the kick off. When A.Yarmolenko tried a speculative chip which left the Shrewsbury Town keeper helpless to stop it rolling across the line. Then Bradford extended their lead through the other foward P.Vakovlev headed home in the 65th minute. Then for the second game in a row we scored in the 77th min
  2. Is Anyone in the setup on the forum? List: Club - Forum Name Bradford City - Chrislaye ill update everytime someone posts
  3. Re: Bradford City - English Championship 5807 Team as it stands YT: MT:
  4. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! I started one with Bradford City in EC5807. I no its not the most alive setup but ah well. It was clear that it was managed before and they sold everything good as i had a 32m budget. So i thought i'd buy a few 80s http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=16449583 Played one this season so far and smashed Rochdale 4-0. Sit top through GD obv. Team: What you all think about the team? any advice?
  5. Re: Bradford City - English Championship 5807 Anyone think i spend a little too much?
  6. Bradford City - Lost In Div 4 Bradford City where lost in div 4 without a manager yet a sizable budget of 32 million pounds sterling. They hired manager Chris Laye to get this lost club back on tracks and chris set on crafting the side he wanted. He first splashed the cash on a solid back line as the club had a strong 3 fighting for positions on the pitch up front. After crafting a defensive line which wouldnt look out of place in div 2 with ratings of: 89, 80, 83 & 83. He looked at improving a ok midfield full of 70s. He then bought Barca keeper Pinto for 2.8m. Chris had spend pritty
  7. Re: How Do You Leave A Club? Thanks this can be closed now
  8. I saw their was a other topic but when i read it.. it didnt say how and it was closed so coudl anyone help me?
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