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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread *WKD you showed a love of capitals, use them.
  2. Re: Official Red Devils Thread which means by next year he will be 29. and i said near enough in my quote. im not sure if you are aware, but 29 is near enough 30. infact, it is the closest whole number one can get before they are right on the money. aint rocket science now my friend
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread seriously, you are comparing hargreaves to falcao? a loan is not a trial period. everybody knew hargreaves was injury prone before he signed. players do not go on loan, the club sees they are injury prone then they do not sign. i think the clubs are both aware of falcao's injury record, he is a fairly famous player you know. falcao has not signed for this reason, the fact you are comparing them is laughable. also for falcao to move permanently you'd have to pay near enough 70 million for a 30 year old player. give me strength if this is your idea of a sensible discussion. you are clinging onto the most unlikely or circumstances and happenings rather than actually looking at what is most likely.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils Thread yes you are right. if you sign an injured player on a transfer there is hope he will recover and go on, in the long run, to be of benefit to the club. if you sign an unfit player on loan there is hope you can get him back to full fitness so another team can then use him , while you have relatively little time with the player in his peak fitness.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread im half sad this is true, half sad it didn't happen. could you imagine if wenger decided to go 442 and played yaya sanogo and zigic at the same time? it would be beautiful.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread i think some people are forgetting reina's massive dip in form in his last season or 2 at the club. he wasn't the player he once was. some way thats due to his GK coach leaving and hodgson's methods and new training coach coming in..who knows, either way since then he really has declined a lot.
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread i'm pretty sure you take offense to a lot of things i said in the past, so while they may be softies and easily offended i don't think your exactly a man of steel either. in other words, we all have certain things that we take disproportionate offense too.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread my only reaction would be to say ManURe and Man U are well known to a majority because of the obvious. manure because its a play on words to imply united are fertilizer. Man U because its a shorter version of Man United. some things are actually offensive, this is not one of them.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread have you seen sickipedia? if your offended by what was said on here jesus, that place would give you a heart attack.
  10. Re: Official England Thread people may disagree but here is my opinion for what its worth stones' date=' really surprising to me did very well at RB. defensively reasonably solid, going forward didn't exactly get overlapping runs, alves style etc but when he was given the ball in tricky spots and being closed down managed to get a good first touch and play it inside to keep the ball. nothing spectacular but a pretty solid game from him. that said, that could be because norway are, without being disrespectful, a pretty poor attacking team. sterling was pretty much our only good player going forward. england changes were limited to sterling through ball to sturridge who had a poor first touch, didnt take it first time and wasted a good chance. henderson was solid but didnt create much wasnt really his role too but was overall solid. again though norway didnt exactly provide a great attacking threat to judge him on. wilshere as usual fell over every 30 seconds, misplaced a lot of intricate passes and flick ons but he did create a few through balls which, if they werent a couple of yards over hit or so would have maybe been reached by sturridge etc. nothing great from him though. hart in goal was excellent, great save from a corner, 1v1 when cahill got out muscled too easily. jones was decent, composed. again though it is vs norway who barely tested him much. baines didn't do too much forward but did get into the box a few times, play balls inside to keep the ball high up the pitch. lacked a bit of end product though. sturride wasteful, can't think of a single thing rooney did tbh. sterling won the pen and was the best player, as for how bad england were no real chances from open play, relied on a moment of good dribbling from sterling to get a pen. against a pretty poor team. worrying. people maydisagree, be interesting to see if they do and this is just me
  11. Re: Official England Thread yet again, we fail to score from open play or actually score as a result of good passing football against a rubbish team. rooney did nothing. beyond a joke he was given the captaincy let alone starting. really starting to give up on england, i'll always want them to do well but its really hard when its this bullcrap on display. sterling did great, cant think of a single thing rooney did.
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