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  1. Have the Portuguese Leagues been reviewed? Just curious as to what to do with Tomás TAVARES? Worth keeping or selling?
  2. Hi Thorgan, I was hoping you could help me with the below? I've returned to the game after a long absence and I'm trying to build a 4th tier club up in a fairly competitive GW. I've seen the likes of Chagas KAYKY and Liam DELAP touted as future stars however they seem too well known and therefore taken. If you had to summarize your top 5 (or so) players to invest in - who would they be? I've seen Pedro VITE mentioned a few times here - would he fit this mould? Thanks and great work btw!
  3. A bit late to the topic but love this idea. I was wondering if the forum has any ideas on a future French, Spanish, German etc teams? With the limited knowledge I have (gained from the this thread), I've had an attempt at a potential German eleven: GK: Christian FRÜCHTL LB: Ismail JAKOBS (?) CB: Armel BELLA KOTCHAP (?) CB: Bright ARREY-MBI RB: Jordan BEYER (?) CM: Florian WIRTZ CM: Jamal MUSIALA CM: Jean Manuel MBOM LW: Jan THIELMANN CF: Youssoufa MOUKOKO or Fiete ARP RW: Karim ADEYEMI
  4. What's the forum's opinion on Gabriel VERON? I see https://www.transfermarkt.com/ has listed him as the Copa Libertadores MVP. Is he worth picking up if available?
  5. What does the forum think of the below in terms of potential/short-long term riser? 1. Myron BOADU 2. Dušan VLAHOVIĆ
  6. Just on Nuno Mendes, is there a Nuno Mendes of the RB position atm? Also, who would you sell either of the below to get Emile SMITH ROWE? 1. Éric EBIMBE 2. Yunus MUSAH How would you rate the three mentioned?
  7. Thanks for that! Would you sell Filip STEVANOVIĆ and Tino KADEWERE to secure Dušan VLAHOVIĆ? I think Kadewere is due a rise in the next review but after a bit of Googling I can see that Vlahovic has massive potential... You think Dušan VLAHOVIĆ is a greater talent than Jonathan DAVID long term?
  8. I've a chance to get Jonathan DAVID of Lille but it's going to bust the budget. He'll surely rise if Lille win Ligue 1? Are there other potential options for F(C) or F(RLC) for the future? I'm looking at: 1. Pedro NETO (possibly but not his ideal position?) 2. Ander BARRENETXEA (not sure about potential or position) 3. Dušan VLAHOVIĆ What are your thoughts about the options? Any potential strikers I'm missing?
  9. Yeah, just looking through it there and it seems a bit difficult to navigate tbf. Thanks for the advice tho, will go for Fofana when I can get the others sold. Yeah, I'll be sticking to the forum - can't get a handle on that website at all. Who would you rate higher between the two below btw? 1. Kelechi IHEANACHO 2. Pedro NETO
  10. Hi Kieran, thanks for the that - I was a bit confused by it myself. Just to ask another simple question about the swiki reports, is that this website https://en.soccerwiki.org/wiki.php? Is it best to use this forum (and different league forums) to get a summary of risers etc. or use the above website? Also, I've the chance to sign Wesley FOFANA but would have to sell a few players. 1. Juan CHUMI 2. Andrea PAPETTI 3. Sebastian WALUKIEWICZ I can see that the 3 listed haven't been getting game time recently but does this make sense in the long run?
  11. On this topic, how would you rank the below AM/F all rated (80 - 82): Sebastiano ESPOSITO Kaio JORGE Abdallah SIMA Matías AREZO Giacomo RASPADORI Lassina TRAORÉ
  12. Wow, is there really that dearth of class between Mendes and the rest? And is Frabotta really not worth investing in?
  13. Would love to see a ranking of the below D,DM,M(L) all rated 82. If you had to pick 2 for the future (short or long term) who would they be? What's the highest rating for these players? 1. Nuno MENDES 2. Noah KATTERBACH 3. Gianluca FRABOTTA 4. Michal KARBOWNIK
  14. Thanks for the advice. I've another situation I'd like some advice on - as cash is tight. I have the below defence: 1. Sebastian WALUKIEWICZ 2. Roger IBAÑEZ 3. Jonathan PANZO 4. Juan MIRANDA I'd have to sell 1/2 of the above but the below are available: 1. Maxence LACROIX 2. Joško GVARDIOL 3. Zinho VANHEUSDEN Is it worthwhile selling to fund any of the above? Also, the below make up the core of my squad - worth keeping? I'd welcome any suggestions for their replacements: 1. Emanuel VIGNATO 2. Tino KADEWERE 3. Filho PAULINHO 4. Filip STEVANOVIĆ 5. Lassina TRAORÉ 6. Éric EBIMBE 7. Diego LAINEZ 8. Yvan NEYOU 8. Yunus MUSAH Thanks.
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