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  1. Hi I have just created a game world, and any people wishing to join would be great! Game world * Two leagues of the top 20 european clubs * 3 relegations/ 3 promotions ( one via pay off from the 2nd division) * Strong economy where each club has a starting budget of 250 m * open transfer window during season Game world ideas This is my first game world where members can join and their are no rules during the first season just somewhere other members can join , have fun and just hopefully create a fun and competitive game world As the game world goes on any ideas on future ideas, suggestion would be great At the moment the season has not started and friendlies are just being played and Real Madrid are the only team currently taken, would be great if we could get a few before it starts! if anyone wishes to request a club, just reply on the forum and i will do my best to give you the club of your choice. This is brand new game world with the latest, untouched sqauds and hopefully we can make it into a fun and competitive game world Thanks Nathan
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    Hi Guys i use to play the game and be an avid member many years ago, look forward to some more happy gaming 😀 and participating in the forum once more. Nathan
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