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  1. Sorry, this is very off topic but here's basically the only thread it's alive and this thing really bothered me. A player in my GW was doing illegal transactions with two accounts and I reported. I checked others GW he plays and he was doing there too. And it wasn't the first time I reported for this same situation. Now SM only took his second account off the GW. Only cancelling the transactions won't stop this guy of doing it again and a guy who does that doesn't care about his second account. What is the point? Why they don't do something about the main account he's benefiting?
  2. Any chances for Hermoso to get a 89 rating?
  3. Great prospect, he became a starter this year and it's called "new Arthur", really interesting to buy considering he's only 700k
  4. What are the chances for Sergi Roberto and Semedo to rise? (if there's any) Cheers
  5. Any chances for Loftus-Cheek to rise this summer? He's getting more minutes, and playing well at Chelsea and National team.
  6. Lautaro Martinez , Iwobi, Aouar, Poulsen, Politano all +1?
  7. Akanji and Burki +1 even if Dortmund don't win the league?
  8. His name is Lucas Silva de Melo, but I couldn't find him using any variations of his name, so I'd say he isn't in database yet
  9. He played well and won the biggest U-20 cup in Brazil, but I've never saw him playing.
  10. Neuhaus and Cunha. Are they worth keeping? Are there better options to buy at the same level? TIA
  11. Politano, Pepe or Gnabry? (short and long term) Who would you pick?
  12. Fode Ballo Toure worth keeping? He moved to Monaco, but they are doing so poorly this season.
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