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  1. Akanji and Burki +1 even if Dortmund don't win the league?
  2. His name is Lucas Silva de Melo, but I couldn't find him using any variations of his name, so I'd say he isn't in database yet
  3. He played well and won the biggest U-20 cup in Brazil, but I've never saw him playing.
  4. Neuhaus and Cunha. Are they worth keeping? Are there better options to buy at the same level? TIA
  5. Politano, Pepe or Gnabry? (short and long term) Who would you pick?
  6. Fode Ballo Toure worth keeping? He moved to Monaco, but they are doing so poorly this season.
  7. Now that the big 5 leagues are over, any possibility for Josef Martinez rise to 89? He scored tons of goals but he's playing at MLS. Any thoughts? TIA
  8. With Wolves going so well at PL, is it possible for Neves to get a +2 this review? Or 88 just in the summer?
  9. Hope that Politano, Suso e Allan get a +1 tomorrow. It'll be unfair if the don't.
  10. Is it possible to Harry Winks get a +2 like Nkunku? Based on stats, they have almost the same numbers, but Winks also played at CL.
  11. Jean - Clair Todibo added to database this week and already 80, any thoughts about him rising this review?
  12. 100% sure that Alcacer will get a +1 in winter review?
  13. Thauvin +1 or it's not possible playing for OM? Also, Wallace (Lazio) +1?
  14. Pedro is better, but he suffered a serious injury. Pedrinho is getting minutes now and playing well. I don't know who's better to buy in this case, but imo I'd get Pedro
  15. David Neres +1? Is there any player with the same rating and position that I should trade him for? I'm looking for a player who's likely to rise in the winter review. Also, any chances that Vida receives a +1 next review due to his perfomance at WC? Thanks
  16. Is there any players 80-85 and 22-25 yo that will rise (+2,+3, maybe+4) in the winter review? I'm in a team that doesn't have lots of money, so I'd use those players to make quick cash for next season. thanks
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