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  1. A base dados do SM hoje tem + de 3000 edições...julgo que são os jogadores que terminam empréstimo...
  2. Good preds sr rahul...Brasil league is Next review? Its good...
  3. Thanks Sr Raul...i play on competitivo game world but players are bad...86 87 máx...i have very players in brazilian league...not have Money...my question is wath the best investment first...Brazil or big5?
  4. Parabéns Sr Raul...página 400! O que pensas sobre as próximas ligas a ser revistas? Brasil primeiro que as big5?o campeonato está terminando no próximo mes...
  5. Henderson to 92? Rudiger to 91? Nacho to 91? Van djik to 92? Dani Alves Stay? Witsel to 92? Thauvin to 92? Bernardo Silva to 92? Rodri Hernández to 90?
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