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  1. Yeah sure i'll have a complaint while i'm here. I hope that's okay lads, but it's not all jelly babies and dumplings. It's such a shame Berardi doesn't play for a one man team isn't it. Does his forward dribble stats not measure up to he who shall not be named. Isn't there someone on twitter to champion him?! His whoscored rating was higher than he who shall not be named aswell. It's the lack of consistency that hurts the most. I mean they couldn't even give him parity with Belotti. He's good enough for 91, but not Berardi. haha good god
  2. Don't think it was that impressive a post but thanks for the compliment mate. Feel free to leave a like
  3. Well yeah unless you think his goal and assists record had nothing to do with him getting 91?? you don't think he would have gotten that rating with zero goals and zero assists do you? If not those stats, then what other stats would have been factored in to give him that rating? no other stats would, given the team he plays for, don't you agree?? he wouldn't have gotten that rating without them stats so that's exactly my point. It's the goals and assists, the meat and potatoes, but are they that impressive for a relatively poor team? and then it's only fair to delve further into those goals and assists to see exactly how impressive they are, because as you say....
  4. Jesus mate. I'm sorry for your situation. You're clearly going through a bad time but that doesn't give you an excuse to come onto a discussion board and be rude to people and tell them to shut up but i can take your punches if it helps. I hope you get better intime and all the best for the future
  5. Are you danish?? is this why you're so miserable?? Place would be dead without discussion no matter how lively that discussion is. Embrace it mate. It's all a big nothing anyway. Cheer up
  6. 5 posts in a discussion about a players rating and you're fed up? log off mate. Go out into the sunshine if you're that fed up. This is what the threads for. There's been just as much discussion in relation to raspadori and his rating. Mad stuff this discussion board lark isn't it. Discussion
  7. Jesus mate are you the thread police?? if you can't have a rant about rating season that comes twice a year in a thread that's focused pretty much around players ratings, then where and when can you talk about it?? yeah you can talk about something else, what do you want to talk about mate?? Do you want to talk about ratings, in a thread about ratings?? yeah go on ahead and talk about it. It's what the thread for
  8. Just looking at De Pauls stats. For all the stats whores for the laugh. Even when you delve into the brass tacks, the meat and potatoes, into the 9 goals and 9 assists. Of them, 3 goals and 3 assists came against 3 teams that ended up in the bottom 4! That's 33% of his action right there against utter dross. Peeling back the scab
  9. Of course i don't watch udinese mate. Nobody watches udinese. Nobody in here sits at home and thinks to themself "oh you know, i think i'm going to watch udinese and rodrigo de paul tonight against already relegated crotone or benevento...". Not even whoscored or sqwuaka watches udinese. It's a computer following every player on the pitch. Players are nothing but a bunch of circles and ones to these computers. Not even the hipster dufus's out there that twitter is awash with watch these teams. You see them out there. "Oh sucha sucha player is so underrated, a lovely player, i've always rated him", and then they quote a bunch of stats from a game regurgitated up by a computer. They haven't even watched said player. They're basing it all on whoscored and sqwuaka and xpg or whatever nonsense aswell. The only stats that matter are goals and assists and their relevance to the team they play for and that teams relevance to the league they play in. It's the brass tacks. The rest is all a puff piece for stats virgins. I'm sure he's a fantastic player but 91 rated? no. Kessie and Barella are playing for two of the top 3 in the league come on
  10. When you say team of the season, you're talking whoscored aren't you? i just know you're talking whoscored. Diego Godin is on whoscoreds serie a team of the season! That's 35yr old Diego Godin who plays for Cagliari who just finished out of the relegation spots. A defender for that team in team of the season! ForzaItalianfootball doesn't have him on their team of the season. A great blogsite run by people who watch serie a Yeah the rating cap looks dead and buried
  11. Could be linked to getting picked for the national team
  12. Ive just looked at De Pauls stats. He is a whoppingly low 27th in serie a for goals scored. he scored 9 goals, 3 of them penalties. He's 9th in the league for assists. What is the basis for that 91?? Someone's going to tell me now 'oh it's not all about stats' but when it comes to the low teams, who are supposed to be rating capped! then the stats of these players playing for this dross should be pretty special to warrant those bloated ratings.
  13. Oh yeah? you watch a lot of udinese in your spare time?? i'll take your word for it.
  14. De Paul 91?? good god, sm has gone and found serie a's version of Jack Grealish
  15. Think Kean rises when they do everton. could be wrong there though
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