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  1. I took the deal. Will be years for Haaland to get to Werners rating. 5 years a long wait!
  2. On Werner, even moving to a 'lower' club, i've been offered him for my Haaland. Good swap? I'm thinking yes. Thoughts folks??
  3. Dutch and Portuguese predictions. Does this mean these leagues are close to being reviewed??
  4. Ah, you've got to love the oul internet!
  5. Wow you are insecure. Tell you what mate. Seems like you're an expert on arguments and you like an argument clearly, and you wouldn't want to be seen to 'lose' one on the internet so i'm going to walk away and let you have this. You clearly need it. Congrats mate. The sun has got his hat on again.
  6. Common sense dictates what is or isn't up for debate. Common sense. Anyone who would argue against VVD being the best CB in the game right now would be being argumentative just for the sake of it, or a moron, or both, and wouldn't be worth debating with. Thus, there is no debate.
  7. Oh it was pretty expectant was it? A derby mate? where the 2 games previously were draws? Pretty expectant? Come on mate. Don't pull the ''oh we were gonna get beat anyway so am i bovvered'' routine. You took it so bad you thought the game was yesterday. It's took you two days to get out of bed and face the world over it! I would have thought it wouldn't have been up for debate who is the best CB in the world at this moment in time. But i forgot how sensitive and triggered man u and everton fans are these days. Yous aren't taking it well at all and i should be more sympathetic to your plights, which i am.... Yes, indeed. You should have done that to begin with. Instead you waltzed in with a load of sarcastic tripe aimed not at my opinion , but at having the audacity to air an opinion to begin with. Play the ball, not the man, or the man gets played back. Anyway, we'll drop it now. For all the discussion of wheter VVD is the best centre back in the world right now, all people could pull out of their arses in response were players who don't even play the game anymore. Fair enough. Peace
  8. Could be in a custom gameworld where money is tight and a poor economy, and if they're looking for a quick riser and a quick buck earned in the process, this guy might not be the best option! Could be six months before they get round to him
  9. Might not be a good time to sign Czyborra. Looks like he's off to Atalanta and could miss out a rating change because of it with Atalanta already done?
  10. Ooof the mouth on you. You go down on your sister with that mouth?? Hardcore you mate. Superfan no1
  11. Now now. You can't go around calling posters 12 years old and then come out with insults like that. Seems you've got a lot of growing up to do yourself mate. And don't talk about cockroaches and woodworks with Robbo, he'll get antsy and think you're talking about Woodison...
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