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  1. Gabriel Martinelli gets a plus 10 to 80 on the back of two goals against Standard Liege. If only Aaron Connolly was as fashionable
  2. Yes. Go Lingard. Plays for a better club and will continue to play for them, hopefully...
  3. May/June when Barca get reviewed......
  4. Rahul mate. Bergwijn 87? Guy should be on a par with Lozano or at least an 89. Sort it out mucker
  5. Clothing Line Social media presence Identifiable celebration Modern funky fresh nickname Adult disneyland Well deserved. Go JLingZ. #poopydiscoop
  6. Don't know. They raised Pirlo back up when he was older than what Matuidi is now, from 92-94, playing for the same team Matuidi does now but Matuidi has won a world cup in the meantime since his drop.
  7. Matuidi back up to 93? His drop was probably harsh to begin with
  8. Probably International football related
  9. Don't forget that pass to Fred against Wolves!!
  10. Any rises for any of the following?? Pogba Lukaku Fellaini Alexis Sanchez Fred Mata Matic Ashley Young Luke Shaw Lindelof Herrera Lingard Phil Jones Chris Smalling Marcos Rojo Antonio Valencia Eric Bailly Or are they heading for the drop....??
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