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  1. Only if that vision impaired man puts his reading glasses on and goes read whoscored mate!. Whoscored is not football! squawka and all this xg and xp and xy is not football. The only letters that matter in football is S, E, X and Y! I'd have a better av performance rating than suarez playing in France. Neymar is an instagram account, a hairstyle. He's not even in the same postcode as Suarez. Lewa may be. Great forward but Suarez is the more expansive. He should have close parity with all the other great forwards in world football. SM wrote him off too soon
  2. Yeah they'd disagree but it wouldn't make them better! Even a blind man can see Neymar isn't in Suarez's league. Can only imagine Luis in the one horse town bundesliga!
  3. Ironically if not for the covid break in football, Luis wouldn't have seen out the rest of a normal season due to the injury and would still be 94. Still laughable that they saw sense in dropping him on the back of 13 games though. Barely a third of the season
  4. Only if you look at a persons age. They dropped him in January 2020 from 95 -94, after racking up 15 goals and 10 assists in the half a season since also being dropped that summer. He should never have been dropped then. They then disgustingly dropped him from 94-93 in august 2020 even though he had a knee injury in january that took him out for 12 games. He was available for selection for only 13 games for barca in 2020 from when he was previously dropped. Shouldn't have been dropped then as players injuries are supposed to be taken into consideration. He's the 3rd best player in the world af
  5. Luis Suarez and his 93 rating is making people look very very silly. They couldn't wait to drop him though, time after time. One of the best forwards in decades. Infact if not for Messi and Ronaldo, he probably would be the best. If they can raise that show pony Ibra back up, they can raise Luis back up. Make it so
  6. I know they've essentially jibbed off the update that was mooted for sm worlds, but are they now trying to get people to quit 'sm worlds' and go play their other sm game?? The lack of bids in gameworlds is an absolute disgrace! And getting worse and worse over time! No bids, no transfer activity and there's very little game to play!! bids trickling in. One gameworld i've had to wait nearly 3 weeks now for a bid on players!! Infuriating
  7. Where on earth has the review for the spanish, english and italian leagues gone?? I mean has it got lost in the busy christmas period post or something? Has it gone walkies? Stroll in, serve up starters for us to digest in the france and germany reviews and then forget about the rest of the meal. What's going on here?? Where's the rest of the courses??
  8. Are you playing him as a goalkeeper?! Play him on the wing, attack down that wing and use him as playmaker
  9. Leicesters competition that season were Spurs, who were always gonna 'spurs it up' weren't they. This is the team that came third in a two horse race that season. Everton don't have the luxury that leicester had
  10. Yeah they're doing alright mate but they're not title contenders! Even at a time where football is littered with incredible anomolies, everton winning the title? that is pushing it! They'll find a way to make a mess of it all. Digne got a 91 a while back (which nobody called) so they're capable of getting some further decent rises dished out alright
  11. He more than likely knows there's always a soft touch in out there in every gw who's more than willing to bend over. You want them? Touch your toes. If you don't want to be that soft touch, just wait out the further spiralling concerns.
  12. You're wasting your time. All you can do is find another gameworld that isn't populated by sad melts like him
  13. Anyone any thoughts on when the 'big 5' will be getting done. Must be soonish??
  14. Genius by Liverpool. Took the heat off Ole and good egg Ed, and got utd off the back pages. Green and Gold will be Claret and Sky blue tonight! The genius of it. Pure....Genius
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