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  1. I see. Wow. Thank you for telling me and explaining that! I was quite taken aback. Good to know it wasn't some conspiracy! BTW, thanks for maintaining this great game! Charles
  2. Hi, all, I'm a manager in German Championship 8513. I was happy that we had finally gotten a majority of teams to have live managers (13/20). A BUNCH of managers just let their teams expire after 30 days. I thought that was odd, so I looked at the teams. For most of them, the manager had put ALL players from the team on the transfer list simultaneously. See this screenshot for Bayern in this league. Is this a normal thing? Seems to me that this is game manipulation. What say you, Soccer Worlds managers? Charles Manager, Alemannia Aachen, German Championship 8513
  3. Hey, everyone, Some guy in German Championship 8513 has done like 500 million Euros of transfers with bot teams. I didn't know it was possible to buy that much in-game cash. What gives? It seems like it's not on the up-and-up, but it's all with computer teams, so I can't report it. This guy changes teams all the time, so how could he amass that much cash? Is buying it the only option? If so, how is it done? Weird. Charles Manager Alemannia Aachen, German Championship 8513
  4. I don't get it. I offer 18 million for a player who is worth 16 million because the opposing manager didn't want to sell for 16 million. Other manager accepts, Deal canceled. Another time, I offered a player and money totalling 12 million for another player who was worth 12 million. Other manager accepts. Deal canceled. The player I offered was Mithcell Weiser, who is an 89 and had a worth of 8.4 million, and 3.6 million in cash, for 12 million. My team is Alemannia Aachen in German Championship 8513. I attempted to buy Kai Havertz in the first example, from Leverkusen, and Serge Gnabry from Hertha Berlin in the second example. Meanwhile, every transfer I try to make for benchwarmers or youth players is accepted. In my mind, neither of these is out-of-line. I wasn't offering 50 million for a schmuck or something like that. What gives? Why is every transfer I attempt with another managed team canceled? I want to buy Havertz because Özil is almost 30, and I want to get younger players in the pipeline to replace the older stars when they start to wane. To me, this is just good strategy and planning for the future, not cheating. Why are my deals being canceled for NO GOOD REASON?
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