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  1. I know mate... Was wondering what his thoughts were for the two tomorrow... Hence the question marks. Dest 86? Martinez 87?
  2. Surely another rise for Dest tomorrow? also Martinez +2 or 3? Ajax CB. @Soccahappy
  3. Cheers about Rashford.. Any predictions for Dutch League @Soccahappy or @Sir Rahul
  4. Yeah mate. Said you replied about Rashford maybe having a +1. But cant find it.
  5. Chances of Rashford +1? @Soccahappy
  6. Chances Of Idrissi?? 83>86.. Having a fantastic season... also Ritsu Doan at Gronigen? Stands at 80 atm..
  7. Would anyone know if Bruno Fernandes is due a rise ??? In two minds to sell him?
  8. Chances of Bruno Fernandes Going Up From 89? Sporting CF
  9. Hopefully added soon. Sure somebody on here can get him added... Mad to think random players are being added but yet a strong midfielder like Todibo is still not available.
  10. Is there anybody on here that can or knows someone who does please?
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