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  1. Re: Davd De Gea Lol, a hint of sky sports scout in there i think....
  2. Re: I Think This Is Cheating,do You? I agree something doesnt sound right there, the bayern manager could sell his best players to barca then leave if he his a friend. I would report it to sm and let them take a look
  3. MARTIN ZEMAN This is my first thread on a player so i wont be perfect lol.. I am aware that there has been a discussion on this player before but i jus want to add a little more about his profile etc... I DO NOT claim to have found this player, nor do i wish any credit as i have jus found a site with a little on him, so most of this will be copy/paste. FACTBOX NAME: Martin Zeman AGE: 19 (28th March 1989) BORN: Czech Republic POSITION: Midfielder CLUB Sparta Prague FACTS: Has played for his country at every level from the age of 15. THIS SEASON STATS: Apps- 9 Starts- 4 Subs- 5 Goals- 1 Mins- 427 The scout report: A left-footed creative player, Martin Zeman has the potential to be one of the best midfielders in the Czech top-flight this season. Zeman is a light-heeled player with great technique and, despite being on the small side, his technique carries him through. He specialises in taking free-kicks and corners has been compared by many to another good left-footer Patrik Berger. Zeman is also well placed to learn some tricks from the former Liverpool and Aston Villa man as he is currently Sparta skipper. His weakness might be in fulfilling various tactical plans and his inexperience at senior level. The scout say's: The 19-year-old will hope he can continue to progress, and make a team place his own despite strong competition in midfield. Sparta have huge hopes for him and think he could be their ace in the pack in coming seasons. Rating:Shooting: 7 out of 10 Passing: 9 out of 10 Tackling: 5 out of 10 Heading: 4 out of 10 Pace: 8 out of 10 Vision: 9 out of 10 Current ability: 4 out of 10 Potential ability: 9 out of 10 I have done this thread as i have him for a few of my teams, and he has peformed resonably well. He is only rated 80 on the db, good for a rise in the near futre
  4. Re: mt's graphics thread Hiya razzzz has told me to come to you for a sig.... If possible could i have a pink liverpool badge wi maybe torres and gerrard stud at either side?? Thanx becky b
  5. Re: Lets Get Scouting... Thanks for tip
  6. Re: Lets Get Scouting... Jus one question, as im new to the forum, is there any limitations? relating to where we scout, who we scout etc??? because i dont want to do some scouting then post my findings and get a message saying they had already been descoverd etc etc ......
  7. Bex

    Hello all

    Hi guys, Im new to this so if i make any mistakes please exchuse me lol, ive been a keen admirer of certain peoples work on the forum, i always look everyday for peoples new posts, and i thought im gunna sign up.... so hopefully i will get to no you guys better Becky b xx xx
  8. Re: Hariss Harun - Boy from Singapore! Nice thread *** xx
  9. Re: Daley Blind- A Dutch Prodigy He's been added to db now xx:D
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