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  1. Re: Prison Break Season 4! Why does prison break have to end?
  2. Re: Jermaine Beckford Nice thread. Leicester were after Beckford in January.
  3. Re: FootballMania 25 Hi can i have Athletico Madrid GK: Mexico DEFENCE: Colombia MIDFIELD: Netherlands UP FRONT: Sweden or bulgaria
  4. Re: Risers please? Thanks guys for the help so far, ive given you rep.
  5. Re: Risers please? Is anyone going to reply?
  6. Re: YA MUM Match Reports/Transfers/Rumour Thread! lol ive just sat back and watch my lyon team not win a match yet. I best start actually taking this seriously, make more transfers and get some serious tactics going on!!
  7. Re: Free transfer players going for a bomb? From what ive read on the forums, people have been forking out like 99 million for players like Fabio [When he was free agent]
  8. Re: BBC got Serie A rights? I thought its on BBC1?
  9. Re: Spain Vs England What formation is that? 4-5-1? Robert Green.. lol
  10. Re: Spain Vs England Oh dear.. England are doomed ;[
  11. Re: Spain Vs England We'll get a draw if were lucky. Btw is Matta in the squad for spain?
  12. Re: 50 Worst Things About Modern Football 37. Formations Yawn. 4-4-1-1, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, 4-2-1-3. Can’t we just knock it up to the big bloke and get the little bloke to bang it in? 25. Club Shops Empires of tat and greed that make your local Poundstretcher look like Harrods. The club shop at the Emirates Stadium has a special section for Arsenal presents for your dog. The Stamford Bridge megastore sells Chelsea Christmas crackers – £10.43 for a pack of six – and Manchester United have ventured into the toiletries market. Ever fancied washing your hair with Mancheste
  13. Re: YA MUM Match Reports/Transfers/Rumour Thread! Lyon Latest Lyon complete the signing of Nasri, Gourcuff, Evra & Ben Arfa. Flamini will be brought in, for a straight swap with Grosso. Oh yeah and.. Kate Beckinsale is revealed as the mascot wearing her trade-mark all leather CRIKEY! the crowd go wild. [if you have nothing to do over the weekend, watch all 3 Underworld Moves. They're great like Kate Beckinsale;)]
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