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  1. Re: English Championship 2980 Transfer/Gossip Thread Man City Latest Man city today revealed the bid for Marcos Senna had been rejected. Senna Said: "I dont want to go to Man City to earn Millions, a club like Fulham is where i want to finish off my Career". Woodward accepted these terms, and decided to let go, and moves on to his next three targets. Senna says no to Man City.
  2. Re: English Championship 2980 Transfer/Gossip Thread Man City Latest Today Woodward announced that all 3 new signings will be appearing in the first match of the season, on saturday against tough competition Fulham. He also Added hes on the verge of hijacking Fulhams bid to sign Marcos Senna. "Theirs no way, with the resources we have that we are going to let a player such as Marcos Senna, slip away from our grasp." Woodward also added that he missed out on Kaka and Ribery as rumour has it, Woodward never wanted them, and the board tried to get him to sign them but he refused..
  3. Re: English Championship 2980 Transfer/Gossip Thread Man city today announced that 4 youth players were sent out on loan. Shaleum Logan was loaned out to Cheltenham, Kelvin Etuhu to Shrewsbury Town, Ched Evans to Milton Keynes Dons, and Daniel Sturridge joins Etuhu at Shrewsbury. Woodward had this to say about the players loaned out.. "Ive loaned them out to the lower league clubs, to gain more experience. If they can gain experience in every league of the english leagues then they will become better players, and they can feed of the veterans at the clubs they were loaned out to."Woodward also added, Danny Mills & Dietmar Hamann were both sold. Hamann going to Cardiff for 2million, and Mills left to go to Bradford for a reported 1 Million.
  4. Re: English Championship 2980 Transfer/Gossip Thread Today Man City Completed the signings of the 3 unknown players. The 3 players being Andrei Arshavin, Marek Hamsik and Alessandro Del Piero. Arshavin, Hamsik, and Del Piero all completed their Medical last night. Hamsik, was signed for 2.2M + Tal ben Haim & Gelson Fernandes. Arshavin was signed for 3.1M + Vincent Kompany & Wayne Bridge. Del Piero was signed for a reported 7Million. City boss, Woodward has also added he has placed a bid for Sulley Ali Muntari. He expects Muntari to be in Manchester by the end of tonight.
  5. Re: Liverpool F.C v Real Madrid C.F what day are these two playing eachother?
  6. Re: English Championship 2980 Transfer/Gossip Thread Manchester City Transfers Manchester City Today placed bids for three players they will not discuss. However Man City Manager said: "Im Hoping with these three new signings we can push for first spot, and if you think they are the only ones coming in, you can think again." Woodward also added that he will do everything he can to bring Frank Ribery to the club, but must first prize Ribery away from the hands of Liverpool, who placed a bid for him today.
  7. Welcome to the English Championship 2980 Transfer/Gossip Thread. Post your latest results, transfers, gossip. :] Im Man City Btw.
  8. Re: wozza's Graphics Gallery can i have leicester one ;[
  9. Re: Pandev or Di Natale Sell Yakubu Now. Hes out with injury AGAIN. And Pandev seems to be getting the goals for fun. Sell Yakubu. Buy Pandev. Simple as.
  10. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... Sam! Get off soccermanager! lol Anyway Could you make me a sig? :[ Joe mattock & Fryatt? ^^ I dont know how to do them.. :[ If you can, reply to me on private message thingy. lol
  11. Re: Rodriguez Pedro barcelona Dos Santos is Injured.. thats why he cant get games. =/
  12. Re: Fabio - man utd He needs to get some minutes under his belt. Once fergie gives him the nod, he should get enough minutes to get himself onto the database. And With Evra Injured.. his call up to the first team looks ever so likely.
  13. Re: Are Man City Crazy? 15 billion? its more like 350 billion lol
  14. Im Lazio in Italian Championship 28. I have made these bids.. Lazio have made an offer to Juventus for Sulley Ali MUNTARI of £0 plus Gabriel MILITO Lazio have made an offer to Internazionale for of Soares JULIO CESAR £8,000,000 plus Mücke ROGERIO CENI and Habib BEYE Lazio have made an offer to Napoli for Marek HAMSIK of £5,000,000 plus Roberto AYALA and Patrick VIEIRA Are these three deals good? Im particularly unsure about the Muntari deal.. if you could give me feedback on that deal especially that would be great.. =D
  15. Re: ★Official UEFA Super League - Sign up!!★ Athletico Madrid please? =] Leave me a message if i can be athletico :]
  16. Re: Austins guide to different styles of play Hello Austin, I have a few questions... Im playing 5-3-2 Sweeper Firstly would a CB play as good as he would do at centre back, if i was to play him as a sweeper? Secondly the two "wing backs" could i use wingers or should i buy some players who are LB/LM ?? These are the tactics i will probably use: [if you can provide me with better tactics then say so please, ] Tackling Style: Hard Passing style: Long Ball Tempo: Fast Mentalitiy: Normal Attacking Style: Through the Middle Pressing: All Over Play Style: Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking, Play Offside Great thread by the way, all help appreciated
  17. Re: Prison Break Season 4! Prison break FTW Apparently its the last season.. Hope its not, and tbh this season has been.. OK I just hope if they make season 5, it wont be a flop like season 3. And lets hope the producers can do a masterpiece.. like season 1
  18. Re: Favorite Animated Movie? kung fu panda then closely followed by WALL-E:)
  19. Re: Your Favourite Footballer EVER!! titus bramble for making me lol loads at his comedy of errors.
  20. Re: David Silva Vs Samir Nasri definately samir nasri, that grin of his in your picture is enough to frighten any defence. but in footballing terms id have to go with silva xd
  21. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Final - Sam Warren vs Kenneth McCandless this excitement is killing me. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
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