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  1. Re: Wich Youth Academy Has Provided Best Players In The Past? Aston villa got a good english youth system. Lyon have a good youth system too.
  2. Re: Best Formation - Updated. this may sound weird but i had some success with a team in John gooze's english championship. I use to play 5-3-2 for most of my matches [with an attacking style], but for the big games I use to change my formations around. Finished 3rd which is a promotion spot and got promoted to the first division. Sadly I left the club, and moved on which was about a year ago now.
  3. Re: Urgent Help! Read up on the last two posts James.
  4. Re: Geoff Horsfield Cleared Of Testicular Cancer I remember watching him play for my favourite club. Leicester City. He was a great target man.
  5. Re: Urgent Help! Ok then this was my team. I played 4-2-3-1 GK - OCHOA - 86 RB - HOYTE - 86 CB - STEARMAN - 84 CB - SAKHO - 84 LB - BOATENG - 87 DM - SERGIO BUSQUETS - 85 DM - SISSOKO - 85 RW - HIGUAIN - 90 AM - DZAGOEV - 87 LW - TOSIC - 86 CF - BALOTELLI - 86 Average rating 86 average age 20 average value 5.8m team style: tackling style hard mentality defensive passing style mixed attacking style down both flanks tempo fast pressing own half play style: counter attack, tight marking, play offside, use playmaker, use target man
  6. Re: Wich Youth Academy Has Provided Best Players In The Past? Leicester city. loool nah joking, but look at this guy they recently produced. :] http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=33553
  7. Re: carling cup quarter finals Lol at derby got such an easy route to the semi-finals [excluding stoke]
  8. Re: carling cup quarter finals well said mate. :] Leicester till I die;)
  9. Re: Injurys Sounds good to me. :]
  10. Re: Injurys With this improvement its one more thing that the manager has to do, which keeps them active . also another idea for this, if the manager dont deal with the injury soon, the player could be out for longer. What do you think of this idea?
  11. Re: Brazillian Ronaldo He will still go down in ratings xD Unless he looses some of that weight
  12. Re: TURKISh SUPERSTARS He will rise? If he goes to Lyon wont he be sitting on the bench for most of the season?
  13. Re: Max Gradel this thread aint doing too well. lol
  14. Re: Diego Milito So your one point of the leader? Maintain the pressure mate and then keep agbonlahor and sign Milito next season? :S Theirs a chance agbonlahor's price will go up because if hes sold to a smaller club and hes their best player his price is going to be round' 13mill? Or you could put agbonlahor on the transfer list and see what offers you get and sign Milito
  15. Re: Injurys Great idea your getting my rep.
  17. Re: Best Formation - Updated. thats why.. 4-3-1-2 is so useful, its hard to counter. I dont think i have the knowledge to give you the answer, ask around and someone who is experienced Will give you a good counter formation.
  18. Re: Best Formation - Updated. woah chris mate, 5-4-1 interesting Formation. You gonna fill me in on what tactics you use etc?
  19. Re: Luiz RONALDO : How long can this last? Matty Fryatt Is better than this guy. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=33552
  20. Re: League 1's Best Striker Fryatt.
  21. Re: 3-5-2 is no where near as effective anymore Seftinho is right for those of you complaining 3-5-2 aint working, your team style might need to be re-shuffled?
  22. Max Gradel Profile: Club - Leicester City Position - Winger Rating - 77 [increased by 1 on 07-10-2008] Young, tricky winger who has progressed through the Academy ranks with the Foxes to the first team squad. He joined Bournemouth on a season long loan deal at the start of the 2007-08 campaign, and was a huge success on the South Coast despite the Cherries ending the seaon in the relegation places. Max Gradel looks to me a promising Prospect for the future. Take a look at this video.. Gradel is a regular in the Leicester City side and is full of tricks, (his tricks is as good as his haircuit!)but he is skillfull and he is strong, quick & loves a challenge. [ive never seen a winger who likes to do so many crunching tackles as him] Anyway i thought id do a thread on him as hes a promising prospect for the future. Watch out for "league 1 ronaldo" .. MAX GRADEL! Viva la Gradel, Viva la Gradel, Running down the wing, Hear the city sing, Viva la Gradel...
  23. Re: Matty Fryatt whats the link to your poll?
  24. Re: 3-5-2 is no where near as effective anymore if it dont work then my apologies.
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