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  1. Re: Matty Fryatt Then again Beckfords goal scoring record over the past few seasons is very good, but still Fryatt is on a role, and is having the best time of his career..
  2. Re: Matty Fryatt Beckford Battering Fryatt? Fryatt has 22 goals to his name this season. He could easily hit 40 with the form hes on. Hes on fire.
  3. Re: 3-5-2 is no where near as effective anymore Ben sPeDdInG Try the formation I just posted, and the tactics to go with it. Do it in a friendly though and test it out
  4. Matty Fryatt, Aged 22 this season for Leicester City has been on fine form this season and was wrongly sent down 1 in the ratings. Hes now Rated 81. Fryatt took his goals tally for the season to 22and is subsequenty the first player in over 40 years to reach 20 goals for the foxes, before Christmas (this was previously Derek Dougan back in 1966) for the Foxes. Fryatt recently got two hat-tricks in two matches Thats six goals in 2 matches, woah! And with Leicester Looking the most likely to go up in League One im sure Fryatt will get an increase in the ratings and he can easily hit the 40 goal markfor the season. No wonder a handful Premiership clubs have been linked with him. Although he only hit the net three times last season, he sure is on fire this season. A number of championship clubs have also taken interest and Leicester will do well to keep hold of him in January. here are some clips from youtube on Matty Fryatt. I couldnt find anymore videos unfortunately but i suggest you watch this guy, hes a decent player and he makes it look easy. Dun dun dun Matty Fryatt:D
  5. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... what is a sig!? god
  6. Re: 3-5-2 is no where near as effective anymore I was reading the forums yesterday and someone with their arsenal team were thrashing teams 12-0 with these tactics: Formation = 3-4-1-2 Team Style: Tackling = Hard Passing Style = Direct Tempo = Fast Mentality = Attacking Attacking style = Through the middle Pressing = All over and for his play style he used: Counter attack, tight marking, play offside and use playmaker. Im gonna try these tactics out for my Leicester team, i think you should give it a go too to sort out your worries. also the teams he was thrashing 12-15 nill were the teams playing 4-4-2 formations
  7. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... btw whats a sig? lol sorry im a noob. :]
  8. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... I was saying that to wozza. Read up
  9. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... darren moore doesnt play for you?! YOU LET YOUR STAR PLAYER GO! nah i kid.. And no i havnt got addicted to forums.. just yet Only signed up yesterday. btw whats a sig? lol sorry im a noob. :]
  10. Re: 3-5-2 is no where near as effective anymore i use to play 3-5-2 alot with most of my teams but i dont anymore. the new way to counter 4-4-2 now is 3-4-1-2 not used 3-5-2 in a while though.
  11. Re: Young Right back & CB Needed. ok moving on from cuellar.. is their a promising young centre back that i can get on the cheap? rating from 70-80.. for my youth squad =P
  12. Re: Urgent Help! http://www.soccermanager.com/lastfixture.php?clubid=5916625 i used 4-2-3-1 Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Defensive Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks Tempo: Fast Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: No Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: Yes Use Play Maker: Yes Use Target Man: Yes
  13. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... I hope ronaldo gets owned by darren moore. lolol
  14. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... Hey sam its shane how was ur hockey and I predict man U will play stronger team in first leg and get it over and done with, then in second play some reserves. ;P shame it wasnt leicester v derby.. >
  15. Re: Merchandise are any of you going to reply? xd
  16. Re: Berbatov He will probably go up 1 if he continues to play well and score for Man U. If you have him in your team keep hold of him
  17. Re: Urgent Help! Thanks for all the help guys. I triumphed to a 3-0 Victory
  18. Ok with my AIK team im a bit puzzled on who to sign. 88 rated Fernandes MICHEL BASTOS from Lille or 85 Rated IBISEVIC, Vedad from TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Michel Bastos is a LM/LB and has been on fine form for Lille. But Centre Forward Ibisevic is Hoffenheim's top scorer, [Not sure if hes still the leading goalscorer in the German league] Their both on pretty good form, but who will go up in rating the most when the ratings come? Feedback would be nice. Or if their is anyone else you would reccomend me signing please say so [budget is 9mill] From Shane.
  19. Re: Urgent Help! Diamond formation. 4-1-2-1-2
  20. Re: Urgent Help! daamn i'll just have to stick to 4-2-3-1 and hope for the best. =]
  21. Re: Urgent Help! It wont let me screenshot I keep press prt sc and paste but it wont work, any help?
  22. I got a crunch match with my Leicester City Team. Im playing top of the table Liverpool and if I win i move ever closer to second place [Promotion!!] The Liverpool manager never changes his tactics and this is his team.. And this is my team This is my stats for my best team. Average Rating > 86 Average Age > 20 Average Sm Value > £5.7m And this is Liverpools stats.. for their best team. Average Rating > 92 Average Age > 24 Average Sm Value > £8.7m Should I change my tactics? Should I change my formation?
  23. Re: Young Right back & CB Needed. Alright then. I signed some other strikers to take his place.
  24. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. Ljajic wont play in carling And I doubt he will play in FA Cup either unless they get a lower league team early on in the rounds.
  25. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. aaron dhandli you make me laugh. Why would Alex ferguson leave out Nani, tosic & Giggs to play ljajic on the right..? Hes just gone and signed Tosic for 8million and hes left wing. Giggs, can play Left wing too. Nani & ronaldo can play both wings I guess. And dont forget about Ji Sung Park. Ljajic Wont make the starting line up, He will be loaned out.
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