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  1. Re: Information on Fernandes LENNY Thanks for the advise. :]
  2. Re: Young Right back & CB Needed. Do any of you know about "Lenny" Hes brazilian striker, 20 rated 83.
  3. Re: Hello, I'm a noob Hi noob. *cheeky grin*
  4. Re: Young Right back & CB Needed. Yeah rever unavailable. Oh I didnt see your links Thanks again
  5. I was thinking about real life football, and the number of ways how the club makes Money. As small as my brain is I came up with Merchandise. Merchandise that is sold in club shops selling things like Shirts, teddys, key rings, programmes, tickets etc. I think this would be a fantastic improvement, where the managers can control what they sell to get money. And for example say if you signed Kaka, the shirt sales would go through the roof. You with me so far? I hope so.. Finally if managers can control their merchandise and what they sell even if it is key rings, or badges, or shirts they will be able to make some fair amount of cash. Also another improvement should be the cost of ticket Prices. I havnt played Fifa 09 yet, but on Fifa 08 you could control the ticket prices. High, Medium, Low. High being the most. The ticket prices could be put to high for crunch matches like Derby matches. Eg: Manchester United vs Manchester City at Old Trafford. The Manchester United Manager could set his price tickets to High to get more money because he knows their will be a big crowd because its derby day. But If the Manager continues to keep Ticket Prices high for the not so big games Eg: Manchester United Vs Hull City not as much fans will pay to go... But say if it was First place vs Second Place, The home team could put their ticket prices to high.. Think this is a good Idea? Say now! Leicester City Till I die!
  6. Re: Young Right back & CB Needed. Thanks. I will probably sign Leroy Fer then. Is their any other centre backs that I could sign?
  7. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. They'll probably loan him out. Also Man U completed the signing of fellow Serbian TOSIC, Zoran. Also we'll see if he really is the New Kaka if he gets some games for Man U. =] But Ljajic going to Man U can only make him a better player.
  8. I need a young right back and a young CB that is rated 87 or below. I have 8 million to spend. All Help appreciated.
  9. I just recently bought Fernandes LENNY for 3.1 million. Does anyone know anything about him? Will he rise in the near coming future? I bought him with my Carlise United team and I have limited money and I dont want the money I spent on him to go to waste.
  10. Re: LB Help You shouldnt of swapped Mattock. -.- Marcano is a good buy though.
  11. Re: LB Help Joe mattock will begin to rise still dont worry. The reason he went down is because he had a injury and was out of the leicester team for about 6 weeks. Also leicester's relegation didnt help either. However I suggest you keep onto him as leicester look favourites to go straight back up to the championship and mattock is a future International.
  12. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. Didnt Adem Ljajic recently move to manchester united? Hes dubbed the new Kaka If you want a bargain hes your best bet
  13. Re: Ishmael Miller Agreed. But you will have to give him a few years until he hits the 87-89 mark. Hes rated 84 at the moment.
  14. Re: GK market... Renan is a good bet for you. Hes a regular for valencia will probably hit 90 by the end of the season if he keeps his place. Im not sure if hes made an appearance for the brazil first team, but if he hasnt he sure will in the near future.
  15. Re: lm and striker Kav splash out on lavezzi. He will be worth it..
  16. Re: lm and striker Id go for these two. Ezequiel LAVEZZI 23 90 Stewart DOWNING 24 89 Fabio Capello is a big fan of downing so he will be getting some caps for England in the coming future and if he plays well he may rise? Who knows. Lavezzi also in Argentina national team and has been dubbed new Maradonna. He is definately a riser and I would buy him any day.
  17. Re: Ishmael Miller Hes a decent player in the championship. Ive watched him in the premiership and he hasnt really impressed that much.. But hes got a great scoring record in the championship and will develop into a decent player in the next few seasons
  18. Re: LM Needed Aye marin is your best bet. But Drenthe is also a good player.
  19. Re: Internet Addiction Test ! i blame soccermanager !!
  20. Re: Internet Addiction Test ! ew i got 55 .
  21. Re: YA MUM Discussion Thread without a doubt my lyon team are going to get owned. :]
  22. Re: what are the best players? I generally go for young players because their is more of a chance of them rising in rating whereas old players are more likely to decrease in rating. However having said that, old players can be easily replaced and cost less money In my real madrid team my best players are Van nistelrooy, casillas, cannavaro, raul, riquelme, sergio ramos, van der vaart, sneijder, diarra, pepe. Great thread
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