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  1. Luka Jovic and man on form at minute, maybe +2?? Heavily rumoured to be going to Barcelona in summer for 50m?
  2. Opinions please??? Just offered rashford and martial straight swap and accepted for sterling??
  3. Just been offered lacazette and Thomas lemar for mane? Thoughts?
  4. Agreed a lot of underserved rises can’t really complain because I have Chiesa haha, disagree with zilienski and Manolas, on other hand Icardi deserves and Skriniar does he’s a baller, that’s just how the cookie crumbles...
  5. Jovic +3 imo banging them in left right and centre for Frankfurt, 15 goals in 16 games and 3 assists. Opinions?
  6. Can a player go up a rating on the fact that they win the ball on dor? For example if modric or griezmann wins it could they possibly go up to a 96?
  7. Partey + Suso and cash for Milinkovic-Savic or keep duo?
  8. Btw these Leauge 1 signings are so dead 😭nobody cares get on with the BIG 5 :)))))))
  9. Luka jovic? +2, +3 top scorer in the bundesliga at the minute only 20 Bayern Munich reported to be intrested in him??
  10. SM have done updates on players from Leauge 1 ( Oxford, AFC Wimbledon) in England does this mean the premier leauge updates are coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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