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  1. Re: re-joined.. someone shoot me please! !?!?! The chat is gone! GONE :( (Thank you both )
  2. You last visited: 10-08-2009 at 05:38 PM LOL Exams in two weeks. Thats all I have to say. Any familiar faces still there?
  3. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 3 chris, ivan and shels thanks for your votes cant say im satisfied tho my vote goes to nav... when hes on theres always a different atmosphere, cant say a wrong word bout him he deserves more then 0 votes!!! and i expect a vote for the crazy miles anyone? some may say how could i vote for nav he isnt on as some others are but i think if we should declare a winner by the time they spend in the chatroom we should ask a dev to put a timing device and automatise everything.... quality before quantity!!!
  4. Re: Dinamo Zagreb cmon heads up svejk we cant make it with that kind of attitute my predicton shakhtar 1-3 dinamo brandao 56' ; badelj 13' , kelava 31' , manđukić 81' :D naprijed plavi!!! dinamo u srcu
  5. Re: Ronaldo must drop as he is missing half the season!!!
  6. Re: Ronaldo must drop as he is missing half the season!!! owen actually dropped twice because of the injury... he was 95 then dropped to 93 and then to 91 so you cant say it took a long time as it just wasnt like that. back to ronaldo... he is rated 98... on euro he underpreformed, that play wasnt worth of 98. so euro started on the 7th of june. it more then a month passed since the start. so if you consider that and next 3 months its 4 months.. even if you cut this one month till the start its still 3 months when he was either playing poor or not playing. IF he wont be back sooner then predicted.. he must drop :D
  7. Re: Limit Displayed Players i was wondering if you could put two more options under transfer availability part... i think it should be "hide transfer listed players" and "hide loan listed players". now im waiting for ste'z feedback
  8. as we all know there is a rule on Sm that should prevent cheating.. there is a maximum of 3 transfer deals between two clubs per season. if you ask me its good way to prevent cheating between managable clubs but i think it should be changed so we can buy more than 3 players from clubs that are unavailable to manage... as they cant be managed it has no sence not to be able to buy from them as much as you want... oppinions? :D
  9. Re: navs forum bad news neller as he sometimes checks this certain thread
  10. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. actually i see him almost every day on the chat forum 5 - chatroom 8
  11. Re: How can Liverpool overtake Man Utd if you want to hear oppinion from dinamo fan.. not a biased one: Reina V VDS (VDS) Finnan Vs Brown (draw) Carra Vs Rio (Rio is better IMO) Agger Vs Vidic (if i really had to be objective id say vidic... but in evey other case.. agger ) Aurelio Vs Evra (aurelio would be good for clubs fighting for europe but not for liverpool, although i think evra hasnt got enough defensive skill-Evra) Gerrard Vs Carrick (Gerrard, carrick is good but stivie is much better) Alonso Vs Scholes (Scholes.. no need for explanation) Mascherano Vs Harg (Mascherano although he can be nervous) Babel Vs Ronaldo (Ronaldo) Kuyt Vs Tevez (Tevez) Torres Vs Rooney (Torres... rooney is class but i always had the oppinion scoring goals is strikers main task... and torres is better in doing it) Man Utd (7).. Lpool(3).. draw (1)
  12. Re: Top 32 Chatroomers - (Easter Edition) sad but true :p
  13. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. looks like my career is over lol didnt even make it to the 100 :o
  14. wancha (ivan)

    navs forum

    dear members, navs and my own friends nav has just made a brand new forum you should all try it and help him start it well. spread the word around! :D http://www.navsites.co.uk/index.php
  15. Re: How can Liverpool overtake Man Utd lpool should sell all players except gerrard, carragher and torres.. maybe even mascherano and reina. then buy younger talents and maybe then you will be 2 place contenders in next 5-6 seasons... with this players and "brilliant" investitions i can see em fightin for mid table in the same period. or find another owners... like bin ladens :D actually i didnt even have to write this as you will see more or less same things in each post
  16. Re: Attention Needed well .. lol .. i do have my own cash but im 16 (ILLEGAL LOL) so i cant do it.. dont have my own credit card lol
  17. i need help as i took 20 pounds from my moms credit card and lost it on bwin.com and i dont wanna be grounded lol so ive got some webdesign skill and im wonderin if there is a possibility i make a website and put some adverts on will i make the money and how? i remember tat guy from netherlands who put his webcam and recorded him SLEEPING lol he put advertisments and earned money.. any clues how to do it?
  18. Re: Dinamo Zagreb thanks a lot for that comment for your information some ppl can be busy and dont have time to read and write on the forum all days long! R
  19. Re: Reserve Squad has anyone got a reply to his ticket?? IMO it really should be added to SM for better organisation.
  20. Re: Croatia predictions are on delay well make it during the summer changes.
  21. Re: Players from the Balkans oh 2 bad.. then ill do my report at the summer. :D ill try to collect as much info as possible in the mean time.
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