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  1. but if the increase is mandatory after the player has leveled up, the reduction should also be immediate.
  2. Lewandowski went up from 96 to 97 and immediately the president of my team renewed the contract to increase his salary. Okay. Messi dropped from 99 to 98 and the salary is the same. This always happens, and I think it is totally unfair.
  3. I know this is not the appropriate channel, but it is the only hot topic here ... so I would like to ask for tactical help. I have many good strikers on the team (mbappe, messi, lewandowski, mane) and few midfielders (busquets, de bruyne, brandt), although some defenders can do this function in the middle (kimmich, taa, de ligt, alaba). I always play in 4-1-3-2, but I have a lot of difficulty against trained teams, especially when they play in 4-3-3 A, even though teams are inferior to mine. I find it absurd that I have to remove players from the starting lineup to level 95 to raise others to
  4. Busquets dropped to 94 and I didn't sell it on my teams 😒. I will sell now and would like to hire another for the same position. I am thinking of BERNARDO SILVA. Do you think he can get +1 now in this review? Which other level 93-94 player should get one more? I have De bruyne who can play the same role, but then I would have to hire an offensive sock to replace.
  5. https://www.terra.com.br/esportes/lance/com-acao-contra-o-cruzeiro-volante-ederson-e-oferecido-ao-atletico-mg,ec1b4ba3ee8890d7fa4fa1c6a1f06f05puld2yzu.html will not stay in cruzeiro in 2020.
  6. some level 94 players are so overrated in SM, like Thiago Alcantara, verrati, eriksen, pjanic ... if they are 94, son should be too, and mane should be 95.
  7. heung-min son will get + 1 to 94? firmino + 1 to 94? rodri hernandez + 1? mane + 1 to 95?
  8. mané will get + 1 to 95? I think deserved...
  9. It's amazing how SM overlooks goalkeepers. Vlachodimos and vaklic are examples of poorly rated goalkeepers, so getting a level increase is very difficult.
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