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  1. Haaland done it in CL, Jovic can’t do it in La Liga. Hope this helps Felix carries more weight than these two put together and then some. If it’s a competitive GW and you can get a player like Felix that’s a very small price to pay. He’ll come good believe me Very very tight, Lautaro just for me Matip > Dias for a start so definitely don’t give Kabak as well Not at all, Firmino 94 now or in the summer Both deserve a rise. Unsure whether they’ll get one. Liverpool hype definitely helps Wijnaldum’s cause Fabinho every day of the week, twice on Tuesdays I’d say Roca just, purely because he has lay a position that top level clubs demand and reportedly has a buyout clause of about €25 mill
  2. Gladbach have NOT been completed, they’ve done Elvedi (CB) and nothing else - they also started La Liga yesterday. At the time player went through Soccer Wiki Gladbach were top of the league (last to review)...
  3. 10/90 in favour of not rising Don't think it's over the top at all. They're top of the Eredivisie, and whilst that may not be that impresive their CL campaigns are. Semifinal last year and unless results go horribly wrong last game day they'll reach the last 16 this time round. Ziyech's personal stats are even more impressive, 5 goals, 11 assists in 14 Eredivisie games and 2 goals, 4 assits in 5 CL games. Far too good to go unnoticed and I'm glad that SM now seem to be taking the clubs/leagues with a pinch of salt and rewarding the individual players with what they actually deserve Yeah goal every 132 mins in Prem is outstanding, the algorithm is likely to be a benchmark and work things out more objectively, I would expect a plus 2 at least, perhaps more I think SM have just answered your question haha
  4. Coman all day long, fingers crossed he can keep fit because if he can he's got a real chance of featuring for France next summer. I do like Pulisic and think he has a lot but raw talent and Coman is streets ahead I personally wouldn't sell Pepe but defo depends on what your team is like quality/depth wise? That being said, without a doubt Olmo. Much, much better national side in which he has featured and scored (first team). Also much more consistent with a considerably higher ceiling imp Certainly deserves it, hope he does get it. If SM didn't like to be so gradual with 95% of players you could argue 88/89 More than likely yes, 2 at most
  5. Bit of a general quesiton but just want to know people's opinions. Winter upgrades who do you think will be the high rated risers? to 91 or higher?
  6. Think they will drop him incrementally due to how good he has been. -1 fairly consistently I would imagine Yes. Seems to have stagnated a little. But players hold greated value than money so if there is no sufficient replacement always keep the player. Hakimi, AWB is very good but a limited footballer, Hakimi seems to almost have to all. Playing CL and performing very well is also massive (Hakimi). Deserves it. May get 88 in winter and then 89/90 in summer depending on his game time/perfomrance etc. Barella and Ndidi without a doubt He certainly desrves to but I don't think he will due to how SM tends to work, he last went up in Jan 2015 and went down in June 2018. Would be very surprising if he does but suppose they can only ignore his form for so long Keeper Pavard and Akanji, sell Meunier and Doucoure for me. Doucoure could be worth keeping if he gets a January move but Watford are a shambles at the moment. I would certainly keep, unless you need a first team replacement and there are higher rated players available I would certainly keep until he's back playing for at least a while, obviously depending on who else is available, any other CBs available? They both should and both could. Just whether SM would rather leave such a big rating change till the end of the season. Hope so though.
  7. Ndicka not been getting game time so he'd maybe be the one I'd sell, also the French NT is so strong it's unlikely he'll ever feature much. Keep Saliba and Badiashile for certain I would sell Soler as I feel he has already hit a very high rating and not sure how much growth he may have left, Diaby also struggling for minutes so maybe him too, certainly keep Almada and Torres. I'd take Pogba No, not yet, Sane out for a long time and ACL injuries can completely change a player. Hazard has a massive rating advantage and due to Madrid's ageing team will get plenty of opportunities to prove himself. Laporte first but his injury concerns me, then Skriniar and Gimenez are very, very close, maybe Skriniar just edges it for me. If I was to take one right now it would be Skriniar, Inter's defensive setup with Conte and the personnel looks very promising I'd take Odegaard in this situation
  8. Koulibaly easily imo, Hummels gradually on his way down and I don't see Cancelo reaching anywhere near Kimmich levels Konate played 28 games with Leipzig having the best defence in the Bundesliga, easy choice for me Oblak FdJ Oyarzabal better currently and considerably higher potential Yes will reach 87/88 easily come Dec/Jan changes
  9. Definitely Pogba, SM seem to love hype, fairly confident Pogba will leave next summer as he will have a year left on his contract and under Mino Raiola he's likely to just run down his contract if no transfer is agreed. Similar output, and they're at two of the best teams in the world, Sterling better national side and younger, and seems to also that Sterling is improving consistently whereas I think maybe Salah has already peaked. So I'd say Sterling. Upamecano already better, as well being likely to get a lot more minutes under his belt this year. He did only play 15 games last year due to injury but Leipzig conceded the least goals in the Bundesliga last season. Konate better than both though. Depends on who else is available / how restricted you are by cash, he would not be a priority for me but that depends on the competitiveness of the game world. Ake is a bit too light weight for me, Elvedi is younger and much more versatile (even though of late he does only play CB so he could lose his RB/LB positioning, so don't let that be too much of a deciding factor in your decision).
  10. My U17 WC potential team, seems to feature a lot of Dutch players. Long list of players unlucky to miss out; Maarten VANDEVOORDT Eduardo CAMAVINGA Pedro BRAZÃO Jérémy DOKU Gabriel VERON Harvey ELLIOTT Gavin BAZUNU Kenneth TAYLOR Bukayo SAKA Sebastiano ESPOSITO Morgan ROGERS Eddy SALCEDO Adam HLOŽEK Leonidas STERGIOU Naci ÜNÜVAR Fábio SILVA Ander BARRENETXEA Kaio JORGE Karamoko DEMBÉLÉ Robert NAVARRO Brian BROBBEY Tomás ESTEVES Giovanni REYNA Louie BARRY Any I missed?
  11. Ndombele, Arthur, Rabiot then Lemar. But Ndom/Arthur are well in front of the other two. Oblak, DDG, Alisson then MATS. Very, very tight and completely down to opinion. Lenglet is worth keeping unless there are better options? Valverde seems to like him a lot, also Pique is 32 so likely to slightly less involved in 38 league games + Copa del Rey + Champs League - it's a lot. I wouldn't be too fussed about getting Javi Martinez, but the duo is much the better deal. If you're not too bothered about the ratings sell Godin, if you need the 94 then I'd sell Tah. Both would be a good buy, Skov Olsen may reach a higher rating sooner because he'll be more likely to get game time at Bologna compared to Elmas at Napoli (obviously assuming both deals go through) Roberton Lucas
  12. Made a team of players 76 rating and under who are a bit lesser known who I think will get plenty of game time next season
  13. If you only need to sell one Torreira definitely Keep Mbappe, Felix has massive potential but no proven at top level - Mbappe is the most sought after player in the world and on the game. Either don't sell or wait for a bigger deal
  14. Asked the question before but just curious for any more responses / changed minds I have a lot of midfielders who I'll struggle to keep so if anyone could rank them / rate them out of 100 for long term potential I'd really appreciate it. Ndombele Frenkie de Jong Rodri Havertz Aouar Arthur Fabian Ruiz Neves Thank you in advance!
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