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  1. I totally agree with you: Gollini, starter in Champions League, Italian national team stays to 87 (without him Atalanta would be eliminated from Champions League!) Acerbi, is one of the best in Lazio, are years that he plays every match (he did 149 without miss one), always with great performance stays, I think because he is 30 De Ligt rise... is totally undeserved, only for last season. Why not De Vrij to 92? He totally deserve it! Sensi got +2 for 7 matches.. ok great start of season, but are 2 months that he is injured!! In my opinion also Immobile deserved to rise... No rise for Bastoni: 7 matches in Inter and only 20 years old...
  2. Today Pasalic and Castagne got +1, but maybe you have already corrected it for your recap about Italy. Thanks again for your precious job Cheers
  3. This season Roma has a coach that gave mentality and cohesion to a group that last year had several problems. The team has several quality players: Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Mkhytarian, Under, Kluivert give great assist to Dzeko and different solutions to the coach. Is not so good with defensive midfielders, where Veretout is doing well, and Diawara took the other spot, but Cristante (currently injured is more an offensive midfielder, or for a place in a 4-3-3, not a defensive ones in a 4-2-3-1 In defense as well they have some problems: Kolarov and Smalling are doing really well, and Mancini better than what I thought, but on the right they haven't a starter: - Fonseca doesn't see Florenzi in that position (should go on loan in january) - Spinazzola played originally in a more offensive position, but always on the left, is only adapted there - Santon is not good enough for them - Zappacosta brokes ACL in october, should come back to Chelsea in january
  4. You are right, Ciro is second, really close to Marekiaro Thanks for the correction I haven't double-checked By the way good luck with the matches against Barcelona, Napoli has been unlucky, but you will have the possibility to see Messi play live
  5. I'm honestly a bit surprised by -1 to Mertens, he brokes Maradona's record of the best scorer in Napoli's history, furthermore he scored 5 goals in Champions League. And I'm really surprised that Pasalic and Gollini hadn't a deserved +1, they are doing an amazing season, they have been really important for Atalanta in CL.
  6. Won't be easy for belgian team, Roma this year looks a solid team, without all the problems of last season. Good luck to both teams
  7. I'm not an expert of Premier League, but in Chelsea Azpilicueta is a starter, but he could play also as left back https://www.whoscored.com/Players/25931/Show/C├ęsar-Azpilicueta So, when Azpilicueta plays on the right on the left there is Emerson Palmieri, like yesterday. So the choice is between E. Palmieri and Reece James. Please correct me if I'm wrong Yes, Hellas should start tomorrow, for the moment they reviewed only Gunter (on loan from Genoa) Milenkovic is a great player, but he is already 89, for a team that is 13 in the classification and has only a 90: Chiesa Honestly I'm not surprised
  8. I follow Kulusevski since he arrived in Italy in 2016, because Stromberg (former Atalanta captain) told was but a real talent, but honestly I didn't expect an impact like that. He is really good, he has lots of skills and knowledge on his value, next year he will play in a european competition, I fear not for Atalanta. It seems that Inter offers 35M for have him next june.
  9. WE DID IT! Atalanta is one of the best 16 teams in Europe, just a month ago it seems impossible. Castagne played really well defensively and scored the first goal.
  10. Great and lucky match for Atalanta, great performance for Castagne on the right side. I cannot believe.. Atalanta is one of the best 16 teams of Europe...
  11. Florenzi lose his place with Fonseca, due to his hybrid position. The coach doesn't see him as a right back, since October, in 13 matches played only 171 minutes, when there was lack of choices. Florenzi hasn't had good performances and he won't play until he will stay in Roma. So, in my opinion he should drop.
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