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  1. I try to analyse the situation: Castagne had an injury at the beginning of August and he came back in the middle of september, so he stayed on the bench the first 2 matches because he wasn't fit. He played the first time the 22/09 against Fiorentina, scoring in the last second. From that moment he played 4 matches on 5. Atalanta has 3 starters for 2 spots: Hateboer, Castagne and Gosens, they are all at the same levels; Gasperini loves to rotate his players and decide according to the opponents and how the players are fit. In the first part of last year the best was Hateboer, from december to february was Castagne, then again Hateboer. Right now the best is Gosens (3 goals 1 assist in 6 matches in Serie A). Is always difficult say who plays among them. I guess Castagne won't play tomorrow because the other 2 hasn't been called by their national teams, and he will play against Manchester City.
  2. Malinovski is playing well, he has had the possibility to score in few occasions, also against Shakhtar. But he has the potentiality to be great, when he adapt more he could be a starter, everybody is happy about him. Now with 7 matches in 23 games he will have the possibility to play more and show his value. Some supporter has already given him the nickname of "Colonnello" (Colonel) Tomiyasu got injuried in the last match for Japan, is out for 40 days
  3. Again Switzerland? hasn't been done in june? Thanks, I take note
  4. Kulusevski is 76đŸ˜‰, I think he will have a +6 like SM did last year with H. Traorè. Thanks for your prediction
  5. I remember you told he is a central defender, but Bologna has lack of alternatives in that position so Mihajlovic tried Tomiyasu and he is doing well.
  6. Hi guys, I make an analysis of Serie A after 6 matches: 1 Inter: thanks to a great manager like Antonio Conte and several buy like Lukaku, Godin etc has finally came to his level, someone thinks that can win Serie A, maybe is a little early, but made a leap forward. Surprise: Sensi 88 --> 6 matches 3 goals 2 assist Barella needs a bit more time 2 Juventus: is the best team, the new players hasn't performed as they could 3 Atalanta: nice to see them to the third place, it seems they are starting to play better, but with CL will be hard stay with the top teams, even if has more good players: Kjaer, Malinovski, Muriel 4 Napoli: IMO will arrive 3rd at the end of the year, even if has a better team, Manolas - KK is a great couple for lead the defense, Di Lorenzo confirms his progress and took the spot as right defensor, Elmas is getting minutes, LLorente brought experience to an already great attack that has also Lozano 5 Roma: has problem in defense, Mancini isn't good enough for be a starter, as he wasn't for Atalanta, will Smalling be enough? Is too early for say. Has a great attacking midfielders, but as defensive ones could do more. 6 Lazio: is almost the same team of last year, Vavro isn't ready, like Jony, the only new face is Lazzari 7 Cagliari: lost 2 key players like Cragno and Pavoletti for several months, sooner or later should lose some place in the classification. The club is waiting his best buy: Nainggolan. Instead Pellegrini is a good riser 8 Torino: like last year has a great defense, with a super Sirigu, always ones of the best and a Belotti on fire, 12 matches 11 goals. Bremer could be a riser in defense, but is too early for know if will be the starter. 9 Parma: good start for the team, keep an eye on Kulusevski, 19 years 6 matches a goal and 3 assist. In 2 occasions man of the match, next year should come back to Atalanta. 10 Fiorentina: la viola won after 18 matches (what a negative statistic!) they changed several players in the line up and took Ribery that is showing that is still an amazing players. There are 2 good risers Dragowski, Castrovilli that are in the line up and has great performances 11 Bologna: Tomiyasu on the right back is giving good performances, Skov Olsen is getting minutes, be patient. 12 Udinese: almost the same team of last year, Becao is a riser, it seems they haven't many interesting players. 13 Sassuolo: the most interesting players in SM optic are Muldur and Traore 14 Hellas Verona: Kumbulla is rated only 70 and will have a good rise, Gunter 80 and is less interesting 15 Brescia: Tonali is showing all his potential, that is huge, the team is waiting for Balotelli that did only 2 matches 16 Milan: what can I say? the team has several difficulties, the supporters are desperates and hope that Giampaolo will be sacked soon. Leao is getting minutes, could he be a surprise? 17 Lecce: nothing particular to say, Majer seems the only riser, but he's 27. 18 Genoa: Kouame is scoring more, Pinamonti has to grow more but has potentiality, Ghiglione is an interesting riser 19 Spal: is having more difficulties than expected, is too early for know who could be a riser, on the left, the position with less rated players there isn't a starter yet, could be Reca. Strafezzi rated 76 is getting minutes. 20 Sampdoria: has lots of difficulties to score and take too many goals, for the moment there isn't a must buy, only Ronaldo Vieira is playing more.
  7. I haven't had time yet to see properly Bologna, anyway he did 3 good performances and committed a mistake last weekend on the goal of Dzeko
  8. Yesterday Malinovski played the first whole match for Atalanta and he seems a really good player, complete that can replace 3 of our players (De Roon, Freuler, Gomez). He can really become a starter. Tomiyasu is doing well in Bologna, as right defensor, only in the last match he had more difficulties, but Kolarov is a tough opponent. Your analysis are really good, as usually.
  9. Thanks for the big effort, I would add to everybody keep en eye on Kulusevski
  10. Inter this year is a solid team, he can finish 2nd in Serie A (Juventus is too good for the others), he can have it, maybe for the end of the year, he should be a starter with Godin and Skriniar
  11. Sorry guys, I read only now, I would add from Italy Pinamonti, Pessina, Kulusevski, Sottil, Dragovski If you need more names feel free to ask me. Cheers
  12. I read that Atalanta is trying to keep Trincao, offers 1M for the loan, 14M for right to purchase. What do you think? @TMCosta Thanks
  13. TRANSFERMARKET NEWS: Icardi can go on loan to PSG https://www.goal.com/en-us/news/there-are-a-couple-of-teams-wanda-nara-hints-at-transfer-for/hnrqi7twny2l1tmvgpveml02q Skrtel today leave Atalanta, it seems he couldn't fit with Gasperini's methods. Atalanta should replace him with Kjaer https://www.besoccer.com/new/skrtel-leaves-atalanta-three-weeks-after-signing-for-them-700352 Chiriches goes to Sassuolo https://www.calciomercato.com/en/news/official-sassuolo-sign-chiriches-from-napoli-92417 Roma should take Mkhitaryan and Kalinic https://www.football-italia.net/143706/kalinic-and-mkhitaryan-roma Schick is really close to Leipzig https://footballtransfer.news/featured/31082019/patrik-schick-close-to-seal-rb-leipzig-move/ Rebic join Milan, exchange with Andre Silva https://www.football-italia.net/143708/rebic-confirms-milan-move Napoli sign Llorente https://www.football-italia.net/143718/official-napoli-sign-llorente Today Sampdoria sign E. Rigoni https://www.calciomercato.com/en/news/sampdoria-rigoni-to-sign-tomorrow-the-details-87729
  14. I follow Bastoni since his first matches in Serie A, when he was 17. He is an interesting player and I would keep him, with Godin, De Vrij, Skriniar, D'Ambrosio won't be easy, but the season is long and Inter has 3 competition. Inter is in CL, they arrived 4th
  15. Hi guys, sorry but I was on holiday, so I read only now. It's a difficult call, both the players have a similar value and potentiality, but I would go on Castagne because he can plays on both sides and will play in Champions League
  16. Maybe I can help you from what I read from Italy: Kean is going to leave Juventus because his contract expires 30/06/2020 and like usually Mino Raiola played the role of "deus ex machina". They wanted absolutely a buy back clause, for sell such a big talent, but Everton refused. So Juventus should have the precedence if toffees will sell Kean and they equalize the other offer
  17. Hi Joao, and welcome in Soccer Manager, loan offers depends on the GW: usually clubs without a manager ask your players on loan, so if is a GW full of manager you have few chances to give your players on loan, since every team can have only 3. Give players on loan helps for reduce the total wages, because half wages is payed from you and half from another team, so try to give who has a higher wages, not to improve players, that depends on their real performance and when Soccer Manager depends to review a League. Cheers
  18. I know, huge difference, maybe I don't neither have to think, but is a "weird offer" and I prefer ask the opinion of someone who may knows them better than me, maybe he know something I haven't heard
  19. Hi guys, I need your precious help, a manager proposed to swap my J. Felix for his Koke I have a small team in Div.2 with several good young player, my best player is N.Pepe and all the best are gone (this GW started in 2009). What can I do? Even if is a long term I'm really tempted. Thanks
  20. Hi guys, in this period I haven't many time for update the thread with the latest news etc. But I'll do my best for help you. I post also a like of Serie A transfermarket https://sport.sky.it/calciomercato/tabellone.html
  21. He is a good goalkeeper, that is going to rise and be the starter (Sportiello is hated here and I can't see him in the line up) You can keep him, I'm curious to see Gollini for a whole season if you are looking for someone +90 I don't think so, he is in Atalanta Gravillon can play if someone leave (it means if Atalanta keep Ferrari), otherwise I'm not sure he can be a starter and have a +3/+4 Mancini is going to play and rise in Roma, but isn't anymore the team of 10 years ago, I don't rate him as a future "star" he does mistakes, but he scores several goals. He can grow, but Caldara is a player of another level (if he can come back to his level before the injury). Anyway he should have a +1 for december, Roma's defense is poor Skov Olsen should plays more, because is going to play for Bologna (if he doesn't change another time opinion) Instead Napoli kept Elmes, so won't have as much space as the danish. If you can keep both I would go with Kean
  22. Pinamonti played in Serie A last year (Frosinone) and I think he is going to do well in Genoa
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