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  1. I give you the first names that come into my mind Must buy: Badiashile, Cristian Romero, Ozan Kabak, T. Adams, Todibo, Kutucu, Matondo, Hudson-Odoi... There are lots other risers from the main league like Bastoni, Y. Kone, Y.Valery, Lu. Pellegrini, Pinamonti etc Or short term risers Maksimenko, Tomiyasu, Bornauw, Saelemaereks, Djenepo, J. David,etc Cheers
  2. I red something about it few days ago: Italy wanna try to win the trophy, that we miss since 2004, so Di Biagio (U21 coach) should call several players from the senior team: Mancini, Barella, Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Kean, Cutrone. In the article (if you want I can attach it, but is in italian) they say also Chiesa, obviously I hope, but I' don't think so Di Biagio shouldn't call Donnarumma, because has already Meret and Audero that have performances good enough. I agree, Calabria deserves the senior team, I hope Mancini will call him soon. My hypothetical starters for U21 Euro's cup (4-3-3) or (4-2-3-1): Meret; Calabria, Mancini, Romagna, Dimarco (Lu. Pellegrini); Barella, Tonali (Mandragora), Lo. Pellegrini; Zaniolo, Kean, Cutrone All depends from the position of Zaniolo, we saw he could play really well as right wing, as against Porto
  3. Only if they win CL he could have a possibility, this year he hasn't played a lot, and since december he had many difficulties with italian football, he is improving his performances now. I would go with Laporte, he plays in a better team so far, and he should get +1 in the next review. Skriniar hasn't possibilities if he doesn't change team
  4. Right now they play in team that are at the same level: Fiorentina and Sampdoria, should both arrive between the 8th and 10th place in Serie A. This year is playing better Audero, he does less mistakes, but in my opinion in the long term Lafont is more interesting, he can have a better carreer, so: short term Audero long term Lafont
  5. Hi, you missed Meret (rated 85): short term: Audero and Meret (same level because the first plays all the matches in Sampdoria, the second miss some matches in Napoli)> Radu > Musso Long term: Meret > Audero > Radu > Musso I would defenitly go on the first ones better team, always with great performances. There's also Lafont, 2 years younger and rated 87, great goalkeeper, but does several mistakes, he still has to grow for show his real potentiality, but I would always choose Meret.
  6. Go Mechelen! They come back to Jupiter Pro League! Instead I supported them, after the Uefa Cup Winner's Cup of '88 there's a friendship between Atalanta and KV Mechelen. The hightest point for both the club's history Really they won't play an official match until the final? Is unfair.. Why does the season finish so early for the second league? Thanks
  7. He should increase to 85, I don't think 86 for what is showing Genoa. But is a good risers, so keep him. In the long term depend in which team he will play, I don't think he'll never be in the line up of Inter (that has a buy back clause), but in a team like Fiorentina / Atalanta / Lazio yes. Obviously long term prevision are difficult, depend on lot of factors, look Sportiello for example had the possibility (and potentiality) to be a starter in a club of Europe League, he had been idiot, with bad decisions and he finished in Frosinone (and he deserved it!!!!)
  8. Ahaha stavi scherzando? come farà ad andare da 80 a 88 quando era a 76 solo pochi mesi fa? Per fine stagione salirà ancora di sicuro, 85/86 non di più! 88 potrà arrivare per dicembre 2019 P.s. cosa sta succedendo al Foggia Calcio? auto incendiate etc, ho letto che i gruppi ultras hanno preso (giustamente) le distanze da questi atti criminali
  9. I know! A time at a festival of Atalanta fan i met a supporter of Porto that sang "Costinha ministro" all night long LOL
  10. So Atalanta was a big club 😁, we took Costinha in 2007, 54 minutes played in 3 years😂😂 not a bad deal...(for him)🤣 But was funny see him with his yellow Lamborghini when I was studying in the library! P.s. obviously I'm kidding, I know why he hadn't played and what happened ;) what a pity!
  11. Both the players looks to have a great future, but is a bet: - Zaniolo great performances, in the last weeks is suffering a minor injury, next year he should stay in As Roma, then who knows.. Can plays in different roles, he did: M(C), AM(RC) and F(C) for a game (just for lack of strikers). - Guendouzi is doing lots of matches in a better team, Arsenal, with good performances, but he plays only as DM, M(C) Maybe I would go on Zaniolo, only because is my compatriot. Both will rise and "faber est suae quisque fortunae" that means are the only ones that are artisan of their own luck. I would go on Dele Alli that's younger and I think has more potential. I confirm, he's a great talent, always one of the bests in AS Roma line-up, and yes they should sell in 2-3 years.
  12. Yes, in January Leipzig took him from New York RB, and now he's playing in Germany. I asked the same stuff in a previous post, could be, because his last review is 08/04/2018 almost an year ago. Let's wait other opinions
  13. I'm not an expert of MLS, I think the only ones to keep after the review is T.Adams that is doing several matches with Leipzig, and he's only 20. https://us.soccerway.com/players/tyler-adams/400878/ But obviously wait other opinions They starter with Western Conference, Sporting Kansas, I guess they will do that first
  14. Do you think that T.Adams can rise with New York RedBull, even if now plays for Leipzig? Don't we have to wait german review? Thanks for the great job
  15. I fear that too. It seems that he could ask to be sold if the situation persist. If is in long term perspective I would take Bruno Fernandes, he's younger and has more potentiality in the long term, but as Kev told he need to move. But I think he will, because is performing so well I know better Cancelo and I would chose him, he seems more complete, as Milanista told he's the starter in Portugal national team. Furthermore Cancelo can plays as AM(R) too. But I think @TMCosta can give you a better opinion on portuguese players
  16. You are welcome, abroad should be difficult have all the information Instead Castillejo has finally understood how to play in Italy, IMO Suso should rest and not Calha, that after the great match against Atalanta is playing better. Otherwise try the 2 strikers, Cutrone deserve more space, I am curious to see him with Piatek.
  17. I can help you with Suso: he has some problems in pubis area, so he can't train in the right way, is since february he has it, and isn't passed yet, but Milan hasn't all these solution as wing, and for Gattuso he's so important. But maybe you knew already
  18. I would keep De Jong, from your explaination it seems you need more a M(C), Tonali seems to be a real talent, but has never played in Serie A, next year he will, I think in Brescia (on loan, because a top club will take him). De Jong will be a Barcelona player, and has th possibility of rise a lot, instead Dybala is better rated now, but this year with CR7 has more difficulties, because plays more arretrated. Obviously wait for other opinions I would go for Gelson Marting, he's younger and is playing really well in Monaco, is a long term solution. I can't see Suso rise, after a good start (until december) he is too discontinuous again.
  19. I know.. 20 goals (6 on penalty kick), when his best score was 19 (last year!) and before only 13... I don't know what happen to him, but when he plays look like a sentence! I hope Mancini call him for the national team, he's old, but he deserve. But the best striker of Serie A is Piatek, 19 with no penalty kick (if someone is wondering I'm not forgetting CR7) but nobody could think a 🔫🔫 like this! Neither our Milanista friend!
  20. I think we have to wait German review This is difficult, as Kev told maybe I would go for Piatek too, but consider I know him better. Are both great talent
  21. Wow.. Moise Kean first real game of the season and he has already scored 2 goals in 39' Not bad!
  22. Calabria, young with good potentiality, this year played only as right back, but as Middle_Finger told, he could play also on the left (he did more in 2016/17) before Milan bought R. Rodriguez. He should have +1 Instead Emerson is 2 years older, plays only in one position and just few games in Chelsea. No doubt to choose Calabria!
  23. I would buy Torreira, Ruiz, Rodri, Kessie they should all rise Calha is having a bad season, with 1 goal and 4 assist as left wing in 4-3-3! Not enough! Instead Herrera is stable, Portuguese review were last march. If the ones I told you are taken try with Bakayoko, Barkley, Paqueta (88, goes to 89), etc. you can find several player that are better, the 89 i told you goes to 90 in few months
  24. I would go for Kane, if is only for potentiality, Milanista1 did a great analysis
  25. Can Aouar and Ndombelè get +1 in the next review? Denayer +2/+1 right? Thanks
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